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Dear Electro-Sportfreunde, who today
we the KS14 for you. This is a 14 inch Wheel of King song, and we’ll have lately
already presented the KS18 and the special is that almost anything is possible in the KS14 what
is there also in KS18. This means that we have light, front and rear,
There is a Bluetooth module for music and for the app, like the KS18.
We also have a 10-digit battery indicator and the probe is an electronic course
Button, so can not while driving jump out. There is even the 4 Bluetooth speaker,
the only thing missing is the USB charging socket, but is not quite as bad, because presumably
few have loaded their smartphone it will. Unfortunately, we also have the same pedals,
which, although here changed something wonderful You do not, because I myself grooves a milled,
normally are but identical the KS18 and therefore not quite as
nonslip. We’ll see if Kingsong here nor does something would be nice if it so
as the Firewheel would, because there are the Pedals so the best. A 14 inch wheel – so that’s the same size,
as Airwheel X3, and as I have times a comparison for you. It is clear that it is the same tire size,
because housing is slightly larger at KS14, no wonder in the facilities, which must
somewhere will be accommodated, but before all, the large battery. Also again for comparison: the Firewheel
next as 16 inch wheel, so that you can classify wheel in size. How have here a 340 Wh battery – minimum
– Or the 754 Wh battery. The engine is just as strong as the KS18,
So 800 watts rated power and 3000 watts peak. Top speed also is 30 km / h
which is actually a bit too fast for a 14 inch wheel and after the test
let’s see if we ever so quickly want to drive or be. There are also 3 warning levels that can be adjusted
can and as a final warning to the pedal-tilt, which means the pedals come up
as a final warning. The warning levels at KS14 are as follows
signals: Level 1 by a double,
Level 2 is a triple beep, Level 3 is always repeating signal, Level 4 – is your
Rocker-speed means pedal-tilt, the pedals So incline on your toes to
above and you indicate that the wheel is now at the limit. What we will show you today again,
are the 3 driving modes, Play Mode, Study Mode and Ride mode, ie how much the wheel
inclines when you drive off or brakes. Here are the different operating modes: as
we have first the Play Mode, the is the hardest mode, because the tendency
Rad hardly. Next, the Ride mode, that’s the middle step and it leans
a bit more and lastly the Study mode, which is the
softest mode. The KS14 weighs 12.6 kg with the 340Wh battery. The controls: We have here the
Charging socket, the light sensor, the switch to turn off the light or off
Device in Bluetooth mode, the flashlight function to activate and of course the Bluetooth button. The tire is optional here nice,
Housing is not too deep, so you can hardly put, which is nice.
The pedals have a very nice defined Start and end point and why this is so,
I show you here: as you can see well, that here built below a leaf-spring
is. The there are no other wheel. Even from within us the KS14 with its
very good quality convinced among two side covers are extra rubber seals
installed and also the wheel arch is with silicone sealed, that is, when it rains you are
Here relatively safe on the road and such seals there is not even the Ninebot that
yes hitherto always been considered a measure of all things. We are here so consistently positive surprise
and applies to all Kingsong. Speed ​​test with the KS14, it may as mentioned
30 km / h drive. Oh – we are already at 25 km / h. But please keep tuned in such a small
Wheel: 30 km / h ride is pretty dangerous, so if you really ago
you, please, only with protective clothing and own risk, we would here only now
prefer not to drive faster. Now we come to Kingsong app, which is very
simple design, we have the top Part our speedometer with mileage
the device at all, including the Mileage, Since switching on the device, speed
represented as a number and how long the device is turned on. Then we have the voltage,
Temperature and current display. On the speaker you can press the button and get a signal
the uni, the one with the right wheel connected is.
The Running mode means how hard the device responding when you brake or accelerate.
Play Mode is the hardest mode, the Ride mode more comfortable and the Study of Fashion
softest. On the gears we come in the settings:
Level Calibration is an adjustment the inclination of the device, as found in the
Instructions of the instruments, read more in the manual. Setting for Speed ​​Limited: this setting
is very beautiful, here you can adjust, the date from which comes alarm. Rocker Speed:
Here one can adjust what come up the pedal. You can adjust everything easily this.
To confirm you have then always “sure” to press. Settings per se, which is a free Unlock Code,
for those who do not, the first 100 km, want to wait and your bike earlier
want to unlock at 30 km / h. Your device is connected.

7 thoughts on “Kingsong KS 14 C Test – SUB DE EN ES RU

  1. I have had my KS14C 800 watt motor with 680Wh battery for 9 months now. I go all over rough terrain and inclines with no problem. Not as pretty as the KS16's though. If I were to get another EUC, I would get the KS18. I highly recommend the KS14C!!

  2. As someone new to electric wheels I'd be very interested in a video explaining how the wheel size affects handling and driving experience.

  3. This kingsong model suddenly halted or freewheeled on me while cruising on a straight and level sidewalk. Not sure how fast I was going but the beeping was on and off. With almost full battery it just tilted forward without control in other words it freewheeled until the front scratched the ground and threw me off. Dislocated shoulder, fractured arm , etc etc. Very painful experience thanks to a FAULTY product.

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