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  1. amazing on every level. funny he mentions clothing – if i recall, alex starts the climb with a hoodie around his waist, but it's not there at the end of route?

  2. 80%+ of all the people that have seen this film ABSOLUTELY WANT THE CLIMBING PORN! Please release the full climb. Even if it's 5 years from now. Please!

  3. Great interview with a GREAT guy… but seriously Google… ya dont have enough money to show some respect to these guys and make a decent interview environment? Looks like a make-shift cafeteria – screens even crapping out in the background lol. Take some of those dollars ya get slipped by the DNC and get a theater with a stage. I'm sure it's more than enough. 😉

  4. Great insight and interview of the many, many levels from the inside out to document and let alone to climb this face, is a massive achievement.
    Thanks guys well done

  5. hey Jimmy, you are amazing guy, you are great athlete, you are great director, you are great speaker.
    I will watch this movie, for sure one day.
    Btw I watched MERU and I loved this movie, you climbers really look like you have some super natural powers

  6. To everybody saying that have seen the movie: how did you see it? Any links or something? I cannot find anything. Thank you!

  7. Aerksonsvng clibwilliamson broke a slew of records on el cap. We must now take him serious as a cutting edge climber.

  8. Watched several interviews of Jimmy. From all the answers he made, it seems that Jimmy is a very intelligent man and at the same time he is also a person who has empathy and genuine care for those around him.

  9. I saw the movie Free Solo (twice), and enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing I would is that it was shot more as a movie than a documentary. For those who don't know Alex Honnold and his story of climbing greatness, it could well be a movie of fiction. Hence it would be great to see the 4 hour footage of the climb as it relates strictly to a documentary about one of the greatest athletic (and mental) achievements of all time.

  10. Great Talk. Alex Honnold has undoubtedly made history with this epic feat of miraculous courage and skill. It is one to thing to accomplish this marvel, but another thing to seal his legacy and stay alive. As mentioned, "Everyone who makes "Free Soloing" a part of their lives does not live to bathe in the glory of there feats." For Alex Honnold to take this to the next step he would need to stay alive and not perish climbing another freesolo by accident.

  11. the host is a smug goon…he sounds so insincere and his condescending "right?" conversational tick makes me want to slap him. That is all. Take care.

  12. Hope you win an Oscar Jimmy and crew. You deserve it. I saw Free Solo yesterday in a little regional cinema down under. Gripping and inspirational. Love Alex and wish all the best.

  13. In another Oscar winner, The Man who Skied Everest, numerous Sherpas died in an avalanche or ice fall during production. If Honnold had been killed, it's just then another in a line of mountaineering films where people involved with the shooting died. Sadly, people watch that stuff. Happily it went well, and so I'm grateful for the sport. Rock climbing is pretty much banned by the Sierra Club, and the media harps on every death or injury or rescue. With more education and knowledge about the sport, perhaps there will be less stupidity and more successes and advancement, and then less need for say stupid hiker laws. In the 1800's, on the Matterhorn disaster then, the Queen of England inquired about banning mountaineering. Let's hope for more like Honnold and Chin and all, to promote what may be the best sport in the world, by me!

  14. Great interview …. love Chin films… I did pre-order Itunes! . Free Solo like chess with your hands and feet's with your body but life or death… wow!

  15. Alex's feat was filmed and it's great that we get to see it and now it's an official record that he did free solo'ed El Cap,
    but initially, Alex wasn't telling anyone what he was planning. I think there was a possibility (big or small I don't know) that he actually did it without letting anyone know, thus it would never have been filmed or had someone keeping track. I mean it's a world record but what's the meaning of making a record if nobody knows about it? Is it still a record? I feel like it was meant to be filmed. And at the same time, could someone else have already done the same thing and no one still knows about it?

  16. No discussion on using drones? There was a credit in movie on drones but probably not on day of free solo. Maybe B- roll?

  17. I wonder if they had a rescue plan prepared so if Alex was 'stuck' somehow one of the camera men could swing over and quickly hook him up to a safety harness etc? seems like something i'd plan for but yeah i wonder if they did that.

  18. yooo jimmy please release the 4 hours. I absolutely loved the film, I'm very far away from being a climber at all but I'd still watch that full climb like right now even though it's 4am right now and I'm tired as hell. Like another commenter said, having Alex narrate (even just some parts of it) would be amazing. Love your work, hope you will release a film about that antarctica trip aswell I'll watch it right away

  19. Did I already mention Jimmie chin is my hero ?? I must have. Any way in case you didn’t already know (and I am sure you care ) jimmy chin is my hero.

  20. 48:02 Wait a minute. If remote cameras were filming Alex at the Boulder Problem, who was Alex talking to when he said "Oh Yeah" after he successfully completed the Boulder Problem?

  21. Love the fact that Alex calls himself a militant atheist. Hate the fact there are only 20 minutes of climbing in the film and I'm sure Chai is to blame for that. She thinks every film has to have a love story of some type.

  22. I went in not knowing about the outcome, and it felt great! I really didn't know what to expect, and wondering all throughout the film whether he bails, or if he falls, whether they show the fall, and really feared for him that I couldn't stand still. Genuine fear/excitement moment, probably the best I ever had in a cinema.

  23. Why build a boat and sail across a sea? Could've taken a plane. Why
    create beautiful art and music that may never find a proper audience?
    Why study cosmology or struggle with a unified field theory? Why spend
    hours preparing a meal that will be consumed in less than 30 minutes?
    Why climb a mountain?
    Noble causes await bravery and persevering endeavor, yet every child
    will inevitably someday suffer and die. Why plant a tree or build a
    piece of a cathedral you'll never see in its ultimate glory?
    What's the point of it all? Practicality? Come on, it all returns to
    nothing anyway. Life isn't about logic. Beauty and suffering will never
    be fully fathomed or fully solved yet soul-fullness springs forth in
    multiple expressions from the "void". Join the Dance.
    This climb was a refutation of trifling meanness; a transcendent,
    pointless, priceless act. A glorious dissolving cloud. A testament to
    living life.

  24. I think the 'Darwin awards' mention is spot on. No doubt, Alex's achievement is unbelievable, astounding, a world first! I still hope no one tries to replicate this. I can see why he wanted to do it and why he let nothing stop him and I am very jealous that I can't let myself do what he did.

    This is a once in a lifetime achievement and something that should never be caught on film in any circumstance other than what was prescribed by Alex and agreed wholly by Jimmy and his crew.
    Without Alex's skill, determination, grit and sheer will to do this project along with Jimmy and his crew's empathy and professionalism, to film this absolute madness! (that I maintain is the most horrifying film i have ever watched) This production would not be the same.

    I have the utmost respect for Alex (as a newbie climber and adventure enthusiast) and as much respect for Jimmy and his crew for filming the whole unfiltered experience.

    I have never been so scared in my whole life and I knew he survived before watching the film…

    I wouldn't have wanted to film it either…

  25. Interesting interview that complements Free Solo well. The National Geographic story adds to the free solo backgrounder info too. I'm mostly happy that climbing as presented in Free Solo doesn't involve the seemingly deranged thought processes of people involved in other highly dangerous sports. For myself, I was left with "Why?" 

    I don't see a great social benefit. It seems to be highly focused on a form of "person need" coupled with some sort of social recognition. I don't have an answer for this shared human drive. It's gratifying that everyone associated with the project is so articulate.

  26. Good interview Jimmy, in both Meru and Free Solo I felt the empathy you set out to achieve. I often refer my non-climbing friends to Meru for a deeper understanding of what drives climbers. Love your work, keep it up! And yes, pls Netflix those 4 hrs.

  27. Even though Alex was able to overcome it this time there is no way bringing cameras in did not add to the pressure but then again it also adds motivation. I think what he did was the most amazing human accomplishment ever. That includes landing on the moon and other big things. I think once Alex has kids his free solo days will end. I think thats a good thing. I hope he's the one guy who lives to be a old man after doing this.

  28. After what Alex did, everyone needs to throw  away their North Face clothes.  He is the only one who is worthy enough to wear them.

  29. very good interview! this documentary film deserves every award it has earned and more. definitely one of the most epic climbing feats ever captured on film right up there with vintage footage of Hilary sumiting Everest.

  30. It's obvious the respect that Jimmy has for his fellow climber, and with only the utmost respect for the incredible feats he has achieved himself, does he feel any jealousy about what Alex accomplished as compared to what he achieved himself? It's a difficult question, and I believe he deserves as much credit as Alex does, but there must be a moment or two where you wish it was you that did this. That said, give props to a man that is one of the most important people in the climbing world via photography and climbing.

  31. The Nat Geo video of his climb a year or two before Free Solo, when he climbs that mountain in Mexico, was much more impressive from a cinematography stand point. The camera angles were more dynamic and gave perspective (e.g. by pointing the camera down the wall, panning out from presumably a drone, etc.) that Free Solo didn't, making Free Solo's climbing shots a bit of a disappointment. Not as much of a visceral thrill (and way too many shots of the camera guy/friend fretting nervously during the climb) that diminished the sense of accomplishment of his incredible feat just a bit. The Nat Geo film I mentioned above is much more impressive in the way it captures the climbing.

  32. I have watched the film 4 times and watched every interview made of the crew a couple of times. I’m from Florida and have enjoyed this film more than anything I have ever seen. That says a lot coming from a surfer. Bravo!

  33. They all are incredible bunch of the people, certainly the best from the human kind. Hope one day people like them take the politics in their hands …

  34. On the topic of the full climb – potential 4-hour version release –

    Honestly, I think it is those like Alex in his methodical and complete way of preparing for climbs who will most enjoy the full-length climb release.

    When I was a competitive cyclist I learned so much from watching full-length races; sometimes 6-7 hours. And watching them over-and-over, each time I might catch something different, but overall I definitely learned to see the race from a holistic, forest-level view and enhanced my racing technique and strategy. Honestly, I think it is those like Alex in his methodical and complete way of preparing for climbs who will most enjoy the full-length climb release.

  35. I'd love to see Jimmy do a film on cave diving. There are a lot of parallels with the climbing world to what divers do which seems crazy to normal people but is very calm and methodical with its own set of challenges other than the obvious which is just running out of air.

  36. I completely understand making a portion of the video address how hard it was to actually film, it makes people really appreciate it that little bit more, not that it needs boosting because it's an amazing thing in itself!

  37. Interviewer isn't listening to Jimmy at all, just waiting to ask his next question. Would be unwatchable if Jimmy wasn't such a thoughtful speaker and listener himself

  38. Hmmm – I'm Not sure which movie I enjoyed more. Meru or Free Solo. My hands sweated more in Free Solo but Meru had such a great back story – both great !

  39. Even though I knew that Alex succeeded, I fast forwarded thru some of the most dramatic climbing scenes. Seeing someone THAT close to the edge just gives me the willies…

  40. Meru is a better film than Free Solo, my opinion. There was’t any where near enough of the actual climb in Free Solo. Alex Honold as a character sketch was done pretty well, but the Relationship

  41. lately all i wanna do is climb, and when im done climbing and when im resting all i wanna do is watch climbing… so yes please release the 4 hour video!!! i would watch it probably over 100 times lol there needs to be more quality climbing videos out there… so many youtube climbers are not good, they dont teach u proper skills, in fact they usually give bad advice and suck themselves as climbers and just do b roll music while they goof off and act like pro climbers. magnus midbot is amazing and theres an asian guy whos not pro, hes learning but hes learning from good climbers and i like his vids, theres a few others but i dont know them by heart id have to look on my playlist LOL

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