Madden 25 Connected Player Franchise – Speed HB Sanders Jr. First Home Game in Miami – Epic Finish

what's going on everybody it's the man of the hour qjb aka Cleveland I got this Madden NFL football 25:5 featuring the speed halfback Barry Sanders jr. so this is actually our very first home game of the season people like I was saying this is actually our very first home game of the season Barry Sanders finally at a home in Miami checking out seeing what they can do here against the Atlanta Falcons so we all know Atlanta is a contender so if we win this game hey maybe the Miami Dolphins are serious right look at Barry Sanders using his speed finally taken down around the 25-yard line we're trying to do something on this Drive trying to get into this end zone and he's rumbling bumbling stumbling up the middle for 8 yards now getting it once again lagging like a mug for the first down and we're inside the 10-yard line let's see what we can do look at my man Tannehill seeing what he has and he gets it over to Keller across the middle for the passing touchdown so there we go we get into the end zone first goal of the game making it seven to nothing against the Atlanta Falcons their defense is tough but hey we drove down and got something on them now they're punting it and look at myself' Barry Sanders back here for the punt return trying to get something popping here over to the left side using a little bit of whoop Luke yeah using some speed and we get a good return they're setting us up with good field position second and eight check me out over here on my route and he tried to throw off his back foot for some reason and he didn't get it so we ended up punting it they got three and now they're kicking it back off to the Miami Dolphins check out Barry Sanders on the return trying to get something popping here breaking tackles getting the okay gain to the 27 now here we go third and three on the 35 I'm doing the limbo under the defender but I'm taking down forfeit one we're gonna go for it anywhere I have confidence that I can get one yard with Barry Sanders jr. let's see what we can do here up the middle he didn't get it he didn't get it he didn't get the first down we turn it over on downs look at him no no no and they get a touchdown now we have the ball back and look at us to Gibson over the middle for the first down trying to drive down before half-time we need a score here alright dangerous pass to Wallace and it's incomplete so we have a third down here coach is not very happy with that throw by Tannehill so we ended up getting the first here we go second and five look at me going deep on the route and if I had a broke that tackle it would have been a touchdown so anyway they taking me out for this play first in Santana Hill throwing it in his picked off Asante Samuel with the interception oh man what a bad turnover right there now is seven is 17 and Letta giving us that work right now but I get a first down trying to drive down the – they handed off the BS jr. and look at him with the beautiful run closing in on a hundred on the day on the ground first and ten now he has a reception breaking tackles saying what he can do down the sideline finally taken down by the Atlanta Falcons first and 10 here's Barry Sanders breaking it to the outside what great block and no one's gonna touch him as he gets into the end zone for the touchdown here we go now 14 17 we get the ball back look at the blocking by the wide receiver and Barry Sanders almost gets into the end zone for his second one but here we go on second and goal he's gonna punch that bad boy in for the touchdown so we ended up taking the lead temporarily but once we kicked it back to Atlanta they scored a touchdown so now they're up 24 21 one minute to go here look at Baer well look at him breaking the defender but my man Dustin Keller was in the way that time and the defense was right there so check out our field goal kicker warming up we're not gonna need you buddy we're not gonna need you I have confidence in my team that we're gonna score a touchdown Tannehill the hard line and we're on their side of the football field now check it out here we're trying to drive down and get this TD we don't want to go to overtime Barry Sanders with the catch over the middle he's gone we thought he was gone but hey see what happened was what what what what what what what happened was teeny to get it first and go we don't get it second and go we're gonna have to run the hurry up check it out we only have one timeout and we're ticking under 10 seconds here so if we don't get it on second down we're gonna have to kick the field goal alright but let's see if Barry Sanders can get it he has the ball over to the right side he's into the end zone Barry Sanders junior into the end zone no debating that when he had the ball across the line breaking the plane before his knee went down check it out right here you see that look at that yeah walk outta here wouldn't dive out thanks for sticking around for my football weekend and it's always about

45 thoughts on “Madden 25 Connected Player Franchise – Speed HB Sanders Jr. First Home Game in Miami – Epic Finish

  1. Could u makr three superbowls could u like make a video for all three superbowls I would really appreciate it and if do thx

  2. On the kickoff returns try to watch your blockers and if they block the very outside man take it all the way outside up the sidelines

  3. Ya I have been wondering and waiting for him to come to da NFL. He should be on the Dolphins, the Steelers, the Bills,the Raiders, or any team ot that good.

  4. Guys stop accusing him of playing on rookie he's just cutting out the bad parts so you won't complain about those. Is it really so bad that he doesn't want to waste your time by showing you bad plays.

  5. If a father names his son junior then the father is senior. If the son has a son and names him junior then the father becomes senior and then the grandfather is still the senior. Putting numbers behind the names just sorts them out

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