Jeff Ross Trashes Alec Baldwin’s Filmography – Roast of Alec Baldwin

Happy roast, everyone. Happy roast. What a crowd! Here I am again following
fucking De Niro. Great job, Aging Bull. I learned something tonight. Alec is the name you give
your son if you want him to grow up and be an asshole. Caitlyn, you were
fucking awesome tonight. I just wanna say that. You were really awesome
tonight. But I wouldn’t fuck you
with Bruce Jenner’s dick. Remember when your picture
was on Wheaties boxes back when people could still
look at you when they eat? How about a hand
for our guest of honor, Mr. Alec “Bobblehead” Baldwin? [cheers and applause] Alec is actually my neighbor
in Greenwich Village, which was a pretty safe
neighborhood until you fucking moved in. You’re a big star. I watched you get arrested
for punching a guy over a parking spot. Next time, valet your car and help your
brother’s business. Help a brother out, Alec! I’m speaking as a big fan.
I love all your movies, Alec. I loved you in “The Departed,” which is also what Caitlyn
calls her penis. And of course, Alec,
you got your Oscar nomination for “The Cooler,” which is where Caitlyn
keeps her penis. And of course,
your first big break was “The Hunt for Red October,” which is what Caitlyn
calls her vagina. Alec, I first saw you
in the movie “Pearl Harbor,” which was worse than
the actual Pearl Harbor. Halfway through, I was rooting
for the Japanese. Any fans of Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression
here tonight? [cheers and applause]
Okay. Okay. What a lot of people
don’t realize is that for the last three years, Donald Trump is actually doing
an Alec Baldwin impression. He calls people names,
he yells at the press, he married an immigrant
half his age. The only difference is that
Trump calls his daughter a fox, not a pig. Here’s to you, Ireland. Great job, Ireland.
You didn’t oink once. What a babe.
I love that movie. Bob, this is nothing for you.
You’ve seen it all. Robert De Niro’s
been around so long, he was God’s father.

100 thoughts on “Jeff Ross Trashes Alec Baldwin’s Filmography – Roast of Alec Baldwin

  1. Ross has morphed, into what I don’t know. Scary looking dude. Lady Gaga looks like cigarettes and yellow fingernails.

  2. De Niro put on his "what have i done to deserve this" face, for this event. Bob, everything you've done in the past 20 years makes you deserve every bit of this purulent crap.

  3. I live in the UK so I always heard the name Caitlyn Jenner and I never really cared but holy shit she looks like a badly put together wax figure

  4. damn so sad look at bruce jenner wat happened to him better yet how do other people think this is ok he was  a gold medalist but ppl made him feel it was ok. smh its sad stuff

  5. Wonder if Jeff Ross will be getting harrassed by the same people who tried to hate on Dave Chappelle after the transgender jokes on Caitlin.

  6. Roast hahaha " read lines and believe acting is superior then being just well paid nodding dogs,dropping pants and being filmed with 12 yr olds and hoping that your agent does the same for you to get you gimmickingroles is clever" is how these pedo fools sell there illusion,make money and believe why buy it anymore heho [email protected] sorry we aren't buying it so I dare you all to die doing a hard days work hahaha

  7. These people and Baldwin all thought jokes about his verbal abuse of his daughter was hysterical , and it’s shocking CC allowed such demented behavior to be aired
    You don’t need to look any further to see these Hollywood elitist are total scumbags

  8. Who thinks Caitlyn was drunk or over medicated? I'm not sure if she's on stage or at the bottom of the ocean, her eye fluttered so much.

  9. I actually think alex Baldwin is a good actor. His policies which he has a right to i don't agree with. But he really is great in roles.

  10. i don't care for this show at all. I don't see what so fuckin funny about it. Then again comedy don't make me laugh. What make's me laugh my ass off. When Jason at Crystal Lake making his victim's run for their live's. And one fall's and break their neck. Now that is my kick's to my funny bone kill me laughing all the way to hell. It would put a big smile on my face. Let's talk about death all the body part's hackin off. Let's talk about death. Horror and mix with comedy death can be funny in lot's of way's. Alice in wonderland would be even sweeter when it's Alice in Zombieland. Instead of Little Red Robin hood. It's Little Red Killingfield where it make's your nut splatter with blood all over the wall's drippin like paint. Even if your momma got tittie's super glue em from the ceiling and come back her tit's is all stretch out hanging from the floor. Then grab that bitch by her tittie's drag the bitch up the stair's fuck the shit out of her. Then toss the bitch off the roof top let's talk about death.

  11. Damn, those holy shit Jenner fucking jokes. Ross is the only person who is allowed to roast Ross tonight. He thought "hard" about those jokes.

  12. 2:13 You can see Baldwin's disdain for Trump. The only time he didnt do any acting tonight. They had to let Ken Jeong take the laugh for Baldwin on that one.

  13. I loved that they brought in Adam Carolla in the roast. He showed us once and for all that Republican comedians are HACKS. Even the guy with no balls had more balls in comedy than him

  14. Am I the only one who has never laughed at one of Jeff Ross’s jokes? It’s like he somehow got this status as the roast master and that means you are supposed to laugh at his mediocre jokes

  15. Where are Alec Baldwin's co-stars?
    Baldwin must be a complete Arsehole, I bet he kicked a dog after this show was over.
    Horrible fake laugh.

  16. It was good but the stage sucked. Should of had Alec centred in the middle in a high chair or something instead of everyone parallel.

  17. Before I begin watching, let's see if he mentions the cat in the hat

    Edit: guess not but the Caitlyn Jenner jokes are gold

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