Jonas Brothers – What A Man Gotta Do (Official Video)

100 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers – What A Man Gotta Do (Official Video)

  1. Crazy how when I was a teenager I was obsessed with the Jonas brother (especially nick….) and now I'm gay and obsessing over their wives 😂

  2. I absolutely love that their wives are a huge part of everything they do 😍😍😍 also is no one gonna mention the tightey whiteys 🤣🤣🤣

  3. 2008: Omg I love the Jonas Brothers

    2020: Omg I love the Jonas Brothers' Wives

    subs ma channel

  4. What’s a man gotta do? Promote how much y’all love your girls like this 💓💜 LOOOVE that they’re using their wives instead of just some model

  5. PLZ HELP i’m confused why wasn’t joe dancing with his wife or was that his wife i thought he was married to the blonde woman 😂

  6. my earliest memory of the jb's was the 'poor unfortunate souls' music video. & i know this because the image that has popped into my head almost every time i see them or they're mentioned since i've seen that video over a decade ago, omg, is them singing & dancing by the pool. & of course nick's poofy/curly hair. & now look at them. all grown & married. where'd the time go? i'm only 22 but i feel so old!😭 it's been great to grow up watching the evolution of the jonas brothers. they were great apart, but even more powerful together. i hope this never ends.

  7. I'm still hanged up on their old videos where they are only three. No wives, no gf's. And yea, I'm jealous and happy for them at the same time!

  8. I guess they are not allowed to have other girls in their music videos, but their wives. So lame. And nick looks like a douche.

  9. No offense but i bet d other Bollywood actresses must be sooo jealous of priyanka for gettin such a hot and handsome husband😁

  10. Ha ha I didn't even realise that was sophie Turner with black hair till end. Love the fact they use their wives in the videos.

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