Long range gold and treasure finder – Gold Hunter Device Plus

ger detect in cooperation with its exclusive agent uig detectors presents to you a comprehensive guidance on how to assembly and operate the gold Gunther device using a long range system with multiple features archaeological gold trove search system or gold buying the gold and gold nuggets diamonds underground sewer system gemstones underground sewer system caves voids and ancient cemeteries underground sewer system silver underground sewer system first open the back to get familiarized with the device's components which are a two-year warranty card the device main unit a grip you a charger super antenna three antennas a protective carry him back made of shockproof plastic to get started 6 the grip and then install the modern and first-of-its-kind antenna super antenna technical specifications of super antenna the fastest and easiest system to discover gold and buried treasures in the ground this antenna works with a spiral system that specializes in covering long distances of search this giant antenna consists of a transmitter and a receiver operating according to the principle of grand induction and signal analysis process when the device is on the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver and the antenna generates signal eddy current this results and generating spiral waves amplified as more than 1000 times to help the device receive the signal and reach a larger area coverage within a few seconds after that installed the small antennas specialized in receiving the signal from small-sized targets and increase the length of the antenna in order to raise the front sense of the device up to 2,000 meters after all parts have been installed the device is ready to use in order to ensure that you accurately apply the instructions of use of our products and to obtain the optimum results our team carried out fieldwork accompanied by a detailed illustration of how to search for targets and accurately determine the depths in this area as a user you should remove every and any item that affects the operations of the device such as a wristwatch a model phone a wallet a ring or a belt and then turn on the device through the on-off button after that press the power button to turn on the device and choose your language preference from the languages menu German English French and Arabic after you've selected a language the device settings menu appears and a list of detectable targets is displayed you can choose the target you wish to search for gold for instance and then choose the Front Range desired 500 meters 1000 meters 1500 meters 2000 meters for example note that the Navigator must stand from north to south as ionic fields are radiations from gold treasures and troves after they've been buried underground for so long and have interacted with the soil in accordance to the nature of the composition of the earth and regularity of the northern and southern magnetic lines after selecting the Front Range the device will start sending and receiving signals that will directly guide you towards the target when a signal is obtained the device will immediately turn around the target confirm the direction of the target using the four directions [Applause] after having confirmed the direction of the target using the four directions keep tracking the signal keep tracking the signal until the device turns back this means you have exceeded the target after that confirmed the target from the four directions from north to south and from south to north from east to west and from west to east after confirming the location of the target shorten the length of the antenna and stand exactly at the center of the target at this point the device will start to turn around in the circular way giving evidence of the presence of the target 100% under the device to determine the depth take a 45 degree angle to the right or left of the center of the target and walk when the device turns around measure the distance from the center of the target to the point where the device has turned around this is the depth of the target for example if the distance between the center of the target at the point where the device has turned around is 2 meters this means that the depth is 2 meters gold hunter can reach 35 meters deep in ground search and can cover 2,000 meters in its front range detection gold hunter is one of the best German innovations it is a light and easy to use device and is designed to operate in all countries and regions we wish you all the best in your detection journeys

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