IPTV Review: SAPPHIRE SECURE is Amazing with only $2.50 a month

hey guys welcome back today I'm gonna show you this IP TV but the good thing today is I'm gonna give you a coupon it's on the screen underneath the video 50% off so it will cost you only two dollars and fifty cents for the first month so I'm gonna do my demo today on my fire stick and I'm gonna show you but first let's install a wireless keyboard because everybody knows the pain we go through when we input a URL on downloader so go as show in here go to settings controllers and Bluetooth devices go to add Bluetooth devices and of course your device has to be in the pairing mode and the fire stick is looking for it as soon as it finds it likes light here I passport Bluetooth just select it and the connection happens right away so let's go to downloader app which is a free application from the Amazon App Store first of all I need to show you that you need to change HTTP to HTTPS colon slash slash and you type this address on the screen which you can find also underneath the video for your convenience okay so take time so you install as usual but the only thing that I'm going to urge you to do is to delete the apk file otherwise your fire stick or Android device will get loaded with a lot of things that you really don't need person hold the home button go to apps hit left on the circle it will take you to the last application installed and click on it to open it of course you need your credentials to login so please try it it's not expensive with my coupon it will cost you only 2000 fifty cents for the first month and five dollars after that five dollars this IPTV is only five dollars a month and you if you apply my crouton it's two thousand fifty cents so you don't lose anything don't ask for free trial it's only two thousand fifty cents for the whole month with my coupon okay so these are the groups with the number of channels please pay attention I'm going to show you only few sections here as soon as I click on it section it opens up and the channel is already playing good quality image and sound as well UK entertainment and what's he know I'm not going show I'm not gonna show more so those are we're done without the EPG but if you go to install the EPG from the home screen it will take you to this page but I'm going back to the previous page for live TV and look at that the EPG is being loaded as I'm scrolling down it changes according to the channel selected so the you have a TV Guide you have live TV more than 4000 channels and the first month is only two thousand fifty cents so you don't lose anything except two thousand fifty cents for one month of IPTV thank you guys I'll hope everybody will like it and I'll see you next time

2 thoughts on “IPTV Review: SAPPHIRE SECURE is Amazing with only $2.50 a month

  1. Awesome review brother TEWFIK. Looks like a nice service. Thanks for sharing. Keep the videos coming. Hope you enjoy your night brother

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