Kofi Annan – Davos Debates 2009

>>Kofi Annan: Thank you my young friend for
your very good question. The leaders here are also concerned about
Africa and that’s one of the reasons that I’m here. And we will talk about development
in Africa, education, health and the question of how the economic crisis impacts in Africa,
and what we are going to do to ensure that the poor people in Africa do not suffer, and
that the development progress that we’ve made is sustainable. We are also going to talk about food and agriculture;
how we assure food security for the continent. So Africa would be very much part of the process
here and I tell you I am here as your ambassador so you can relax. Thank you very much.

49 thoughts on “Kofi Annan – Davos Debates 2009

  1. If all the under two year olds in Africa are sleeping under bed nets then they must be very clever. We should give them laptops and wimax.

  2. if there was a world dollar that when spent on international companies and corporations that a share like a tax was a "bought dividend" of that company and of its shares we could merge capitalism to include a faith in a dollar that was "earth bound" or "world dollared" and therefore a share would belong to the individual. An incentive for the unification process you all talk about but wont involve your selves in. I believe people have the right to ownership. the people must be involved.

  3. see below first…. its not socialism because these shares would belong to the people, individually. transferable threw a banking system and the imagination can go wild on all the possibility's of formats of sustainable governing. but people would be involved when they choose a product like say a can of soda, you would buy a share in soda, tin and chemical research.. think tanks and such the circle would finally be complete or at least possible. you want a boost to the economy well here it is

  4. This will not only save the economy if any one is interested, it will forge a strong capitalistic democracy. imagine in 11 year of cycled shares back to the people to be spent at there company's of interest, saving would like being lazy or unproductive if done by just holding money, people would have to be involved. luxury items would be irresponsible spending and company's would have to market there ethics and and business savvy instead of sex and catchy lines on TV and the internet. trust us!

  5. Sorry Kofi, but the U.N. props up the I.M.F. while it doles out peanutbutter and breadcrumbs. Giving crumbs while stealing gold, diamonds, and more valuable food crops as the people starve and beg for what is rightfuly theirs. We need a new UN outside elite control.

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  7. Yea you all right… Bunch of haters.
    Maybe his son took advantage of his situation, but that alone doesn't make him the devil.
    Some people also seem to say it's his fault if america went to Irak without anyone's consent. That's being a little too cool with George W..

    If he really didn't want to change things, he wouldn't even be present in Davos. Think about it before judging someone who has done more to try and better things than you, safe behind your keyboard.

  8. it is nice that ppl are doing things like this. but just hope the ppl who run any non profit orgs aren't milking ppl's money.. ie look into how much Red cross CEO makes. not even red cross, you have other much smaller orgs, the boards make so much.
    even though it is nice, ppl donate, but please look out for those greedy ppl.
    i agree with Chuckcoster.
    eklectric, we are not haters. we are realistics. get it right!

  9. How can the rich people in Africa(Especially those from Europe) site back and watch its native people suffer? We keep watching the same process occur over and over again. People colonize>in turn disease>in turn war>then hunger>in turn the death and eventual annihilation of dear natives. When will all of this stop? It happened to America, it happened to Australia, it's happening to Africa. When will people stop worrying about expansion and start considering the impacts on fellow human beings?

  10. especially those from europe?? europeans in africa are treated terrible, and have all but been asked to outright leave. Africa's problems are African.

  11. Then why are they there exactly? Were they also treated horribly during times of apartheid? Africa's problems are opportunistic people that would exploit their resources and prevent them from using it themselves.

  12. yeah..i can see that..but if i were on his shoes id strive to look good too..especially that the first level of judgments that people throw are always on what meets the eye..wat u think?? hee looks good on those suits though

  13. if white people didn't steal our Gold Africans would have been better off. Dat why they should hlp. I bet even ( Iraq) embassador is at da debate.

  14. Yo ! Kofi baby !! How's your son doin' ? I heard he became quite wealthy doing some shenannegans with the old 'Food for Oil' deal that was goin' on w/ Ol' Saddam. What say we do an all out probe into his financial dealings & open up a few of those Swiss Bank accounts for public scrutiny ? You did very well in your term to try to bring about the New World Order. But it ain't ever gonna happen. God Bless America !

  15. Instead of using profanity to achieve an insummountable task of convincing a religious fanatic that jesus does not exist. Try leading him to do research about the origins of the bible and the fact that Roman Catholicism is spawned from the Nicene Council and not from the words of Christ himself. Maybe then you might sound less crazy and become less repugnant. Don't stoop to his level and don't pretend to be so high and mighty. we are all human its your job to awaken them as some1more informed.

  16. Midnight8723 I would have no problem with your ideas if they had even the slightest ring of truth. However, look at the problem in Rwanda. Belgian settlers separated Hutus and Tutsie because they found one looked more European, marked it on their passport and gave power to the Tutsie. Hutus eventually rebelled in that sense by the genocide that occured. Meanwhile the Belgians quietly left the country, took all their white counterparts and Bill Clinton was babbling about acts of genocide.

  17. 13anjowizard review your history. Guess why Africans dont like Europeans?Slavery ring a bell?Or perhaps their racist views that lead to the problems in Rwanda?They should be more accepting yes. But thats like asking someone to stay in your home after they killed your entire family and half the village.

  18. its weird everytime i try to post a reply comment to a certain individual it gets blocked. but anyone else and it seems to work…hmm

  19. LMAO. without Egypt Rome would have never achieved what they did. Without Rome none of the paristitic principles bread by a capitalism would have ever existed. History is not the truth. Your world is still flat. Centuries after Eratostenese calculated the diameter of the Europeans still thought it was flat,and to think, hisory is written from the perspective of the Europeans.Your perspective is shaped by your paradigm which was born out of missinformation. history from a white racist perspective

  20. Therein lies the problem. The history that was recorded by Europeans is what we follow an analyze more than that of the foundations of society. Much in the way that the United States uses its power to "protect its interests", information has been "protected" by Europeans. The information is there you just aren't looking at it. Let me just give the example of how the early popes stamped out the circulation of some religious texts after the Nicene council. The information war is old…

  21. To atart with, the western world will never relent on his hiddin agenda to continue to deprive Africa, we dont need your aid in Africa..cause your aid continue to be a curse instead of helping Africans. If you they really want to help (Western world) why dont they invest in African talents and open Trade for Africa to have access to self empowerment? Today in UK and other western countries Charity organisation is the fastest growing industries, they make millions of Pound, Dollars and Euros.cont

  22. African countries kept begging for help from the westerns when truthfully they should help themselves first. Those westerns are not gonna give "help" without having any benefits for themselves..The HIV/AIDS problem, among many others remains to be one long painful fight and it saddens me because that problem could be traced back to the society.

  23. @Yefra707 .. he was quite useless, but the americans did not help, remember they git brned in somalia and were to scared to go in , i think we were ALL to blame

  24. It seems like he's reading the captions on this video. Like a teleprompter =P
    But yes hope the world can live together for a better future.

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