100 thoughts on “Iron Harvest Teaser Trailer

  1. Why mechs? I don’t see how they are anymore effective than conventional tanks, in fact that last one is just a tank on legs. Battletech justifies mechs by making them colossus, and giving them massive firepower with multiple weapon systems that comes with each mech.

  2. Bruh the mech in the first 2 seconds is a freaking beast,wonder how that would work in the game,ofc its not going to that big in the actual game but it'll be minimized.

  3. that walking tank at the end looks like the walking tanks from, "Sound of the Sky" anime released in 2010.
    Stolen or inspired design?

  4. Attention people of YouTube ps4 players there is now a community for iron harvest called Iron Harvest 1920 if your as excited as me come join and let’s get ready to play when the time comes

  5. The meeting in the board must be like


    Person2: Medieval toasters

    Person3: WW3

    Person4: WW1 but with mechs

    Person1: PERFECTION!

  6. Hope the English voice acting still sounds European since it DOES take place in European, especially Eastern Europe it seems? I'm American, if you're curious. Great game, but the battles look small.

  7. Dieselpunk is literally my favorite art style and ever since I heard about this game I was praying it would be on the Xbone…please let it stay on all these consoles…Xbox needs more RTS games after the death of Command and conquer…

  8. Hi there. Im here to report that a mobile game called World on Fire took this trailer for their own game. Im pretty sure this is without your permission and i thus went to your official Chanel to report it.

  9. A game called ‘world on fire’ a mobile game is using your trailer for iron harvest to promote their own game and false advertising I copied the link and think you should see it. https://youtu.be/9mtyXljGo1o

  10. Just saw an app using this exact trailer as footage. Don’t suppose it has anything to do with this game? It’s called World on Fire (https://youtu.be/FTX0U8BG0zY)

  11. Hey guys. The trailer was pirated by a game made on World On Fire, you guys gonna sue them or something?

  12. Looks cool just please have more than 5 units or two nations please every vId people use the same 3 to 4 units with no change in tactics or how they play at the moment it looks very BORING please add more nations or units

  13. Seems off-tone. Also, Gunter should probably have a German accent. Please don't try to appeal to a broad audience. Appeal to the fans, they'll make this game succeed. The premise is too niche to try to appeal to everyone.

  14. Я так понял, шо это будет игра про агрессивную Польшу и об Советско-польскую войну, оу да, я уже жду и хочу посмотреть сколько вложили ненависти к советскому союзу и народу.

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