Kids’ Zone

You have officially entered the Zone:
the NCES Kids’ Zone! Stay tuned while we show you our most popular
tools and features. Let’s start with Create a Graph! Hmm…have you ever wondered how many cheese sticks 9th graders at your school eat on a typical day? When do they eat the most cheese sticks? Let’s find out with our “Create a Graph” bar graph. Welcome to the fictional school of Havarti High. With Kids’ Zone’s “Create a Graph” tool, we measured the number of cheese sticks their hungry students ate each school day. Using the data, we learned that 9th graders
consumed 200 cheese sticks on Fridays! Maybe you want to use a pie chart instead
of a bar graph, but aren’t sure how? Flip through our step-by-step guide to learn
how to perfect your pie chart! Want some information on the school you
attend or will attend? Maybe you want to know if there are more girls
or boys in 7th grade at your school? Try our “Find a School” feature for quick info about your school, or any school in the United States! Hop over to the School & District Navigator
to easily view and compare information, like how many students go to your school or how
many teachers work there. Find other data about your school district with this tool. In a few years, you might start thinking about college. Would you prefer to go to a large school with
thousands of other students, or a school with fewer students and
smaller class sizes? What do you want to study? How much will it cost to attend? Our “College Search” will help you and
your family navigate these questions, and decide which college or university is right for you. Check out our “College Map” tool for custom searching. Browse info on the number of students, programs
offered, tuition & fees, and other important details for the more than 7,000 colleges across the country. Wondering what else you can do on Kids’ Zone? Try your luck with the classic probability
game “Chances”! Roll the digital dice and have fun! Test your knowledge with our “Dare to Compare”
feature and see how your score compares with students nationally and around the world. Hey, one more thing: Kids’ Zone also contains
an Educators’ Corner for your parents, teachers, and principals, or anyone interested in finding
education resources, guides, and tools. Now that you’re familiar with the Kids’ Zone,
let’s learn more about the people behind it… the National Center for Education Statistics or NCES… what is NCES? Well, just as a thermometer gives us accurate
and reliable information on temperature, NCES provides accurate and reliable data on education. NCES is a government agency that collects and analyzes education data in the United States and around the world, from early childhood (even babies!) to adulthood
(like your teachers, parents, and grandparents). NCES collects these data through surveys
and assessments. For example, maybe you’ve heard of the
“Nation’s Report Card”? This national report is from an NCES test called the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or NAEP. NAEP is an assessment of what American students
(like you!) know and can do in subjects like math, reading, art, and more. Like a good friend, NCES shares. We share our information with the public through
reports, data and interactive mapping tools, blog posts, social media, and more! NCES provides statistics that you can use to
help you decide where to go to college, which jobs are growing the fastest, or
to find out more about topics like bullying, charter schools, and test scores. Now that you’re an expert on NCES and Kids’ Zone, share your knowledge with your classmates,
teachers, and parents! Connect with NCES on social media today— tweet us the graphs you make or share photos of your class working together in the Kids’ Zone. See you at NCES Kids’ Zone today!

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