LIVE STREAM!! Might Cash Slot Machine HUGE WIN ! Ultimate Fire Link Big Win

Cubano scratch sorry bout that hey Jenny how are you my friend thanks for joining one second please let me other my other viewers also change you mean one second this is a half-witch I think I have to change my songs and to wipe on this I have this issue often so here we go guys let's go it's a wonderful image and I just use my $75 free play and let's see what we will get here and then I will put my thousand dollar cash all right come on baby nice it has got the full screen alright that was a note man this is a just heart $63.00 and here we go yeah I just totally free play this is a awesome for sure now let me try five sandy Nam and I will make a five dollar value thank you again everyone for joining to my late night live scene I really appreciate that that's the outstart it would be we got $225 guys that was awesome for whiny this is a great only 25 bucks it will be really awesome if I don't use anything except this free plate which was only $75 come on mighty cash where is the power of your bonus just please let me know if we have a good quality I want to make sure that quality is good all right I suppose I just use my own data so I hope it will be good picture hey come on let's make a 750 bit starlene hit on a supercharged good like ng thank you so much darling I appreciate that my friend now I am doing night now 750 bed it's a five-cent dynamic we need to hear five four more mighty cash symbol or three the other side to get the free games come on keep it right here man come on baby let's do it yeah we got it guys nice get another one that's a good one it's a 750 babe 800 think is for joining to my YouTube sponsorship I really appreciate that this is an awesome 750 bed and 16 free game and oh that's a good one 360 bucks Wow $360 that's a huge line OMG OMG haha Wow I just started $75 free play guys $75 oh my god I can't believe this rich eager baby come on a mighty chest it is the power of your mighty cash future let's get it baby we have a 11 more free game that should bring me good luck 11 thank you Richard and thank you everyone for all your good luck wishes we need a hashtag energy for mighty cash future oh yeah we got it guys we got it and we have a two question mark which is really awesome now let's see what we'll get come on I'm pay on the way as gets a two major jackpot that's the smallest number c CS p $2 super-jumping you so much I appreciate that it's okay guys we got the boot numbers here we go here we go let's get the big one major maxi actually is the good one come on my powerful subscribers see that likes button all right see future let's go further yeah I got a 3-1 that's a good one come on night see meaning of course I can't miss this meeting and lets me oh the connection is madbull hey guys please refresh your device if it's not good because it shows good here I really refresh after the bonafide young fool come on another mighty test Hector a five-dollar super chat good job and you can get so much Hector I appreciate that a mighty cash let's get to one more my friend one more please come on Jay another one let me refresh the Internet guys give me one second princess just give me a one second my friends and here we go let's go let's see what we will get here come on give me Buddha one come on baby Maxie jackpot ROTC major/minor Oh it is 75 phrases that is the worst one [Applause] let's go everybody hey my powerful subscribers where is your support – ng where is your like scene that likes water yeah we got to match the jackpot hundred sixty-five now we needed to get that fullscreen full stream will be table mini is $50 all right three for speed come on my friend we need a four more to get you Joey oh man last mean let's go poor screen Oh No all right let me pick this one all right not bad hopefully we can get that full screen baby come on full screen phone no that would be jacket come on man once it is luxe for dollar super childhood like mg get that ham hey thank you so much varsity sports I appreciate that hopefully I will get Wow I can believe that I get to all those rings only with $75 we are really close to get the jackpot on tape if you get the one more mighty cash that will be jacked up for more free games come on mighty cash show me the power of your jacket on page [Applause] force me yeah we got it guys we got a mighty cash no it's three trigger nice pregame hopefully this will be jackpot on page during my life scene with $75 free playing let's do it baby seven more free game come on reach and reach hashtag inches love for hunt a jackpot from all my friends oh man we have to get that jackpot baby a recap my teachers three more speed pretty girl oh man come on boobies Oh No and last Lucky's been oh man that was awesome one guys 1031 dollar and 34 sent almost Jack Vuitton tea yes and I did it only with $75 back to the screen let's try a couple more spin on this one the machine is really hard that's right do you have $100 on this one and I will play another game I would say this is a awesome let's go to 10 sandy Nam and $5 where are John marks but is $50 I don't want to bet so why today I just want to have a fun come on all right come on by for morphine and I will try another game fortunately these last ten dollar super Chaput job Angie thank you so much for tchen it ladies laughs I appreciate that hey guys make sure to check out fortunate ladies last channel she has a lot of great hump a jackpot all right and once been just in case shush out from this 1000 $81 now let me try another game yeah yeah this is my car is mine take me to my supervisor okay and sloughed manager oh sorry guys just give me one second please no I don't know cuz it's a two years I'm playing here I'm so sorry guys that is really route by your side sir let us stop my lesson yeah that is not your job I just give you my credit card number when it comes to doing video I am recording the floor I can record this recording my own game I am recording my own game on when I am walking back or recording the floor this is the my player car please take a picture of my player card and they talked with supervisor and slot man yes okay thank you thank you so much please I'm gonna get it yeah yeah no worries you moving your hand okay all right okay I'm here I'm live now it feels like I am working on the recording the floor I don't record any get there I know everything I am recording here two years okay check sorry my friends I'm sorry about that that's sometimes they don't know me so it's okay and let me try I want to try a rise in fortune just give me one second actually you know what I'm gonna try mighty cash cuz we had a good start on my Takeshi okay classic I will start on mighty cash sorry one more time for taking your time with talking this super wire security and here's a progressive jackpots and I'm gonna make a 750 bit both jackpots are really super high major is 1600 Maxie 1200 let's try to get another Maxie jacket on this one and no worries guys it's okay I don't care about that I'm a prohibition from his boss and slot machines manager from marketing from everyone you know what let's make a $5 750 and $10 a mighty gosh where is the power of your bonus come on baby Wow 650 people watching come on one more please let's do it one more oh man those minis were $200 it was $500 there hey what's up Banzai a [Applause] mighty cash we are here to enjoy your power bonus my friend come on my friend let's go to a 5mp Nam and 625 marks with oh lucky lady $20 super chair thank you so much like lady just simple $20 super you're awesome about $56 I need a gym alone thank you my friend I just talked with $75 free play and now I am up 950 dollar a mighty charge hey $2 supercharged good luck bro thank you so much Dave now let's go to test and UNAM and 750 bit I want to get that Maxie jackpot 1200 pages Tina $5.00 suture good luck Andy thank you so much Tina thank you for all your great support much appreciated alright you know what I'm gonna make a five five dollar and 1250 bit okay so I am doing $5 and 1250 marks there's abuse that they don't make any construction here I don't know I didn't see anything I'm a Pechanga casino now more ago all right couple more speed Christine Morrison $5 sepulcher good luck this is so much briefing come on baby get it right here one Lord diplom $5 supercharged thank you so much Jimmy and last me all right actually one was maybe 250 cash out guys $800 a plunger thank you for joining victory $5.00 super chatting Q so much guys you're awesome I really appreciate for all your support all right so give me a second I want to try I would like to play let me see with ultimate fire Lee I will try ultimate in Victoria two dollars to to chat wishing you the best power of your bonus thank you so much Victoria I appreciate for all your great support you are awesome okay so what image file link is the other side and I think they have a now they have a denomination so I can play up to ten cents I think so just let me check so there's a one walk hard all right yes you can't wait up – hey Santino that is great before they didn't have anything and we see how much the pipes and announce major now thanks and Deena okay so I will play pants and UNAM it's 20 lines actually a PC to send me now here we go sorry 10 alright guys so let's go $6 wait hey guys please just refresh your page the quality will be good and here we go so you know we have to get a more fireballs or we have to get a cheat and go no single on second curtain for three minis hundred seventy four dollars minor 411 and major 2,600 come on baby get it on no let's go to the violin future a mighty cash let's go to five cent and $10 marks wet wipes and always was my lucky day nomination hopefully it can be lucky today also [Applause] hey my friends if that likes bottom 770 people watching and we have only 250 pipelines yeah let's get that that pilot was richer with Allen supercharged don't you Richard I am sure your two languages will bring me powerful bonus and if you are new year please make sure to subscribe my channel I'm going to make a $31,000 slide challenge for you in August from August 1st to 31 you will enjoy 31 different episodes with $1,000 flop play and $19,000 for premiere scene so I will make a total $50,000 budget slot wait for you only for my powerful subscribers and viewers thank you tone alone I appreciate that come on baby it has given us five new bonus let's say five little bit all right $96 line hey hey what's up we sent a I just created emoji today it's a good job ng come on oh so close two more spin on this one and I will try on another okay I will try this one oh it's the same yeah it's the same machine that it's okay let's try another one I want to get the bonus on this one and again arts and and five of it here you go fire link I'll show me the power of your bonus to my friend new machine new bonuses hey Dan shaver what's up my friend thanks for joining thank you everybody for all your great support 820 people watching oh come on quietly wake up hey slut gifts how are you thanks for joining hey Niek what's up all right $10 box lid and three games all right I will try this one guys I want to play this China Street this is my favorite this one is my favorite fire here we go I love the Phrygians on this month because it gives up to 25 weeks multiplier I think okay I'm doing $10 mark sweat and here we go we sent a I had a lot of time good luck on 5:17 um so I want all my hump a jackpot I gotta with five cents so I want to keep playing with five cents hey guys yes during $0.10 it's a higher but I preferred 5:17 um because all my duty means I gotta one57 am so I prefer to play on this one and I got a $10 mark cicadas chirping another two dollars to purchase my favorite good thank you thank you so much and here we go $10 marks with bonus minor in Somali $38 many hundred bucks let's get that liquid baby yeah we can't get the jacket also it's a ten dollar multi-thousand come on we need a tree more oh yeah gimme hundred dollar for mini-jack yes another one oh yeah that would be good one come on life two more to get another 51 yes let's go finally I found that filing with payout yes another one that was a good one guys let's go baby all right we had the two more speed and lets me show me the power of your last name come on Oh No Queenie key one others too much' thank you oh we got the big lead I told you 5 sandy Nam is my lucky like a denomination why Fontaine $30 lucky lady $3 super think you lucky lady I appreciate that I love those new images on YouTube it's a new option it's really super fun and back to the spin hey what's up Kilauea slot now let's get to that free games if I get the free games I will pick that five game we have a for dislike and 247 like thank you for all those people who support me I really appreciated now let's try $0.10 be Nam and seek dollar bit actually you know what let's make something fun I will do $4 and $20 marksman let's go four and twenty four twenty hopefully it will be great one come on swelling let's get the $20 marks with bonus or 20 come on baby Jimmy long three dollar super shot thank you so much give me long oh nice bones I am happy for a whatsapp is not a filing let's do it man $20 bonus all right let's do $10 with we had the good luck on $10 so let's keep playing with $10 yay I stock OMG ng 10 digit up bonus I think we start with $750 on this one and let's see Oh No come on let's do it yeah show me the power of three games we missed that last one six our bed and sending them that you want to see all the wiggers $1 super child thank you my friends now let's try five sandy nam again and dollar box with oh man that would be so nice you wanna fire me let's make a $5 bill couple more rapid spin come on nice piece all right now $10 monster Oh No look at these huge numbers guys it would be over $200 just teasing me come on baby no worries I will don't give it back Jimmy long $2.00 approach' thank you so much Jimmy long thanks for all your super just my friend hey you'll be much funding where is the power of your bonus more free games $5.00 bit let's go to $0.10 and $6.00 on know why you are kissing like this I retract him $500 on this one and I will try another game shame on you quietly and last night we $2 bit okay cash out $500 and now I will try there is a G's dollar slot machine let's try on that one actually you see what I think gave me this they have a lovely machine here all right all men let me see this one they have so many machines here I will try new food I always love the tree let's go let me try this one I never play this game this is my first time new food ollie only this Pechanga a lot of new slot machines and let's go the MOSFET is $8 88 cents here we go 25 bucks I don't know what I have to get to here for vegans but I cake we have to get the key coins or yeah I think we have to get a few of those points for free gifts no this is a bye pal come on dolly let's enjoy those pregame this is my first time I think hey guys you don't want to keep that 500 likes come on YouTube doesn't charge anything for lights come on one more and let's try to find out major no more meaning for ng of course meaning oh yeah we got the good fortune free games all baby free games oh no envelope jasmine it's $100 [Applause] so that good fortune I thought it will be free game anyway it's a week alright ashtag show me the power of your hands together than three games come on [Applause] hey guys are you ready ready to enjoy $31,000 flood challenge in August I will make a lot of special videos for you from August 1st to August 31 I will do 31 episode of $8,000 way come on food Ellie wake up let's enjoy the freedoms baby hey babies come on good fortune I have to get that bonus come on yeah my guys got it guys I told you I have to get that bonus alright and here we go I want to see 500 likes before starting this bonus come on everybody hit that like button show me some no come on 500 likes for you g'wan big win baby I don't know what's going on here but I think it would be good one Oh come on good one we got the ones again let's get the deadwood fortune come on we have a to Murphy game and Betsy and that's lucky speak Wow I also feel really for the good movie Katie Mark Smith it was really nothing all right let's do a couple more screen and that's maybe back-to-back for us for more speed three more speed not a shaver come on baby [Applause] that could be really good one but no now I will try I've been try double blessings it's a little hard to get a good win on this one but I will try double blessing run jackpot is 12,000 and major is 999 29 here we go hey take him hugs just give me one second to refresh my internet please almost 1,000 people watching during this late night thank you everybody retro replay $2.00 super chat this looks good that was horrible indeed without the 1994 super chat and support my friends come on double listen let's get into three games so here is a bonus symbol we have to get a dis on the first second and third seed to get a bonus oh nice Congrats on your 37k Jaclyn yeah really I am surprised hey lucky was though oh man 35 that's a good one yes sorry about that internet wasn't good on this side I will go to the other side the ong $2 super child bonus please mugdha $2 super Chuck good like ng let's enjoy your winning year thank you so much maybe for all your great support you are super awesome oh thank you there's obvious lasting story come on double blessing let's enjoy that free games oh man that's a circus oh come on why are you not using like outlet bonus camp a really good on this one let's drop the thousand-dollar major check which L this is a really awesome cuz you know just sometimes any casino can has a root worker but casino is my favorite casino in California come on baby there is the power of your free games parchment bonus 5:28 wait that's right miss one 528 are to $2 supercharged thank you are zero and we got the pot let's peek together which one do you want I will kick my 11 favorite that's a meat hahahaha I pick my meaning and here we go come on hi everybody 12:3 we got the fear and before Hey 9 and meaning how and you find that last minute that was our fault all right back to the 880 marks with you can check in thank you bro and here we go yeah that many lows me it's okay sometimes they can just check and go and you say that you have a permission that should to live and if we are lying they will come back again and we got another one art I don't play at Somerville casino from 2007 in January and I will not make their meaning all those mini is just kidding me another one guys we got another cut all right this is your turn now stick I will take only 11 oh my gosh again mini I hate you mini okay this is your turn let's go let's pick together all right 312 we got the one age five now a fight tonight don't think that many guys that is so funny many shame on you give me those free gifts right now come on couple more spin on this one this is really hard to get the bonus I love this double blessing but it always was hard to get the bonus on this one I mean when you better marks well yeah it's always hard to get the three games Bogg I'm at Pechanga casino and another peek future come on major major and mini shame on you and three horsemen one cool and last like you speak shush out from here we have to get we have to find us some winning machine and I will try jeez now let's go jeez Dow Phoenix slot machine if you didn't check that with your please make sure I do that was a super awesome I will make a ten-cent Lina and 7:55 geez dogging it to the big bonus oh yeah come on baby free game give me that free game Oh miners we got some minor $250 Wow we got a big way no more mini Ferengi $370 we have to get the three of those on the last three reels together figures oh that would be so nice I love the bonus on this one I will make a 1250 bit $12.50 come on justo show me the power here bonus my friend come on three games let's enjoy that bonus hey guys you know what let's make a let's make 250 bib and $25 marks there let's go to 15 and 25 dollars here we go let's can we get something nice with this way come on just one free game come on my friend Richard $4 super chair good luck ng thank you so much richer come on cheese dough $25 box with bonus or big win oh man look at these numbers thank you clowns they are the job you sluts thank bonsai thank you to all my moderators I really appreciate guys for all your support all right let's go 1250 bit anyway top dragon eighty-seven dollars a free gifts very free games in the three of those come on owners all right Sam okay keep it come on dragon no we read cash out from peace lock all right everybody now let me try awfully build the last machine I will try popular go sorry guys here we go off level than the Marx Betty's oh man why dome is not working okay but that would be so nice I started working all right everybody let's go let me see if this one come on baby you doesn't have option to change the nomination on this gobbler go a buffalo let's get to the free games all right we got the free games good boy good boy I just asked let's get your free games on beat awarded good job here we go really the only 15 Godhead to get a big win it's super easy 15 gold a come on bottle o gold coins gold coins and less me where is the coins Buffalo come on Herbie $5 back to the spoon come on another one you should give me this to point during free games come on everybody in that next button is it really hard to show me some low with likes Wow where is my loyal viewers where's my loyal subscribers with their likes three more spin on this one and I will try another game shush out from Buffalo there is a whining one new machine that I didn't play it's a here it is let me play this the market on this one is 880 and I will make her a 30 mouth all right hey c'mon Smith I never played this game before and let's see what we have together for three games it's a wheel of prosperity so here's the bonus symbol we have to get the three of those on the second third and fourth wheel together three games come on baby this is my first time I'm playing this game let's get a bonus Oh that was so close Rios $77.77 super shot thank you so much Bruce I really appreciate that I have deep that liking numbers we will bring me good luck by the way guys this is a super awesome cleaner livestream because I start only with $75 free play I didn't use my cash so I have even a now I am winner I can't believe that I am playing so much with $75 only come on baby daniela this one has a 528 and 888 Montville so I love to play always with marks bet on these slot machines Harvick is my favorite yeah because sure bro all righty three more speed [Applause] five to an eight bit bless me all right actually that's it and here we go everybody we are live one hour ten minutes so I start with 75 $75 free play and we had a lot of fun we got a lot of policies and I didn't lose anything so that's it my friends house today and see you tomorrow during episode my episode have a good night everyone and ready weekend

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  1. Awesome NG…you’re $75 free play went a long way, enjoyed your choices of games, thank you👍🏼 you are the best:)) have a fantastic blessed night, much love and best of luck from Vegas 🎰🍀

  2. Omg NG.. another great live session. I like it that you don’t play max bet or high limit, you should play lower bets more often, still fun & it’s good to see the potential in small bets. Thank you!! I’ll join your Patreon next month, I tried last night but did something wrong…haha 🙂

  3. That security guard is rude and needs to learn customer service!! I give you so much credit for handling that situation like a true professional!

  4. Thanks for the late night live play brother good luck next time but you did very well with 75free play next you win big

  5. They should issue you a new players card saying you have permission from all the managers name and if a problem to call them. Just an idea.

  6. Wow security was getting crazy with you! Shame on them!!!! You handled that like a Boss! Power of NG!❣️🔥😎👏😂

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