LogicStream TV iPTV Review! (2019) The Best I've Tried Yet

what's going on guys my name is Wade with tech daily and in this video we'll be checking out another awesome IPTV service this time it's logic stream TV now I've had the opportunity to check out probably six or seven different IPTV services each with their own pros and cons but right off the bat let me just tell you what logic stream TV does really well that separates them from the crowd the overall user experience with logic stream TV is the fastest and smoothest interface I've used yet and furthermore they have the most extensive library of on-demand content I've seen with thousands of movies TV shows sports highlights and more readily available at the touch of a button if you're interested in checking out logic stream TV I'll of course have a link to their website down below or you can learn a bit more about what they offer and sign up if you're interested now if you aren't already familiar with IPTV it's basically getting the same channels and shows you would get for cable only you use your internet connection and a third party service instead and more often than not you'll likely be getting more channels and features for cheaper than you would be paying for cable and that's what makes these IPTV services so popular nowadays logic stream TV has a pretty straightforward pricing model twenty-five bucks a month and you can stream on up to four different devices it's a no contract no commitment pricing model you can cancel at any time and if you want to save some money you can sign up for three month subscription blocks for 70 bucks instead you can stream your shows and on-demand content from anywhere you have an internet connection on nearly any device logic stream TV works with the so player app on iOS and Android so really any smartphone or tablet is going to work here you can also stream using your laptop or computer on PC or Mac you can use a smart TV as well but for the best experience at home I'd recommend grabbing an amazon firetv stick you can use the included Alexa remote to change channels adjust the volume and anything else you need and with this it's basically a one-step install for getting the logic stream TV service on any of your home TVs with the Amazon fire TV stick setup you just need to have the downloader app installed and type in the logic stream TV short URL to download so player on here it's really straightforward and I'll include a link to an install guide down below if you want to see this setup from start to finish after the so player app is installed on any of your devices you just need to type in your PIN code or username and password as well as the provider ID and all that information is given to you when you sign up for the service after setup is finished this is what the logic stream TV interface looks like on the fire stick and right away you're gonna notice like I said that this is a very snappy very straightforward interface on the bottom you've got just four options live TV on-demand movies and other content your channel guide and an info page showing your account status to jump right into live TV just click on TV and it'll instantly start streaming live programs flipping through the channels here you can see there's basically no lag no delay whatsoever and this is actually even faster than what I get with my own cable subscription which is really surprising you'll get channel info towards the bottom of the page as well which is great to see and after watching TV for a bit the logic stream TV home page will update with your most watched channels and recent programs so you can jump right into what you like the next time you sit down and watch TV pulling up the channel guide is also a really snappy experience and you get a complete channel guide with the programming information times and the ability to look back and forward through each channels programming the channels still play in the background of course and you can switch channels using the guide as well and like I said the whole experience here is incredibly smooth logic stream TV offers hundreds of channels from around the world including all your local favorites and nationwide content they include all the movie channels all the sports channels special programming you'd likely have to pay extra for with cable and pay-per-view content as well I personally haven't had any issues whatsoever loading any channel I wanted to see and overall the channel lineup here is one of the most diverse I've come across what logic stream does really well though is their on-demand movies and TV shows they offer more than twenty thousand titles that you can access at anytime from anywhere they have all the latest movies full seasons of current TV shows classics sports highlights and more and once again you have a really smooth viewing experience with playback controls on this content too I'd honestly paid 25 bucks a month just for this service by itself and I don't know that I've seen a more comprehensive library of content included with any IPTV service especially considering the new and just released titles logic stream has on-demand I feel like I keep saying this over and over but seriously logic stream TV is the smoothest and cleanest IP servus I've used yet their ease of use is a huge advantage for people who might be reluctant to give up the familiar cable experience and the snappy channel switching and on-demand programming experience stands above pretty much every other service I've tried the only feature missing from logic stream TV at least at the time of filming this video is DVR recording which is a shame but if you can look past that I think logic stream TV is a great value overall and I definitely recommend it so hopefully you guys enjoyed this quick review let me know you think of logic stream TV in the comments down below also be sure to follow tech daily on Twitter and subscribe to the tech daily youtube channel if you haven't already and i'll see you guys later

24 thoughts on “LogicStream TV iPTV Review! (2019) The Best I've Tried Yet

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  2. Does this have categories or do you have to scroll through every channel? Does it have 24/7 channels?

  3. Buffers to much.. at first I thought it was my Internet, but then I tried my Hot spot which is very fast still buffered…

  4. Limited channels compared to most iptv services,it does have all cable TV channels compared to regular cable.
    Quality far superior than 99% iptv services.If all you need is basic cable and all sports you wont do any better.

  5. Just got it and the the soplayer apk I downloaded is completely different with no movies or tv shows and not many live tv channels that price worst iptv service I’ve seen

  6. This is the sister company to Vustream TV. VUstream TV servers became full so they created Logicstream TV for new customers. On Vustream TV, they do have TV Catchup that goes back 7 days. Great Review BTW.

  7. don't you realize these IPTV services with Live TV are all pirated signals and illegal content? stop promoting these idiots

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