KÄLLKRITIK: Att dela på internet

“So cute!” Like. She’s back from India today!
I completely forgot. That’s true. It really is freezing outside. So why do we share things? For the same reason
we’ve always shared information: To communicate something
about the world, yourself, or your values. Before, these discussions would
probably stay around the dinner table- -but today it’s quick and easy to share
information with a lot more people. That’s why it’s so important
that what you share is true. The article you just shared, for instance.
That’s fake. Really? Wow. All right. OK, so what should I do
to keep it from happening again? Always be critical of what you read
and share, and be responsible. What you share does affect
someone else’s view of the world- -so you really have to support
whatever you share. Keep this in mind
when you share things Who has written or said it? Is it someone
you know? Someone you trust? And why are they saying it? To tell a story, to influence your opinions,
or to get you to buy something? To entertain you, to scare you,
or to be mean to someone? Ask yourself this before sharing: Is this true? Is it important,
to you or to other people? Is it good for you or for other people? Ask yourself the same questions- -when you come across a new Facebook
group or a blog, or see a YouTube clip. Is that mascara really the best
that person has ever tried? Or could they be sponsored? Think back to what it was like
25 years ago. You probably wouldn’t have known how
Olle, 23, from Mellerud felt about Trump- -or what your cousin had for breakfast. These days, you can find out
at the touch of a button. Social media makes more perspectives,
views, and info available to more people. That’s a good thing in a democracy,
but every user has a responsibility. Maybe I shouldn’t share this
if I’m not completely sure…

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