Keepgo Team

Keepgo is a pioneer in innovative data
technologies. It’s a mix between a start-up and an already based company, so
the atmosphere is both young and also stable. We are official partners and
distributors of AT&T, official partners of Telefónica, of Vodafone, of T-mobile
and many other Tier-one, top-notch carriers. The goal is to use the
innovative technology to provide better solutions, faster solutions and more
cost-effective solutions. During the last four years we were working on developing
this virtualization of a SIM card. The ability of grabbing a SIM card from one
device and temporary putting it in another device. The challenge was to
create a device which would be a small form factor device which customer would
be able to carry with him. Because we are the creators of this technology, we have
the ability to implement it on any device you can dream of. We can put it in
a car, we can put it in an elevator, in a drone, in a mobile device, hell we can
even put it in a hat. We have a group of experts, 25 people working in telecom
business for nine years. We have engineers, we have business development,
we have many people with very very deep and good knowledge of Telugu. The engineers, they are the base of the the company, they are the ones that are
developing the new products and I see them working day in day out, day and
nights and they are burning the midnight oil to make the project successful. Every day I meet some new challenges and
this is what I like in this work. I want to create technology that billions of
users will use it every day and the great opportunity for me. The team is
international, so we know how to work internationally. Having an office in the
European Union is very powerful because it’s much much easier to trade from
there, to sell from there and to support from there. Keepgo sees two main things
happening in the world of data. We use more data and we use it more often. Now we are working on so-called matching – node that will be matching sellers and buyers together. Once we have matching node and sim virtualization we can match
a SIM card of a seller with a device of a buyer. And then we can introduce a
first prototype of our marketplace. We know what will be the next step

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