Jiggfiske efter stor abborre i kallt vatten

The boat´s in the water and today it´s time for some big perch fishing! It´s a nice spot here. We´ve fished here a lot before. It´s a steep going down from this island and usually a lot of bait fish assebles there. We saw some bait fish when we arrived. We´ll give this spot some time now. I´ll fish with Shad Teez to start with, Now we´ll catch them! I´ve thrown the first cast now and let the jig go down all the way to the bottom. I´ll fish slowly close to the bottom. You got your first fish now Viktor? How does it feel? I think it´s a nice fish. It it a perch? Yes, it¨s a really nice perch. What a great start! This is a>1 kg perch. We won´t weigh it. So fun! Just after the drop – BAAM. Now the boat lays perfectly, so let´s hope we find another nice fish. Previously, we´ve seen that you usually find grops of fishes. If you get one, you can get more! It feel heavy and it hasn´t done anything that would indicate that it´s a perch. It´s probably a Nicolai Gedda. It IS a Nicolai Gedda! Terrible! It´s terrible to get a pike when you fish for perch! This is something you may get when you fish for perch. Little jacks. At first you get excited and think it is a big, nice perch. But I felt that it was a small pike. As you know, one important thing is of course to check the leader. I´ll need to re-tie this one. I usually do quite long leaders. As I´ve got almost 1 m leader, I can remove 10 cm without any problems. And just tie a new knot. It´s fighting a lot, so it must be at least 4 kg. It´s so nice to fight with these light gear. This is how you should do pike fishing! With these light gear, it is so funny. Great fun to get such a big pike, using perch gear. This is a big fish! It´s a 8 kg. It´s fat! Yes, so fun! Hold you horses! I felt that it was a bigger fish. It stroked with a slam and it was just total stop as the pike was so big. But let´s have another perch. When we do jig fishing for big perch during the winter, we try to have close contact with the bottom. In every cast, we let the jig sink to the bottom. And then we reel it in slowly just above the bottom. In some cases, if the fishing is very slow, you´ll have to almost drag the jig along the bottom. If the fishes are a bit more active, you can fish a bit faster. We´re looking for capes and edges, and differents spots with bait fish. We also like to find indivudual fishes to fish for. That´s where we spend our time. It´s a better fish. Perch? Yes, it´s a perch. A better perch. This is a solid fish! It´s not far from 50 cm. It´s a nice fish! Awesome! An true old fighter. 48.5 cm, 1280 g A really nice fish. Unfotunately a bit skinny, but still nice. We´ve fished a lot with shad jigs today, because we want to get the big individuals. You could use smaller jigs and get many smaller perches from these shoals. But, during lake fishing in the winter we try to stick to the shad jigs, eventhough it´s slow. Just because shad jigs attracts bigger fishes. Fish on! Nice! It feels quite good. Stroke on Pulse Shad. Let´s see, if it´s a nicer perch. Oh yes! OHHH! Look what swims behind! There are 5-6 more! That was sick! I got this>1 kg perch, and and behind it 6-7 equally big perches were following all the way to the boat. They are right here now! This one is safe in the net, so let´s throw out again. I think we´ll get another one on this cast! Let´s go Viktor! Put this one in the net. Annother nice fish! We´ll do a bass landing. It´s another better fish. Pulse shad again. Nice fish! The third one in the net. During races like these, we put all fishes in the net and release them once were done with the fishing here. Or when the net is over-filled.. Let´s get another one! This was nice! This was very nice! Another one! It´s a rally here now! This one is very big! It´s very big! It´s VERY BIG! Show it! It´s sooo big! It´s sooo big! It´s sooo big Per! You have no idea how big it is! It´s a 1600 g? It could be! Look at this! It´s sooo big! It´s sooo big! It´s sooo big! Pulse shad again, in the blueish colour. It´s a long one. How long? A 50 cm+ fish? Yes, it could be. 48 cm? Let´s measure later! Now we´ll keep on racing! YES! It´s on! It´s another big one! Not big enough. Crazy! Viktor, you perch is so big! The striking period will be over soon. This is insane! They strike all the time now! It´s so funny! The net is full of nice fishes! Viktor´s latest fish must be a>1500 g. It all started with this fish. A fish just below 1 kg. A very nice, very fat perch! When this came up, it was accompanied by a whole gang of friends in the same size. They followed along all the way to the boat. Let´s release it! And in the net.. .. another big one, around 1 kg.. .. some more 700-800 g fishes to be released. How wonderful! But, THIS was best of all: Then this really nice, 49 cm perch strikes on my rod! 1500 g Fantastic! What an amazing end of the day! The dusk fishing was sick! It just kept striking and you got a 1500 g. We caught several nice fishes today! Yes, we´ve had an awsome day today! Please subscribe to this channel to watch the next episode. Thank you for today! Take care! Congratulations Viktor! See you next time! Take care!

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