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[Music] Hello Spectrumites and welcome to Autism Actually. My name is Shadia and I am the proud owner and founder of Autism Actually. Today I’m going to be showcasing some of the new products from the amazing business Kaiko Fidgets. Kaiko Fidgets offer a wide range of sensory toys that are discrete and help in a variety of settings. They can help with nail biting, anxiety, ADHD, troubled focusing or concentrating in class and much more. So, definitely check out their website at www.kaikofidgets.com we also have a discount code “autismactually”, which gives you 10% off on products and also helps us as well; so, we really appreciate your support on that. For those of you who haven’t heard of Kaiko Fidgets, I talked about them a bit in one of my previous videos, called “My Sensory Toolbox”. It was made by an amazing entrepreneur called Kai, who is Autistic and neurodivergent and had trouble focusing and concentrating in class. So he originally made these fidgets to helps himself focus, but then realised he could help others as well. So he has created the business based on his own personal experience of being on the Spectrum and being neurodivergent. So, definitely excited to check out their new products. Thanks a lot Kaiko Fidgets for sending this through to me. I’m really excited to unbox this. Okay, let’s open it [Cutting sounds] Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! First product. [Gasp] Oh my goodness, this looks incredible! Oh, they’re pencil toppers that are so stimmy! [Gasp] So these are like squishy… these are like squishy things you can put on the top of your pens. And they’re so soft. Look at that! [Gasp] Ah, they’re so good and they come in a variety of colours. They’re so nice to feel. They’re a bit like those squishy balls you can get that are filled with gel Oh, I’m really looking forward to that. They smell a bit too, wow, they’re scented. That’s so cool [gasp], I’m going to have lots of fun with that. What else have we got here? Oh my goodness, a mustachio squish. I love this so much! [Wrapper sounds] It’s a mustachio squishy starfish man! Oh my goodness! It’s so stimmy and wonderful! Wow, this is amazing. I don’t know which one I like more. I’ve never felt one of these that is so nice. It is so soft and oh… Look at that, you can make these little bubbles; that’s so cool! Oh my good- there’s this little sequin. Oh, I love this one. It’s a sequin strap-on bracelet. Let’s give this a crack [wrapper sounds]… this is amazing. Oh, I love this! This is so stimmy and you can… they go back and forth and it’s rainbow coloured. So beautiful to touch. Alright, let’s try this on [Slap] [Gasp] So pretty and it’s so soft! Usually these slap on wrist bands are really not comfortable, but this one seems to be padded with some form of velvet, which is just absolutely beautiful! I really love this. And it’s so sparkly! So pretty! I love this one, too, because it’s really portable and this one I think would be great for advancement at home and trying to study, because I find the feeling of squishing something, that kind of form of deep pressure input’s really calming for me. So, that’s really cool. This one looks amazing, too. I just love all these products so far. it comes in a little tin. Ooh, they’re little balls. They’re little stimmy, sort of metal balls and they’re wrapped in a sort of knot pattern. I’m assuming that you can tie this to some thing. I really like the feel of that. It’s really, really lovely. I love the blue of course, because I am a huge fan of blue [chuckles]. Yeah, I really love this too. I’ve been really looking forward to this one! This is like a wrist roller that you roll between your hands. Been dying to try this out. Oh, that’s so nice! It’s so beautiful to just roll through your hands. It’s amazing and I love the gold colour too. They come in a range of colours. I think they’ve got gold, green, blue, silver, black as well; they’re heaps. I think purple’s on there too. I just love the feeling of the rhythm; sort of when I’m rolling this through my hands. Very calming and still pretty discrete too. Like, you could probably fit this in your bag if you’re going out places. Oh, it’s really nice. I already feel calm just doing this. It’s just really self-soothing. I love this too. More squishies! This one has funny glasses on his face. I like this one [Laughs]. Oh, this one’s slightly softer than the other one. Look, they’re friends! Yay! [In a menacingly deep voice] I am the squish master! Ha ha ha! Let’s see the next one [gasps]. Okay, so this is one of their new products, which I am very excited about. It’s specifically for nail biters, so… Oh, so these are kind of spiky ones that you can move around like this. Feels really good. So, these are specifically for those who nail bite or skin pick. Again, I love the fact that this is very portable. It’s actually really cool to run through your hand too. I really like this one. really cool. This will really help, because it does provide a similar pressure to when you bite your nails and I love the fact that you can move it around like that. It’s very nice. This one is called a “Magic Cube” and apparently it’s a brain challenge. Uh oh, brain challenges! Okay, I’ll give it a go [chuckles]. So, I don’t know how this works, but yeah, it’s similar to Rubik’s Cube in that you have to, I guess, try and get the colours to look the same. Yeah, you can tell I’m a brainiac right now. But yeah, there’s buttons you can press on this one and I’m assuming that… [Gasps] Oh, this is cool. So you must be able to move them around somehow. There’s this sort of squishy bit in here and you must be able to move them around. I’m going to have to think about that one a bit. It’s too early in the afternoon for brain games [laughs]. But this is really fun to play with too and I guess if you’re looking for something to do when you’re out to destress, having a brain game’s really helpful. I had a lot of these sorts of things growing, having little brain games that were portable that I could fit in my bag or whatever. Especially if I’m going into stressful situations and I’m getting bored and looking for stuff to do, these sorts of things are really helpful. But now it’s going to bother me that I don’t know how to figure this out, so thanks Kai [laughs]. What’s this? Oh my goodness! [Loud gasps] Stretchy sand! I love this stuff! Oh look at all the colours; this is amazing. So stretchy sand… stretchy sand I think is kinetic sand. So, they’ve got it in a… it is kinetic sand. This is so cool. So, it kind of stretches and then it’s sort of squishy at the same time too. Oh, it’s so cool! Look at that! Oh my goodness, that’s awesome. And so they’ve got a whole bunch of colours. That’s pink, got purple and blue. Like a billion colours. This so cool and you’ve got like little stars as well that you… and shapes that you can use and then there’s little tools that you can have. So, I’ve actually seen this before. You can get trays and stuff to put them in and you can actually explore the texture and stuff with little like knives and things. I am just turning into a little kid again; it’s so much fun. So you can kind of use the tools if you don’t like the feeling on your hands and then stretch it and then you can use these shapes to make shapes in it as well, which is really cool. I’ve got younger cousins and they love playing with me, because I’m just as much as a kid as them with this sort of stuff. [In a high voice] Look a pretty butterfly! It’s so awesome. I just love the feel of the sand being stretchy and squishy, but still having sort of the texture of sand. I just love it. That is so much fun. I am going to waste so many hours playing with this stuff. Ooh, this is like a fluffy… this is a fluffy stim toy. Ooh, this feels great. It’s kind of like where, if you ever got a pen top and it’s got that fluffy little thing at the end. Oh, look, I look so fancy now. I could go out to fashion shows, no just kidding, but no, these are really cool. I really like how soft it is and the fact that it’s small as well. Most of Kai’s products are really discrete, which I really appreciate, especially going out into public and stuff. Yeah, this is really lovely. Really love that feel, that’s really cool. Oh, cool! I got two. That’s awesome. I have one for each hand or it’s like a really furry bracelet hand [chuckles]. So awesome. Ooh, this is another one of Kai’s new ones. Now this one looks intriguing. It looks like a really complicated contraption. [Gasps] It’s a spinny one. Look how fast it is! Mind blown! How’s it still going? That is definitely my favourite. Oh, the sound it makes! [Sound of toy spinning] Very cool! I love that so much! And finally, our last product that Kai has given is a finger spinner, so it’s a cube spinner. Ah, interesting. So, you use it… your fingers and things to decompress and stuff. Never seen this before. Oh, so it does this a bit like a fidget spinner and then, oh you can move the pieces around a bit. Oh! So, it’s a bit like a Rubik’s Cube, but it spins as well. That’s cool! Uh oh, now I’m not going to be able to get it back to the colours again. Ooh, this is amazing! I love this idea; it’s so clever. It’s a brain game and a fidget toy all in one. That’s amazing. I really love this product. And I have so many products! This is amazing! Thank you so much for joining me in this video. Thanks so much to Kaiko Fidgets for giving me all these to sample. These are absolutely amazing products and I love all of them. So, you can check out his website and get some more details about how to get these products. I hope you enjoyed watching me have fun with these. 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