iPhone 7 Plus Review! + iPhone 7 Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus Speed Test!

hey guys welcome back to my channel in
today’s video I very special guest this is my father so call today we’re going
to be doing like a speed test between the iphone 6 plus and iphone 7 plus so I
have the iphone 7 plus and he has the iphone 6 plus he has ordered his seven
plus which one did you get the map like there’s really two to three weeks so I
have 256 gig and I got the rose gold one already have an unboxing video on my
channel so you want to see it i’ll have it right here so you can click it to be
like right right over here somewhere you just click it and watch that video
if you’d like and a lot of you guys are asking for like kind of like a review on
the phone so i’m going to do kind of like a little mini review and just from
going from the six to 7i have noticed that my battery lasts a lot longer and i
think this has to do with kind of like my phone was messing up towards the end
my battery didn’t last that long at all so it’s kind of annoying but I have
noticed that the battery lasts a lot longer on the seven plus and then also
the camera is really good I’ve been playing around with the camera
and the pictures look awesome i have noticed that this gun is a lot faster
than my 60 that’s why i’m doing like a speed test with my dad to see how much
faster this phone is compared to like us six and if you have like the six of the
6s and your phone is like in working condition I don’t really think you need to get the
seven there’s not like a whole lot of differences between the phones but if
you had a broken phone like my old phone then you should probably get the seven
because it is a really good phone but if you can wait it out another year you
should do that because they’re going to be coming out with a really cool iphone
it’s a 15-year anniversary our ten-year anniversary so they’re going to make the
phone like go all out it’s gonna be all glass and everything so you can wait it
out for a year i would recommend doing that before you came around I would never be
much for you ready to go Tommy yeah yeah yeah yeah ok yeah feet on the ground ahead and cry 2 feet
on the ground download the geek bitch for app to test
the speed of our phones we both ran the test and we have some results of your
history and this app just like test your speed and you’re going to ensure tables
everything you’ve got the multi-core single for Speed overall ok so the
higher the number the better yeah my on my iphone 6 plus the Signal
Corps was 1537 in mind that 3432 and multi-core 2397 V minus 5559 so we’re
almost three times faster yes so i’ll have a screen shot right here so you can
kind of see the results and it takes like a few minutes to run but just test
the speed of your phone which is really cool it is a dollar at but i do recommend it
because it just tells you your speed and it also tells it the memory and
everything on there so it’s pretty cool you definitely should check it out
alrighty guys being for today’s video if you did enjoyed this video please give
it a thumbs up and subscribe my channel if you are new here and thank you so
much for being my video there’s so much fun film this with you and this is like
the biggest nerd on the planet right here he knows everything about
everything with my phones uh-huh but thank you guys so much for
watching and I’ll talk to you guys in my next video bye

24 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus Review! + iPhone 7 Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus Speed Test!

  1. At first I thought it was 7+ compared to 6s+, and the hugh performance difference seemed so strange to me. Well, it was an iPhone 6+… which makes sense now = =

    Good video. Maybe It's time for me to upgrage from my current 5s T_T

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