Janet Jackson Reveals the Story Behind “Nasty,” What Her Earring Key Opens

-Thank you for coming back
to our show. I’m so excited that you’re here, and I just read some amazing
things about you, all true. And there was more stuff
I wanted to talk about. I didn’t know — you have
an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song.
-Yes. Yes. -You’re the first woman
to be nominated for a Producer of the Year
Grammy. -Yes.
-You have 27 top ten hits. -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You have the record for most
consecutive Top 10 hits on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100
Chart by a female artist. [ Cheers and applause ] And you’re the first and only
artist in history to have seven top five hits
from one album. You are unbelievable.
[ Cheers and applause ] You’re iconic. Just to tell you some nice
things about you. -Thank you.
-Is it embarrassing? -Yes.
[ Laughter ] -Sorry about that. I want to talk about
so many things. “Control” was your first
number one album. -Yes.
-Before that, you were more, like, into acting
and doing that. But what made that album
different? And what do you remember
about that album? -Oh, gosh, that was me
coming into adulthood. -Yeah. -Being a kid, a teenager,
going to Minneapolis. Being with Jimmy and Terry
and — -Oh, yeah.
Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. -Yes.
-Absolutely. What would you guys get into
over there in Minneapolis? [ Laughter ] -I was very sheltered, and I went to Minneapolis
with a friend, a school friend. And —
a good kid, good kid. Didn’t get into much trouble.
-Okay. -But I had my moments, or they gave me my moments,
I should say. -How did they give you
your moments? -You know, the drinking age
I think is 18, 19 in Minneapolis. So we went out one night
and they gave me some ice cream. I think it’s called Brandy
Alexander ice cream. -Wow. -Well, it had a lot of brandy
in it. [ Laughter ]
-Really? -Yes, and I — I got messed up.
-Yeah. [ Laughter ]
-I — I — -You know, I never had a serious
drink until I was 23. -Is that right?
-Yeah, that’s — -Did you get any work
done that night? -No.
[ Laughter ] -Didn’t work out?
-No. -Not a good thing to do at all.
-No. -Do you have a favorite line
or favorite lyric? Is there one lyric that everyone
always just yells to you? -Oh, gosh. “Miss Jackson
if you’re nasty.” -Yeah. That’s it right there.
[ Cheers and applause ] It has to be, right?
It has to be that. -I get it from everybody.
-…Miss Jackson! -“Miss Jackson.”
[ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] It is iconic.
That is a great line. -I get it from everyone.
-Really? -It doesn’t — entertainers.
-Everyone. -Everyone. -Did you realize it was going to
become iconic when you sang it? -No, I mean, you’re just
creating music. No, I never did,
and the story is crazy. -What was the story? -Once again in Minneapolis, and my friend and I,
we were on our way — I had never taken a dance class. So she had this great idea
to take a dance class. We were staying downtown
at a hotel, at a loft. And walking out of the hotel
there were, like, five or six older guys up
against the — you know, standing up against the wall,
and they just basically started messing with us. And —
-Cat-calling and stuff? -Yeah.
-Ooh. -And I didn’t like it very much.
-No. -And I was pretty embarrassed
and I was actually pretty upset. And I came back to the studio
that night and told Jimmy and Terry
about my experience, and it turned into the song
“Nasty.” -Wow.
That is a crazy story. Yeah, cause “My first name
ain’t ‘Baby.'” -“It’s Janet.”
-“Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.” [ Cheers ] It’s the best.
[ Applause ] We asked your number one fan
in the world, Questlove… [ Laughter ] I was wondering if he has
any questions for you that he would
like to ask you. Quest, do you have any questions
you would like to ask Miss Jackson?
-Yeah, I always — I always wanted to know,
for years you wore a key in your earring. I guess for your animal cages
or whatever, but… -Yes.
-Where is that key? Like, what happened to it? -I’m pretty sure it’s in
storage, in my storage. Yes.
-Wait, what? So what is this? Why would you wear a key — -I never kept a — what — -Key chain?
-A key chain. So, and I took care
of the animals. We had so many animals
growing up. -Really?
And that was your job? -Yeah, we had fawn,
mouflon sheep, peacocks, a giraffe, just all kinds of animals.
[ Laughter ] -No, that’s just —
no, it’s totally relatable. Every kid had that.
[ Laughter ] -So it was my job to feed them,
to clean them, to clean the cages. That was my, you know,
my chores. -So this is a working key.
-That’s a working key. -That’s amazing.
That’s a good question, Quest. I like that.
I never knew that. -So all through school I wore
hooped earrings. -Yeah.
-And I would keep the key on my earring
so I wouldn’t lose it. -Any other questions, Quest? -Yeah, in the “Miss You Much”
video, you do that — that dancing with the chair
and the hat… -Yes.
-…that lands on your foot. -Yes. -How many takes did that
take for — -Oh, gosh.
[ Laughter ] Well, you know, it’s really
funny that you ask me that because we shot —
I don’t know how many days, ’cause that was the long-form
video that we were shooting for “Rhythm Nation.” And I think we shot maybe two,
three days for “Miss You Much.” But that I think was like
the second day of shooting. And it was the 23rd hour, something like that,
of shooting. -Oh, my gosh.
-And we were so delirious. They brought breakfast.
We were eating pancakes. We were laughing like crazy. And then suddenly we had to do
this routine. So it didn’t take
many takes to — obviously in rehearsal
you get it right. But we had some mishaps.

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  1. We need to cherish and give Janet her flowers while she's still here, she's the last great Jackson out of the family no shade to the others but it was MJ and Janet who's music and impact is just out of this world….taking in every moment we have with her can't wait for the tour

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  4. … And she just continues to be so humble, so gracious, so sweet…

    And, OH MY GOD, the most exquisitely beautiful woman ever gifted to this world, to music, and to all our lives!

    Miss Janet, you are eternally our reigning Queen.

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  8. I grew up in the 80s and JANET is still the best female artist to me (period). Anyone that came after her is just a copycat! Bye Felicia's.

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