99 thoughts on “Justin Bieber ft. Quavo: Intentions (Live) – SNL

  1. Simple minded people hate on him simply just to hate him! It’s so pathetic people are so quick to let whatever that has absolutely nothing to do with his talent blindside them from that

  2. Never really a Justin Bieber fan but you can’t deny his talent and heart. These days I don’t change the station when his songs come on

  3. Glad to see Justin back on stage I just hope his state of mind is in a better place especially since he’s so grown now. Been a fan since 2010 and I hope he’s in a happier state than before.

  4. Just knows you wake up the beast in Quavo when you say "that way". 🔥 he was ready to turn that mug all the way up!!

  5. The way he’s running and jumping around I can tell u he’s missed everything so much I am so glad my babe is back 🥺🥺❤️❤️

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  7. I like the song and a lot of his music. But my oh my has he been transitioning from a suburban teeny bopper to an urban kinda blackish hip hop rnbish I can't describe it kind of persona. idk if I'd call it appropriation appreciation or a little bit of both.

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