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[LOU] Yeah, I don’t know how many
suicide bombers are like, “Before I blow myself up,
I gotta talk to my lawyer to make
sure this is okay.” (music) I remember a case that involved
humanitarian legal groups that were providing legal advice
for terrorist organizations. Now, the legal advice wasn’t about helping the terrorists get away with terrorism. Rather, it involved finding ways for
them to resolve problems peacefully. So what was the ruling on that? [BARRY] Yeah, so this case actually
arose when a lawyer from Los Angeles put together a group to
advise terrorist organizations on how they could try to resolve
the disputes that they were fighting about or committing
terrorist acts about through peaceful
international law mechanisms. And the federal government
prosecuted—or at least threatened
to prosecute if they kept doing it— this group under what’s called the
material support statute, which prohibits Americans
from providing material support
to terrorist activities, including counseling activities. The humanitarian law group
brought a challenge to the Supreme Court saying
to apply that material support statute to us for our peaceful speech activities violates our First Amendment rights. And in a fairly divided decision,
the conservatives basically said, “Look, this is a law that usually
we would strike down because it’s basically telling groups
what they can say and
what they can’t say.” But here’s one of the few cases
where the court actually, the conservatives actually
upheld the speech restriction. But then the argument was, well,
but how is keeping groups from providing advice on
resolving these disputes peacefully, how is that advancing the cause
of fighting terrorism? And the response was, “Well, you know, money is fungible, and if these groups are providing free advice, that means that the terrorists
don’t have to spend resources on acquiring that kind of advice.” [LOU] And they could be
spending it on terrorism. [BARRY] And they could move
the money to spend on terrorism, but that ignored the fact that
most terrorist organizations wouldn’t be spending resources
on getting advice like this to resolve their
disputes peacefully. [LOU] Yeah, I don’t know how
many suicide bombers are like, “Before I blow myself up,
I gotta talk to my lawyer
to make sure this is okay.” [BARRY] So the conservatives said that, they also said that the
legal groups were sort of adding legitimacy to
terrorist organizations, and so for those reasons,
they thought that calling speech, this sort of counseling activity,
material support was fair enough
for the government to do. [LOU] Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed our video. If you have any questions about the First Amendment or free speech in general, let us know in the comments. And be sure to subscribe to our channel, and make sure to click the little bell icon so you get notified anytime we release a new video.

20 thoughts on “Legally Speaking: Can you give terrorists legal advice? | We The Internet TV

  1. Yeah , sure terrorists are going
    to go to lawyer to help them get away with terrorism! But they do thanks Obama !

  2. Can you cover speaking agaisnt or planning to overthrow the government? I heard it's not protected, which I find very ironic because that's the whole reason why we have the 2nd amendment also, to overthrow a tyrannical government if needed. By the way I'm not planning on or suggesting this! Just asking about it and it's constitutionality(I don't wanna get locked up!)

  3. Asking the questions I never knew I wanted to know the answers too. Thanks for these great shorts, I always learn so much 😊

  4. Great (serious) video. Glad you brought that issue to the fore, people should know. Probably one of the most deplorable SCOTUS decisions ever. Thx.

  5. It's not up to the court to say what's bad policy, only what's lawful. Just because the restraint is stupid doesn't make the decision wrong.

  6. A terrorist by definition will not be swayed by legal advice. Those lawyers are idiots. Great video. I literally had never heard about this band of lawyers. Lmao. Every time I think about it I chuckle. So thank you for a 😎 informative funny day.

  7. The reason it was deemed illegal was most likely because those lefty lawyers would have provided legal aid to those terrorists against American prosecution.

  8. That's terrible. They are creating a loophole in the constitution. All the government needs to do to silence someone is to say that they are terrorist, and "terrorist" is define by the government.

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