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yeah Perfect Beautiful Hey, sir, how’s it going? Very Good? This is the new Logitech Range. Ummmm We’re Ummm, yep, that is the uh, that’s the ole 600G, there one. Ah Can I help you with some of this do you want? ummmm ahhhh ummmmm Can I help you sir? Hmm. Nah, just, just browsing Go again, I fucked everything up

100 thoughts on “Just Browsing – Bored Ep 73 (when customers trash your store – retail sucks) | Viva La Dirt League

  1. I'm not working in retail, butI hate these kind of people. That's very rude to retail employees and other customers..

  2. I want satisfaction, I want the browsing costumer smited into dust, I need a release from all this frustration, where is the thunderbolt that should had striked him at the end of the video?

  3. totaly feeling for adam or hows this one´s name.was working in the store too and "loved" when customers placed unwanted stuff anywhere they wanted and you had to place it back where it was. xD

  4. I don't even work at retail…

    I'm there browsing what the store has to offer as well, and BAM, that excuse for a human being, that shit-eating sack of rotten flesh, that disturbed and desecrated demonic soul of a customer that takes, idk, ice cream and let it go near the flour. Pick up a pair of jeans and drops it on a videogame.

    It pisses me off in many levels.

  5. Yeah so I worked at walmart… I spent 4 hours of my shift organizing the $5 games bin. I go on lunch for an hour, happy that I got it looking all nice and neat and organized. I come back, I hear a customer asking "how are we supposed to find games in this darn thing?". I look, and sure enough, there's heaps and piles of games falling out of the bin, in all of its chaotic glory. I hate people now.

  6. I would have grabbed him by the neck, taken everything from him… and banned him from the stooooOOOOORRREE!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  7. This is frustrating. I just can't see the items at wrong places. Even it's already far away i would rather run back to where did i took it. I just can't. It's not… NeAt!!

  8. As someone with diagnosed moderate OCD, Adam's reaction is exactly why I will never work a job like this.

  9. There are really people who just put things back at random places. I work in a game store before and thing like this really sucks.

  10. Am I the only one who walks back to the original isle just to put the thing back in its place if I relised that I don't want it anymore?! 🤔

  11. I work in a grocery store while I’m in college and when I see people do this it really makes me wonder if they weren’t taught that they’re supposed to clean up after themselves as children.

  12. I’ve worked in retail and I bloody hated it when customers did this even when someone is with them and say it doesn’t go there put it back in the right place and all they say is it’s not my job and just walk off 🖕😡🖕

  13. I know he's your real life friend but. Could you show a video where you just throw that dude out on his ____…. .. 🙂

  14. I literally blew up on some dude today that was trying to unplug my speakers to see what the input looks like, I told him “it’s 2 inputs they are literally exactly the same, there’s not a speaker in this whole damn store that has 2 different inputs”

  15. Adam – "….. and that, your honour, was the moment I beat the customer to death with an Apple ipad."
    Judge – " just out of curiosity, why an Apple ipad ?"
    Adam – "well, I wasn't going to use something important your honour".
    Judge – "fair enough then. Okay, charges are hereby dropped. You're free to go. Have a nice day".
    😂 😂 😂.

  16. Imagine how much cheaper life would be if companies didn't have to hire so many extra employees to clean up after people… not to mention food waste when people throw frozen food in warm aisles? Or the big box stores that have like five cart pushers to scour the parking lot for random misplaced carts because people don't wanna walk the 3-15 feet to the cart return spot.

  17. My friend does this all the time, and the former retail side of me gets super annoyed with it whenever I shop with her. So I usually call it the 'drop and go' move whenever I see her putting stuff in the wrong place.

  18. I can remember working these jobs, and I would be right behind that person picking up what they put down in the wrong spot, glaring at them the whole time. Even my boss couldn't stop laughing.

  19. One time I was browsing a stall with some really nice woodwork stuff and I moved some things to get a look at a picture frame. I checked the price decided it wasn't for me and put it (and what else I had moved) back how I found it because my mum just raised me with the idea of "this is what you do". So then the woman running the stall says "Thank you" and scares the bloody life out of me before plunging me into utter confusion because I am not buying anything. She then explains most people don't put it back where they found it when it comes to stock and I am just wall to wall shocked Pikachu meme at this news.

  20. I've never worked in retail but finding a mess like this in a shop drives me nuts. So I can't imagine how the staff who has to constantly fill and correct shelves feels having to deal with this.
    9/10 I will go put things back if I change my mind. I say 9/10 because I do have bad days!!

  21. I saw a customer do this once, and I asked: Is that where you found it? He angrily said; I was gonna put it back!.. Yeah buddy sure you were!

  22. I actually have never put one product in another area i just think whether or not i would need it and if not put it back and if i find a better one i would actually walk all the way back to put it away

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