Lost internet connection or phone, Troubleshoot

have you ever tried to go online turn on your computer found you couldn't get online say local area connection is down must be unplugged oh boy now you got to troubleshoot first thing I do I get on the phone call my phone company because they have they provide my internet service my phone doesn't work we go out to my phone box outside here's my phone box it's typical in this area see that black wire running horizontally across the top of the box that plugs your house to the telephone company when you disconnect that plug you're removing your house and all your house says phone wiring now I could take a regular phone one of the cheaper ones that I don't have to hook up to an electric power to get it to work one that just runs off the phone line so I'll plug this in because this check was a regular phone jack art that that your regular phone plug plug it in now if my phone works I got a house wiring problem if the phone doesn't work I got to call the phone company but something's wrong with their phone line well phone works fine you can hear the dial tone all right now I've got to hook everything else back up I'm go inside the house check every component on the phone remove it see if it the phone will work isolate each one piece by piece until my phone starts working well when I got in there and we've secured this box once I started isolating in the house I found this phone jack here underneath an air conditioned air conditioning vent all full of air conditioning condensation and half rusted to death that's most my phone problem hope this helps you troubleshoot your house good luck

10 thoughts on “Lost internet connection or phone, Troubleshoot

  1. i wish every customer did this lmaoo but then again its too complicated for some and things end up getting bass ackwards when we come out and gotta rebuild the whole thing

  2. hey, I was watching some douchebag Brit on YouTube trying to explain what took you off e minute, takes him 20 min.

  3. Thank you for a nice short and to the point video showing people with a land line how easy it is to test using that outside box and that simple plug inside.

    I used that plug when i was having internet speed issues. i plugged my modem/computer out there (I made it reach) (when the problem is bad enough, for long enough, it will motivate one to make it reach) to help isolate/find out what/where the problem was.

    The modem and internet speeds were perfect out there… so I kept looking. It eventually turned out that my old phone wire was worn out ( I didn't even know phone wires could "wear

    I ran a new phone wire and it solved the slow speeds and it has been good ever sense.

    Anyway… Someone pointed me to your video and I wanted to say GOOD JOB!!, offer some good words and a THUMBS UP!! to help offset whomever/whatever/why-ever anyone would thumbs down a video like this? Who does that?


  4. I bought a modem router without a phone connection so how can i get my phone hooked up to wall jack. I got comcast and guess they did something to phone jack cause phone won't work when i plug into wall.

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