Kensington Live at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 2017 (Full Show)

ELOI: We said to each other… go figure… 85,000 people… …does anyone still play in front of those numbers of people these days? And we realized that we were actually very proud that we managed to pull this off. With these four guys who thought “let’s start a band” long, long time ago. NILES: We actually started out in the Ziggo Dome ‘Café’. I remember them showing us the big hall, like: “You see that? Wouldn’t it be great? Always keep dreaming!” Isn’t that great? That we sold out the place already ten times in the meantime? I think that’s something to be proud of. CASPER: How do you prepare a show in the Ziggo Dome? You almost have to do it…in the Ziggo Dome. ELOI: We stayed in a big warehouse in Belgium for two days. CASPER: It was ice cold there. ELOI: It was super cold. So we were freezing out there and meanwhile going through the complete performance over and over again, and ‘The Cube’ was slowly coming to life, until it could perform all the movements it eventually needed to make in the Ziggo Dome CASPER: Yeah I remember walking into the warehouse and seeing ‘The Cube’ for the first time, and I was like: ‘wow this is larger than my house!’ I’m rebuilding my house at the moment and I just thought, this is insane… You see that thing for the first time and you think: ‘How is it going to be able to fly around, unfold itself, etc?’ The cool thing about The Cube was that we could really use it… as a tool to create a certain atmosphere for each specific song… because usually a stage is just ‘a stage’, very static, with lights, a big screen… but now we actually had a moving, living object to play with. JAN: Before all this we had at least 10 meetings in the course of, say, 6 or 9 months, and every time we got updated on how everything was going to look at some point also visualized in 3D, so we’d get an impression of the real thing. But as Eloi said, once we arrived in this warehouse, it began to feel real. I couldn’t sleep the first couple of nights. It wasn’t even stage fright or something… I had almost none… You get such a big shot of adrenaline from doing a show like that… it’s still in your system for, like, 6 hours after the show NILES: And on the first days of the performances it’s a bit weird realizing… you just played for 17,000 people… you go home straight after the show, and flip on the television when it’s not even midnight yet JAN: I thought it was very cool to start the show inside The Cube. Especially when playing in such a large hall, and you start out by standing in a tight circle, really close together, we never approached it like that, having a kind of intimate moment with just the four of us, and slowly The Cube would start to lift up, and that’s when the show really got started. I thought that was very special, every single evening we played. ELOI: So we actually don’t see a lot of what’s happening behind us. So we can’t enjoy all the pretty visuals and lighting effects But we are able to look into the eyes of the people who can And that’s pretty special to witness. Sometimes you catch a sense of wonder… or maybe a surprised look when something big is happening behind us… people with eyes wide open, checking everything there is to see… CASPER: With Little Light for example, we kind of made a complete lighting design for just that particular track, it occurs more or less halfway the show, and because this is a fan favorite, and we really like playing it ourselves, we wanted to make sure this one was going to be very special. There’s a really cool space/warp kind of visual going on which we then expanded outside the screen and into the crowd by making every light in the house behave in harmony with what was happening in the visuals. And that was definitely a highlight for me, fusing together visuals and lighting in such a powerful way. ELOI: I really liked how Storms turned out. Very tasteful, especially the visuals. We made a conscious decision not to show our faces on the screen, to make it really intimate. The mountainous scene with he glowing cube in the back… there was something very mezmerizing and mysterious about it, I thought it fitted the song perfectly. The fact that I knew that all of that was going on behind me, simply enabled me te perform the song better. You just know everything is in its right place. So that was one of my favorite moments of the show. CASPER: So I thought it was ok to trash the drums, at the end because that’s what I see HIM doing all the time But apparently sticks do less damage than an actual guitar slamming into the kit… So I’m sorry. NILES: I’ll send you the bill… It was the total release of playing five nights in a row… so.. destroy everything right? CASPER: Everything has to be trashed, every time It’s a waste, but it’s mandatory We have a tradition where we close off every show, or actually, every series of shows with an afterparty for the crew, friends, family, and it always gets out of hand, right? [inaudible] The afterparty was over and everyone thought it was a good idea to continue in my room So all of a sudden there were like 50 people in my hotel room It was completely trashed, so at 7:00 in the morning I thought: ‘I am taking off’ before I have to pay the bill… it wasn’t pretty! CASPER: This is the first thing we ever release in cinemas, and we’re super glad you’re here to see us playing the Ziggo Dome while we are working on our new album! So this is our little treat for you. We’re very proud of it and absolutely stoked to release an actual film in cinemas. So enjoy yourselves! Almost…

47 thoughts on “Kensington Live at Ziggo Dome Amsterdam 2017 (Full Show)

  1. Ik heb dit in de bioscoop, dit was ook men eerste kensington concert, leuk om trug te zien!🤘🏻♥️🎉

  2. Helaas heb ik het gemist. Op het verkeerde moment op de verkeerde plaats was. Ik hou van jou en je muziek. geweldige band. 👍 blijf alsjeblieft gezond. 😊

  3. We waren erbij, mijn dochter en ik, zoals elk jaar. Vette memory. Thanks for putting this online guys.

  4. Zo mooi! Kan niet omschrijven wat jullie muziek met me doet! Ik was hier zelf ook bij!!😍 Ziggo 2019 was ik er ook bij :)! Hoop jullie snel weer te zien! Xxxx

  5. it's great to see a concert I couldn't go to ❤️ Thanks to you, sitting at home becomes more bearable. And hope to see you soon 😊

  6. so ein tolles Konzert, vielen Dank, hoffe ich kann euch in Pesse sehen, bleibt gesund – Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

  7. Dat was de eerste keer dat ik jullie in het echt zag. 26 november 2017. En ook meteen ontmoet in de Media Markt bij de ArenA😍😍😍

  8. Zie net in de reacties dat jullie enigzins vergeten worden met U2 maar sorry voor mij zijn jullie de Nederlandse u2

  9. Dank jullie wel voor dit en voor de laatste concert in Wroclaw! Dat was de beste dag in mijn hele leven! Dank God, dat ik van Nederland en Kensington houd!

  10. Lekker om te kijken en te luisteren en alles om je heen te vergeten. Helemaal in deze tijden. Ik was helaas niet bij het concert en dat maakt het nog leuker om het terug te kijken.

  11. Genau so toll wie im Dezember in Amsterdam❤freue mich schon auf das Nachholkonzert in Köln sowie die Show im Ziggo Dome im November…2x Kensington in zwei Wochen, was will man mehr??!!😊
    Hoffentlich ist bis dahin der Wahnsinn eingedämmt😦
    Bleibt alle gesund!!!

  12. Hier waren mijn vrouw en ik bij. Jammer dat er geen dvd van de concertregistratie is of verkrijgbaar is! 🤩

  13. Was für ein schönes Konzert! Wäre gerne dabei gewesen, ein halbes Jahr später in der Johan Cruyff Arena konnte man die Band nicht so gut sehen, aber die Show und speziell die Lichteffekte waren noch gigantischer.
    Gruß an Torben!

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