Hey folks it is Barry here welcome to my virgin
kitchen it is the start of a new themed month we had pulled pork month last month can you
guess what the new month is? That is right it is pug month, pug, no it was close.
Yes pretty close to that it is in fact mug month we are doing 4 recipes using the power
of a mug so we will kick off with a mac and cheese that will blow your mind and a cat
mug is essential I am afraid so check out this mug shot, excuse the pun right there.
It looks amazing, I promise you it looks so good, it is very easy, very quick and a teeny
bit dangerous, I will explain as we go through the video if you want to have a go at making
this hit pause on the video now, write these ingredients down, let me know at the end of
the video any mug recipes you want to see, this is how you want to do it, how you want
to do it, this is how I did it. So the first thing you want to do is grab
your mug of choice and of course a cat mug would be amazing if you cannot get hold of
it do not worry about it just add in some water, and your dried macaroni into a mug
then whack it in the microwave. The microwave I am using is 800w so if yours is stronger
it may take a little less but we are aiming for 6 minutes cooking time in total.
Every single minute we are going to take that mug out, it will be hot so be careful, give
it a good stir around to keep it moving, keep your eye on the water level we are only doing
it for a minute because any longer than that the water can boil over. So every minute take
it out and give it a cheeky stir and of course keep your eye on the water level too you may
want to top it up. That is basically it really you want to cook
it through for the full 6 minutes until it is done and once it is ready it should taste
nice. Well as nice as plain macaroni can taste, it is soft though! Here comes the tricky bit
so with the hot macaroni in the mug we will now add on our butter so get that on there
it is niggly as I say but it will melt through and also add in your cheese.
Now what you want to do is using a long spoon like what I have is work it all down through
there, it will take quite a long time in fact thinking about it a quick way around it is
to dump the ingredients out of your mug and into the bowl quickly adding it through but
I did it the long way, add in all your cheese, and follow with some creaminess by adding
on the milk. Give that a bloomin good stir through and simply finish with a grinding
of fresh black pepper and some red Leicester cheese for a little bit of cheese colour contrast
oh yeah baby. Guys it is such a stonker so easy and absolutely
delicious, love the gooeyness of the cheese as I say the only step to worry about is the
water it is a little dangerous in the microwave so one minute increments will be fine breaking
into song there, anyhow let me know down below what other mug recipes you would like to see
in this playlist and I will do my best to accommodate your request, see you next time
guys and check out my last video, bye.

100 thoughts on “MAC & CHEESE IN A MUG

  1. if u took this to work
    boss:what are you eating?
    you:umm nothing
    boss:*looks behind back*
    you:its not what it looks like
    boss:why did u bring this here
    you:am i in big trouble?
    boss:not if you give me the recipe 🙂

  2. OK, So i just found your channel like a month ago, and for some reason this older video popped up and now i have to ask, if you still monitor this, what is red cheese? Here in the states, the cheddar we use looks like the red cheese you used at the end, and the cheddar you used looked more like mozzarella, or another white cheese. so to me it kinda seemed backwards. lol… and i know… silly american's. lol

  3. hey dude do i really need that red cheese?
    and secondly i dont know how many watts my microwave is 😅😅😂😂

  4. You can also make a whole pot of this stuff with less hassle, and it takes the same amount of time!!!

  5. I tried to make this and the water bubbled up after 1 min 20 sec I took it out every 30 seconds I decided to try to use not water from the kettle

  6. I would’ve used a bit less butter, to prevent that really buttery taste, but still the best mug and cheese I have ever had. I love your recipes!

  7. Hey I tried your macaroni and cheese in a cup recipe and it didn't work because the macaroni is still too hard and the bubble just always try to overflow too much

  8. What’s the point of Mac and cheese in a mug if your going to put it in a bowl and mix it up anyway? If your going to make it and use a bowl just make all of it in a bowl so that way your not giving yourself more dishes to clean

  9. It’s currently 9:45 pm and I have to get up for school at 6:00 am. And I down in the kitchen making this? Yes. Should I be studying or sleeping? Yes.

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