Light in the darkness | Swedish Lucia Tradition

Night walks with a heavy step Round yard and house As the sun departs from earth, Shadows are brooding. Dreams of wings rustling over us in prophesy, Light your white candles, Saint Lucia. Spells and dark powers with light you subject. Guard of the blessed flames protection for us brings. Dreams of wings rustling over us in prophesy, Light your white candles, Saint Lucia. Stars that lead us the way to find, become your clear flares, fair priestess. Dreams of wings rustling over us in prophesy, Light your white candles, Saint Lucia. Dreams of wings rustling over us in prophesy, Light your white candles, Saint Lucia.

100 thoughts on “Light in the darkness | Swedish Lucia Tradition

  1. Have you ever heard a story where theres a ghost at night that they lure you with them singing if she was one of them i would have loved to follow her without caring🖤❤️

    Love watching your videos makes me wanna run in those amazing place screaming and crying a truely wonderland no way to explain keep doing what you are doing wanna write so much but speechless to it…
    Love You A Lot Jonna😊😊

  2. Your calm beauty is exactly what the world needs right now. Thank you for sharing it with us. You give a lot of us peace and hope, please never stop. So much love from the USA.

  3. Привет, Я из России , мое имя Максим , ты очень душевная, сильная и мудрая девушка. Почитать традиции особенно такие это очень замечательно и прекрасно , защиты тебе , счастья и благополучия , я полностью поддерживаю и мне действительно тепло на душе от того , что есть еще такие люди как ты )

  4. Son sueños divinos, conciencia primordial infinita, espande mis memorias ala profundidad de la luz, bendice mi espiritu, ángeles de proteccion, entren en mi mantras dimencionales guardianes de la sabiduría espiritual, mensajes divinos

  5. snälla lägger undertexter i portugisiska Brasilien, jag är brasiliansk men jag använder min tangentbordöversättare, jag älskar dina videor och naturen också

  6. Light in the darkness seems like the story of a light bearer to me, dawn of the evening or star of the night. If only I knew the deeper meaning of such never unheard song 🤔

  7. Музыка самое то, чтобы убиться "хмурым" и отъехать к праотцам)))))

  8. She is not human. I feel like she is the decendant of Mother Nature or something.

    If there is something I didn't spell right let me know

  9. Omg i just found her channel and her videos are so calming and amazing. Dang, if it was me i think I’d accidentally trip and burn myself or something 🙁

  10. ♥️ You bring the light to my heart, Jonna. No matter what kind of difficult circumstances you have to face, you always get an artistic, beautiful result. You bring joy into my life by taking me into your magical world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Es tan atrapante tu forma de cantar,me encanta❤
    Curiosamente me llamo Lucía, nací el 13 de diciembre y con problemas de visión.
    Te encontré,para quedarme.❤

  12. Keşke videolarda Türkçe altyazıda olsa.Videolarınızı severek takip ediyorum.Bir ilham perisi gibi seriliyorsunuz ruhuma💙💙

  13. Спасибо за русские субтитры. Вы необыкновенное чудо. А ваша жизнь как сказка. В это трудно поверить,что человек может добровольно отказаться от цивилизации и так слиться с природой!



  15. You seem so at peace with the universe, so in touch it’s a wonder you are able to do this. Me and my friend have often receive visions and messages from the universe/ signs. At times we talk to spirts, and I am looking for guidance. We both sense that something is wrong in the universe and that the nature spirits are growing ever angry at what grief humans are causing. Please give me direction on what actions to take, I need to take action before it’s to late.

  16. My Grandma is Swedish and taught me about Saint Lucia when I was very young. Every year around Christmas time I dress up in a white gown with a wreath of candles on my head to deliver pastries to my grandparents in bed. This video makes my day 🙂

  17. That sound of the wind in the background is so soothing.
    I don't wanna stop watching it….feel like listening to it the whole day

  18. your videos make me wanna move to sweden even more!!!

    i’ve wanted to live there since 4th grade it’s always been so beautiful to me

  19. If i could show everyone on earth one thing, it would be this. Thank you for bringing us into your magic world❤️

  20. Are you sure ur not an angel? Cuz u could be. It's always a pleasure to see ur videos or hear u sing or simply talk even. There's this unconditional peace and happiness and serenity in you which gets shown in your work,takes me ( and many others I presume) to a different dimension. A place where goodness rules. Angel or not, ur a blessing to us all. All the best for your future. Sending you loads of love all the way from India.♥️

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