Laser Keyboards – Do they REALLY shoot first?

The accepted wisdom for a long time has been that if you want a truly enthusiast class typing or gaming experience you need a mechanical keyboard and with features like superior build quality, satisfying tactile feedback, and quicker response times perhaps there was only one thing that could actually have made them even better, and that would be FREAKIN LASER BEAMS [Intro] – Song : Lazlo Supernova Ek water blocks is all aluminum fluid gaming line-up offers great custom grade water cooling performance for an affordable price learn more at the link in the video description Optical key switches like the ones that we are looking at today promise extremely quick response times and shorter actuation distances than popular mechanical key switches from manufacturers like cherry but for some reason they remain a niche item the fact that the big boys of current keyboard manufacturing like Corsair and Logitech haven’t picked them up yet, probably isn’t helping So we turned to Bloody, Tesoro, and Wooting, the only three companies We could find that are currently incorporating them into their keyboards to see if this technology has a bright future let’s start with a quick look at how they work currently there are two main types of optical switches one uses a plunger that blocks a beam of light and when the key is pressed, A gap in the plunger moves down and allows the light beam to hit a sensor that registers a key press Two of our keyboards the Bloody B720 and the Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum use this process with the bloody switches branded as a light strike Uhhh Abbreviated as Lk for some reason. while the Tesoro uses swappable switches from, Gator on? Gatar on? Guitur on? Either way both keyboards incorporate waterproofing as well a nice value for you Mountain dew fanatics the second main type flare tech the second main type flare tech Instead uses an upwards firing beam to determine how far downward the key has been pressed meaning instead of simply registering a key as pressed or not the keyboard can instead register a Partial key press similar to how an analog trigger on a game controller can be pushed only partway down To accelerate a little bit more slowly than a full press in a driving game so our third keyboard the wooting one is available with these flare tech switches in two flavors Red Linear Switches or Lu Clicky ones which are user swappable and we’ll start with a closer look at this one Wooting actually markets this granular level of input sensitivity control as Analog. Which is not, technically correct because the keyboard is really just registering one of 256 Distinct States of pushed down-ness but for the sake of helping users Understand the tech we see why they did this and in practice the action is very smooth I doubt that most users would actually even be able to notice the difference let’s Demonstrate how this works with Forza 3, here you can see how pushing down the Keys that are mapped to the steering wheel only partway Results in a much more gradual turn while a gentler throttle press also allows finer control of our acceleration Neat, huh? You’ll also find a surprising amount of customizability in Wooting one software package Which is called, and no do not adjust your headphones You heard me right WOO-TILITY, not only can you remap keys to functionality like triggers on a gamepad, but you can set up multiple analog Profiles with different sensitivity curves since you might want the keys to react differently depending on whether you’re Piloting a tank in Battlefield or controlling a soccer player slash Footballer in Fifa something to note Is that this analog functionality doesn’t actually Kick in until after the two millimeter actuation distance which is similar to most cherry Mx switches So while Wooting is looking into the ability to build a hair-trigger capable version in the future, For now the WOOTILITY can only be used to make the actuation distance longer if you prefer less sensitivity in something like a turn-based game or if you’re just typing and of course all this additional functionality doesn’t mean the Wooting one is automatically the best Option in every scenario, let’s move on to the Bloody B720 its LK Switches Lack the Fancy analog functionality, but it boasts a very short actuation distance of 1.5 millimeters the shortest of any of the keyboards in our roundup to see if there’s a tangible benefit we had our resident CSgo wizard etzel test out each of the Keyboards and while he didn’t feel that the Wooting or Tesoro were appreciably different from Common Cherry Mx reds He really liked the quick response of the Bloody saying that while The difference wasn’t huge it. Definitely was noticeable kind of like going from a 144 to a 240 Hertz monitor in his words And we didn’t even tell him the actuation point specs before he tried it out So give Bloody some credit here there claimed to have the world’s fastest key response Might just be true at least when comparing to other optical solutions the Mx speeds claim a slightly shorter Actuation distance at one point two millimeters and although edsel didn’t think this made a difference in game Responsiveness he did think the LK Switches were a bit heavier So keep that in mind if you use a light touch on your keyboard and this leads us into our impressions of overall Build quality and Usability in our opinion the wooting one walked away the clear winner in this department its deck is quite rigid which often indicates A well-made keyboard and it’s understated brushed finish and Subtle logo at the bottom gives a higher-end appearance not to mention I really liked how this thing felt under my fingers it was soft But in a good way Kind of like typing on boobs for whatever. It’s worth and then when you use the clicky switches It was sharp and satisfying the bloody with its giant Blood-soaked logo on the other hand practically screams we tried to make this look as gamer as possible at any cost and The keys felt a bit mushy for my liking though edy didn’t seem to mind so that’s something to note and the build quality overall seemed solid if unexceptional Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the Tesoro I was able to twist the keyboard way too much even with a minimal amount of torque maybe that’s what they meant by break the rules at $92 it isn’t a bad piece of hardware it just simply doesn’t do anything better than the other two the money however presents an interesting alternative to Mx speed switches Thanks to its very competitive price of 75 bucks US the Wooting one is by far the most interesting One we checked out today possessing a unique feature set with Solid build quality and customized ability, but I would probably only shell out the 160 euros it will cost you if the games you play specifically benefit from their pSeudo analogue functionality or if you want a typing experience that matches your tacky mouse mat If you were to go get tunnel bear right now You could actually have it turned on and working by the time I finish telling you why it’s awesome it is that simple to use you basically press one button and Boom! your connection is secured and your online activity is kept private from your internet provider Advertisers and the websites that you use and of course there’s the added benefit of being able to select any country you want So you can use websites and online services like streaming video players as though. You are from a different country Tunnel there has a top rated privacy policy and does not log your activity and you can even try it for free to experience what a more open internet might be like with 500 megabytes of Data with no credit card required and then once you choose to get a year of unlimited data You can save 10% on that by going to Thanks for watching guys if this video sucked. You know what to do because awesome Get subscribed to the like button hit the bell if you want to Incessantly see every single video we ever released your phone and your desktop and everything. It’s a good way to keep track of everything We’re doing if you want to see stuff to buy check out the link in the video description There’s an Amazon link down there, and there’s also a merch store link for some cool shirts that aren’t this one Anyway, yeah check out this video. Which is Seeing the first video. I ever made which was on my own and it never got uploaded anywhere And it was on a ducky keyboard from like way back my mom filled It filmed it on a flip hd camera in our kitchen at the time see you later

100 thoughts on “Laser Keyboards – Do they REALLY shoot first?

  1. that technology isnt being fully utilized. why not make switches that act as joysticks as well as switches? this is the future, and ill be buying one definitely. hope Logitech makes one…..

  2. "typing on boobs" he says… interesting comparison -_-
    maybe i should get a laser projection keyboard and try that O_o

  3. I need a keyboard that is made properly.

    Left side for the number pad – why it was EVER put on the right is insanity.

    Next the plastic that makes up the holder to the post, I can break within three months – Logitech and Kingston not cheap keyboards I shred keys.

    Key SPACING is a nightmare as most keys are too close and not at angles that fingers, especially damaged ones, can press easily.

    Keyboards are not being made correctly, not a single one, and that's SAD.

  4. I used to have one of those mousepads with boobies on it. Only problem is that after a while it gets so dirty that the boobs are just brown censor bars.

  5. I'm a cheap ass so i got an outemu blue 25 bucks mechanical keyboard, but i cant lie it feals good its just soo fucin load


  7. To be honest, wooting one's claim is somewhat correct as the input "is" analog as the sensor outputs between 0~5V, it's just these are interpreted by the 8bit controller…

  8. There are a lot of good keyboards now with 1ms response time, that I think is more than enough already. Like do these people realize how fast 1ms is already? And then this Lol.

  9. who cares? mechanical is stil mechanical.. noisy piece of junk.. Blue or Red, doesn't matter.. Will NEVER get a mechanical keyboard again.

  10. i have to wonder why resident CS:GO player was sweeping the mouse across the table and barely moving the character… it seems like the mouse senstivity was all the way down

  11. this is actually lit. i dont like using a keyboard in games like gta 5 because when i press a key im immediately turning all the way. I actually like the idea of the first keyboard he reviewed

  12. I have a fully holographic laser keyboard, it’s really good, but it’s so small, so I use an Razer Ornata Chroma

  13. Every analog control mechanism is discrete at the lowest level. A computer has no way to process an infinite number of variation, there has to be a point where digital differentiation kicks in. It’s basic integration calculus.

  14. ………….Years later………Nothing changes lol. HALO took 20 years off from PC gaming so we never needed the wooting. But now we do lol

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