IS DISCORD REALLY THE BEST? – Voice Chat Platform Showdown

In the beginning there was Teamspeak then came Ventrilo, Skype, mumble, and… Skipping over a bunch of platforms that no longer exist Discord So is discord legitimately better on top of being newer, or is it just another flash in the pan? Let’s find out After I talk about today’s video being brought to you by… Razer coms! Na…I’m just kidding Razor coms is gone. It’s be quiet Their white dark base pro 900 features a modular design to support a variety of layouts and configurations. Check it out at the link below [Intro] We’ll begin with a quick rundown of our competitors teamspeak and mumble are both What are called self hosted voice and chat platforms both of them require server software either running on your desktop or a rented server in a data center somewhere and Both require you to be actively connected to receive messages Skype and discord by contrast are hosted by Microsoft and Discord respectively both of them allow you to send messages to friends who are offline They’ll just be delivered later and both offer video chat in addition to voice They are structured a little differently though discord is more like a social network So you can join an existing community or make your own? while Skype operates more like your address book so like your phone you start a conversation by scrolling through your contacts list and Selecting one or more of them, okay, so now let’s talk design a usability both teamspeak and mumble share a theme. That’s reminiscent of the beige PC cases of Decades past though you can skin them well discord and Skype are much more modern This is an aesthetic advantage But it should be noted that while Skype does have a more conventional Desktop app the Windows Store version that Microsoft is pushing users towards Has generated many complaints about it actually being too simplistic to the point where it makes it confusing to use adding contacts for instance is done through the Search Skype box rather than intuitively by clicking on the plus button so do yourself a favor and don’t use the Windows Store version Discord’s design on the other hand is both beautiful and functional every server that you are a part of is displayed in the left tab along with of course your direct messages and My main gripe with discord is just the lack of Joint voice and text channels has it’s kind of jarring every time your friend says yo check out this link and you have to ask Which channel. To their credit though, they finally added channel categories which is great. But all this ignores a huge factor so far: cost. Teamspeak has a number of paid licensing options, and if you don’t buy one of them you are capped to 32 slots mumble on the other hand is open-source and completely free with no slot limitations Skype is free for up to 25 simultaneous users over the Internet And if you want to call conventional phones allows you to pay for a subscription or a la carte for that service and Discord seems to be taking the Silicon Valley Social network startup approach their core service is free for as many people as you want and according to them That’s how it’s gonna stay though We’ll see how that goes after the insert multinational here acquisition Anywho, let’s get to what matters most for gamers. How do they all sound? To answer this question for you guys once and for all Jake used three common microphones a blue Yeti to represent the higher End a pair of HyperX cloud twos to be a typical headset and a mod mic five Because it was on his desk at the time Each test clip was played through a host computer and then recorded on the other end This is a test recording on the blue Yeti. Every quality setting was cranked to the max And we turned off both echo and noise suppression YouTube’s audio compression though may make it challenging for you guys to hear the differences, so if you’re interested in the raw clips We’ll have them available for download in the description We’ll start with the Yeti when discord is working well more on that a little later It’s basically indistinguishable from teamspeak This is a test recording on the blue Yeti blackout Edition While both mumble and Skype have a higher noise floor, but you’ll notice if you listen very closely This is a test recording on the blue Yeti blackout Edition Switching over to the cloud twos We can hear that the gap between teamspeak and discord compared to mumble and Skype is more noticeable with Lesser source audio. This is a test recording with the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset This is a test recording with the HyperX to gaming headset So mumble has a muddier sound to it while Skype maintains its background hiss This is a test recording with the HyperX cloud 2 gaming headset, then the story completely chaste Stays the same actually with the mod mic teamspeak and discord are very clear while mumble and Skype are slightly worse So okay, it seems like you can’t really go wrong with teamspeak or discord as long as that one’s working Let’s talk about that as a regular user our writer jake has noticed a pattern of degraded or robot e voice quality on discord it’s hard to say if it’s load related or completely random without a much larger sample size And it can usually be fixed by temporarily changing the region of your server But it’s one of those things that happens often enough that it is worth mentioning Let’s move on to admin control. This varies wildly across all four platforms Skype groups are Basically limited to kickin and banning while mumble teamspeak and discord offer fully fledged rank and permission systems teamspeak Definitely takes the cake for having the deepest customized ability But it does come at the cost of the time required to set up and learn the system Discord on the other hand is much easier, and there isn’t much that you can’t do with it so for most people It’s probably the way to go here, but Security is another big consideration because teamspeak and mumble are self hosted and can be Encrypted all the data on your server is yours and no other party can access it without your permission discord and Skype on the other hand both connected to their servers and While discord says they don’t sell your information according to their privacy policy they can Share it with related companies, so that’s just something to keep in mind Skype of course is a similar story and ARS technica reported that Microsoft may be snooping for Example the URLs the you send in chat on to overlays another feature not to be over looked Teamspeak has an excellent in-game overlay supplied by overwolf that gives you access to an easily repositional basically fully functional teamspeak window while in-game Mumble is much more limited by contrast, but at least does show you which users are talking in your channel discord shows you who’s talking and allows you to switch channels or servers on-the-fly and Also, has some great integration with twitch so you can auto sync subscribers, and even show who’s talking on stream talking talking talking Leaving us then to the final answer. What is the best voice platform out there? Well in terms of pure sound quality. It’s hard to compete with team speak’s reliable clarity but Discord sounds just as good most of the time And I think our poll response numbers indicates what our viewers think of its excellent chat system and community building features If you’re looking for an open source solution with top-notch security though mumble is probably the way to go and as for skype well At least the IP address resolving nonsense is finally fixed and it’s blue so if you like the color blue Then you should probably also still use one of the other things we talked about Speaking of using other things why not use fresh books instead of be complicated Accounting software that you’re already using fresh books is cloud-based, so you’ve got access to it from anywhere Whether it’s your desktop or even their fully featured mobile app and it has tons of great features You can create and send professional-looking invoices in less than 30 seconds you can set up online payments with just a couple of clicks you can see when your client has seen your invoice putting an end to the guessing games and Their tech support is freaking awesome. You call them someone picks up, and you actually just talked to a person no phone tree No nothing so try it out for 30 days for free by going over to and Entering Linus tech tips into how you heard about us section So thanks for watching guys that this video sucked You know what to do? But it was awesome get subscribed hit that like button or check out where to buy the stuff We featured at the link in the video description Also down there is the link to our merch store which has cool shirts like this one as well as our community forum Which you should totally join.

100 thoughts on “IS DISCORD REALLY THE BEST? – Voice Chat Platform Showdown

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    Green Text
    console.log ("text");
    <h1> Text </h1>
    Please like my comment.

  2. discord sucks dick!, it keeps trying to take control of my computer, not to mention all the damn pop ups that happen while you are trying to watch videos and telling you about things you really dont care about!.

  3. and they got that damn verify system crap that keeps you picking sidewalks out of blurry pictures!

  4. just tried to install it again but got so damn pissed off trying to get it to install, I just gave up and deleted the damn thing!.

  5. Discord is trash the curse voice app was the best one I have used. Too bad Twitch bought it and ended it 🙁

  6. Curse was the BEST, but twitch got smart and bought them and then killed it to remove them from the competition.

  7. TeamSpeak is much better than discord

    Discord, with its robot voice, is basically ventrilo that consumes 10 times more computing power than ventrilo.

    On the other hand, Overwolf is garbage.

  8. hm we had never issues with discord connections but we still use teamspeak for voice only because discord sometimes can be ressource heavy

  9. ICQ forget ;-). I prefer TS3, so often robots in Discord. Also in discord must be scoll down – load, scroll down – load ^^ so stupid. Witch a 50k internet its so horrorfull slow.
    The only one point for discord, its completly free and you dont must configure many things – but witch advertising.

    Discord only for smal playergroup, friends … – Discord want make all (voice, chat, blog, forum, launcher, Streamassist, Messanger…) and make all a little bit but not good.
    TS3 (maybe + Homepage with a forum) for real comunity groups, with moderators, admins, Users, a good quality… – TS3 make only voice and Chat and this make it very good.

  10. Discord doesn't have those problems anymore, plus you can dm people and create chat groups that doesn't require you to set up a Discord server just like Skype

  11. I simply love Discord for the Bots. Creating a Bot is so easy, and integrate so awesome into Discord. Music, Games, Inspiration etc. Love it

  12. It's free because its subsidized by big tech that wants your data, privacy, and your obedience when it comes to speech.. real gamers and game clans use teamspeak + website + forums that are self hosted to keep their members IRL id safe. True there are alot more stupid and lazy people but numbers of people doesn't make it better.

  13. I wish my guild didn't get stuck in discord, it's very difficult to install, intimidating to use, has terrible support and crashes my games with the overlay that doesn't work. It's like all the things that make conference calls awful only on steroids.

    I miss Galactacom's BBS

  14. dude discord just wipes the floor with everything, its so easy to use, and its, its own gaming shop, its all perfect

  15. CORRECTION In the beginning, there was "Roger Wilco." Sadly, I'm old enough to remember using it. Ventrilo is still king when it comes to voice quality though – hands down. Some things never change.

  16. oh my god i just beat my first virus so i was trying to get a program and of corse McAfee subscription ran out more than a month before but I replaced it with a different free antivirus Malwarebytes I downloaded and found risky named files called you suck get reked and so on
    it disabled all of my audio stuff fixed all of it and just remember to scan regularly

  17. at first i thought he was gonna shit on discord, and then i saw the light theme, and i knew i was right…

  18. 1% of comments = well I do agree that whilst these other platforms offer cool features, Discord is still the most suitable option in my opinion

    99% of comments = mentioning how Linus is disgusting for using white theme

    (btw Linus, i can't believe you use white theme)

  19. My history; 1 year skype, 1 year ts3 And now I'm half od year on discord with my own server and I'm totally happy wit it😅

  20. Discord is not very good. Bugs out the audio frequently. And whats up with these retarded Bright Mode Jokes, plain stupid

  21. definitely teamspeak for me. been using it for 9+ years now
    teamspeaks customization and quality is what makes it superior to discord

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