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It is slipping Wet because it’s on the table, so it slips Greetings to all, Yuvacık dam … -What?
– We had breakfast there. Oh, yeah, they built a pocket in front of the Yuvacık dam. Besides, you can stand there and watch the dam, People park their cars, put their chairs in front of the dam, spend time there There was a pocket in there, so we parked our trailer there. We were so hungry we had our breakfast Then we got some images from above. Very beautiful, great images Then we went on our way So we have already gone to many places in Kocaeli before But we couldn’t see the highlands. We didn’t see it 🙂 We’re back After departing now, Volkan entered a very beautiful road. We were looking for a place where we could spend the night, stay. The way the volcano enters -We’re in Bashes now, aren’t we?
– We’re at Baseski Port?
-Başiskel to? (says wrong 🙂 We are at the Port of Basiskele. We spent the night here. This place looks like Istanbul Baghdad Street We’re right on the beach. Along the coast there are parking spaces and cafes. There is a space for skateboarders or skateboarders. We even skated here in the morning, there are cycling areas, I wish we had taken our bike with us Because they have very nice cycling areas. This place is great. Now we do the morning walk. – Is the grocery closed?
– Good thing we walked. There’s a grocery there, and we’re gonna get some bread. – If it’s open, we can have it on it, is it closed today? – I haven’t turned up in the morning.
– A sea star
-Where? -Yeah
– Huge! Look, there’s another one.
– Yeah, she’s bigger. I wonder if there’s a starfish stranded? How many starfish are there It smells like seaweed right now. Something is whirring A butterfly? – Is he coming back?
– Butterfly, I think. I’m going to save him. Is your wing broken? For ischy I’m taking you with this stone. Old You’d better leave it on the stone? There you will see it Then leave it in that space. I’m leaving you here. I think you can fly from here. He’s standing right on top of the boat. Hello ponch I think we can settle here. What do you say? It’s really beautiful. Also close to Istanbul. It looks a bit like Baghdad Street Yeah, a little bit smaller. And of course, it’s quieter here. Now we’re going to the grocery store. Now we are going to read it. – Toast, tea, nescafe.
-What did I tell you? 🙂 Yes Volcano did a little fancy. Since the grocery store was closed yet, he thought he would have left a note on it. It caused us to work our imagination. But I said it says, “There’s tea.” There’s really tea. Now we’re headed for our trailer. And after a long time you will try I’m going back to the fields I think there’s a nursery somewhere. Yeah What was important? it was important to compress it thoroughly. Yes, I’m going to squeeze it so that it doesn’t get too loose and I can use it comfortably. last year I had reached the beginning level -You could go on your own. yes I could at least stand and go on my own. Then I took a break Now I’ll start from scratch again 🙂 And I don’t remember, I don’t know how to keep balance. Safety first Help! We said we were staying here tonight. The real bomb is coming 🙂 Evening; There’s a fish restaurant here. We’re right next to him. We looked there first, so we could have our dinner there. We couldn’t eat there. Because the prices came to us a little high After, we walked a bit along the beach We haven’t found anything in our teeth. in fact, there are many nice locations, so there are too many cafe cars. But I don’t know, we’re back in the trailer. After we get back to the trailer. Volcano said; “let’s say we eat from the food basket” In the trailer 🙂 we said 🙂 We told you to eat in the trailer 🙂 We entered the address but; Now; You normally enter your home address or business address as your address. You have to enter a door number or something in the food cart. Apartment, door number etc. what are we going to give here? Basiskele say; Basiskele is a big place. Tell us where? 🙂 We entered the Internet, we looked at the address of the fish restaurant 🙂 We have given the address of the fish restaurant 🙂 Notes section “in front of the trailer” he wrote 🙂 They brought us 🙂 We told you to eat in the trailer from the dinner basket last evening, we ate with pleasure 🙂 but they did, thank you very much. We convey our love to all employees of the food basket they didn’t leave us hungry last night, thanks a lot Volkan here, he paid the glass the man came here with his car, we extended the money from here 🙂 After he also gave us our food 🙂 then went Such good things happened This place is beautiful If you come to Kocaeli, you can not find a place to stay maybe during the season this place can be very crowded But we’re out of season, autumn. So this place is both very inhabitant and very beautiful You walk along the beach, you stay here. Great! That’s it. We’re going back now. We had our breakfast Return to Istanbul again … return time for istanbul Now we’re back. Then come and say goodbye to me, you want? You can not. He says, “Oh, I can’t go there.” Okay, well. But we ended the day beautifully I mean, it was a great chance we found this place. We loved Başiskele. We loved so much We love people, we love people. I’il see you next week … goodbye. I’m going to the concert next week. There’s no video next week, you’re missing, you’ve got education. See you in the next video goodbye, goodbye I may be a little spoiled 🙂 Well, it was nice Our Instagram Address 🙂
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