Jetpac on the ZX spectrum Xbox 360 and Xbox one

Hello and welcome to another episode of
retro gaming with Ricardo this week’s games you’ve guessed it is jetpack the
classic first introduced from the 48k spectrum back in 1983
this however is de version that’s been used on the Xbox and Xbox one as part of
the rare replay I did have the game previously on Xbox 360 arcade and the
cross on the spectrum and many emulators that followed jetpack is a 1983 shooter
video game developed and published by ultimate play the game and released for
the ZX Spectrum and vic-20 it was also released the BBC micro in 1984 the game
is the first installment in the jet man series and is the first game to be
released by the company who were later known as Riddick the game follows jet man as he must
build his rocket in order to explore different planets while simultaneously
defending himself from aliens jetpack has been included in other rare games
such as unlockable in Donkey Kong 64 and part of a compilation as I mentioned
rarely play the game later spawned two sequels and a 2007 remake jetpack
refueled shot clever in a future video and this was released on Xbox Live the
game was written by Chris Stamper and graphics are designed by Tim Stamper
jetpack was one of the very few spectrum games also available in ROM format with
the interface to allowing instantaneous loading of the game when the normal
method of cassette loading took minutes the game was met with critical acclaim
upon release with reviewers praising the game’s presentation and playability it
later won game of the Year at the golden joystick Awards in 1983 the game world
is presented in a horizontal wraparound and consists of three platforms which
jet man can maneuver onto jet man must assemble his rocket which spawns in
installments scattered around the map and then
with fuel before taking off to the next planet where the procedure is broadly
repeated in addition the player has to defend themselves on all the planets
aliens and for bonus points collect valuable resources such as nuclear
material gold emeralds diamonds which occasionally fall along the way after
the first level the rocket stays assembled and just requires refueling
however every four levels the rocket resets given the player an extra life
and the replacement has to be built before it can be refueled to take off
each new model has a new design with a higher number written a point although
the gameplay remained unchanged the enemies change forms each level cycling
that’s the first after eight levels and each ad has a different pattern of
movement which means they can be dealt with in different manners Ashby computer
and graphics were founded by brothers Tim and Chris Stamper along with Tim’s
wife Carol from their headquarters in Ashe Betelgeuse in 1982 under the
trading name of ultimate flavor game they began producing multiple video
games for the tech spectrum throughout the early 80s the company were known for
their reluctance to reveal details about their operations and upcoming projects
little was known about their development process except that they used to work in
separate teams when team would work on development whilst the other would
concentrate on other aspects to sound or graphics whilst developing jetpack the
Stamper brothers closely studied the emerging Japanese video game market and
it started to practice developing games for their upcoming fan cons consult
later predicting that the spectrum has a limited lifespan jetpack was indeed one
of the few games also available in ROM format as I’ve mentioned which offer the
infamous taneous loading the game use common techniques of placing planar
sprites with image sprites atop another which often created overlapping colors
on both the ZX Spectrum BBC micro versions of the game the game was also
able to run on the 16 K version of the ZX Spectrum the game sold a total of
30,000 units of the spectrum and generated 1 million
revenue for ultimate played the game which enabled the Stamper brothers to
gain a foothold early on in the video gaming market after the game’s release
jet pack was parried parodied in a long-running crash comic strip named
losing a Jat man the strip designed by John Richardson lasted from July 1984 to
October 91 and gained popular reception from the readers to develop the comic
photographs had to be processed manually on a proton mechanical tone and then
transferred the paper later being fully colorized in the late 1980s jet pack in
its sequels had a huge fan base and it’s very easy to see the resemblance here
between jet pack and games just defender whether it be the the way the the shots
or the actual character is used to maneuver I’ve been Ricardo and this has
been jetpack one of the most fantastic games of my child is one of the first
arcade games I received for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum thank you very much for
watching this episode of retro gaming with Ricardo speak to you soon please
look out for more videos in this series you

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  1. Thanks Ricardo. Takes me back to my teens when I'd play this till my fingers ached, instead of doing my homework.

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