Major Update on Flynn Related Lobbying Case

Today on Declassified: A Judge Lets Mueller’s
Lobbying Case Continue Despite ‘Very Circumstantial’ Evidence. That’s right, one of the last cases brought
by former special counsel Robert Mueller appeared to be on the brink of getting thrown out by
a federal judge on July 18. And ultimately, District Judge Anthony Trenga
allowed the case to continue—albeit with reservations—saying the main charge of conspiracy
rested on “very circumstantial” and “speculative” evidence. The case alleges that Bijan Rafiekian, former
partner in Gen. Michael Flynn’s lobbying firm, and Ekim Alptekin, a Turkish businessman,
conspired to lobby in the United States on behalf of Turkey without disclosing it to
the U.S. government. They were also accused of lying on foreign
lobbying registration forms. Only Rafiekian is standing trial, since Alptekin
doesn’t live in the United States. The defense argued that the case was too weak,
only showing that Rafiekian acted in concert with Flynn and Alptekin, but not that the
intent of the concerted effort was to secretly lobby for Turkey. The jury would have to speculate to reach
a verdict, one of Rafiekian’s lawyers said, invoking Rule 29, which directs federal judges
to toss a case when the evidence presented by the government “is insufficient to sustain
a conviction.” So, the prosecution disagreed, saying Rafiekian’s,
Alptekin’s, and Flynn’s “matching lies are extremely persuasive circumstantial evidence
of the conspiracy.” The lobbying in question involved an op-ed
published under Flynn’s name in The Hill on Nov. 8, 2016, about Fethullah Gulen, an
Islamic cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania, who runs a group that Turkish President Recep
Tayyip Erdogan blamed for an attempted 2016 coup. Flynn’s now-defunct lobbying firm, Flynn
Intel Group (FIG), was paid more than $500,000 by Alptekin to run a lobbying campaign against
Gulen. When FIG’s lawyers were preparing the lobbying
forms, Rafiekian, Alptekin, and Flynn all told them that the op-ed was unrelated to
the lobbying job. The prosecution disagreed, pointing out, among
other things, that Rafiekian had sent a draft of the op-ed to Alptekin before publication
with the message: “A promise made is a promise kept.” Alptekin, former chair of the Turkey-U.S.
Business Council, is known to have ties to Turkish President and consulted the lobbying
job with Turkish officials. The prosecutors, however, failed to establish
that Turkey actually paid for the job. The Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)
requires registration in cases where lobbying “principally benefits” a foreign government
or political party even if the party or government didn’t pay for the job. Trenga, in the end, reserved his judgment
on Rule 29, which means that even if the jury returns a guilty verdict, the judge can still
go back and toss the case. Flynn, a former national security adviser
to President Donald Trump, wasn’t charged in the case as part of his November 2017 plea
deal, in which he admitted to one count of lying to the FBI on unrelated matters and
agreed to cooperate with the government. He’s expected to receive a low sentence,
including no prison time, though he’s repeatedly asked for the sentencing to be delayed since
he was still expected to testify on the Rafiekian case. Flynn then unexpectedly stirred the pot last
month when he fired his lawyers—the same lawyers who did the lobbying paperwork for
his firm. His new team includes Sidney Powell, a former
federal prosecutor and a critic of Mueller. Later that month, the Mueller team asked Flynn
to testify that he signed the lobbying forms knowing that there were intentionally-made
false statements in them. He refused, saying he only acknowledged the
falsities with hindsight, but wasn’t aware of them at the time. “You are asking my client to lie,” that’s
what Powell told Brandon Van Grack, one of Mueller’s main prosecutors, according to
The Federalist’s Margot Cleveland. In a “very heated” voice, Van Grack replied,
“Be careful what you say … other people are listening in on this call.” “Put the world on,” Powell replied. “Just put the world on.” Shortly after, the Mueller team called off
Flynn’s testimony and instead tried to label him a “co-conspirator” in the Rafiekian
case. Trenga pushed back, though, saying the government
has yet to prove there was a conspiracy, de-facto putting the co-conspirator matter on ice. The prosecutors also had an FBI agent call
and question Flynn’s son, who also worked for FIG. “The Agent persisted in trying to speak
with him even after he said to call his attorney,” that’s what Flynn’s lawyers said in an earlier
court filing. It’s been speculated that the Mueller team
offered an under-the-table deal to Flynn as early as 2017 so as to not involve his son
in the case, in return for Flynn’s cooperation. On July 11, the government designated Flynn
Jr. as a witness in the case, although he wasn’t ultimately called to the stand. Powell called the Mueller team’s actions
a “retaliation” for Flynn’s refusal to say what they wanted him to. Excellent update there by Petr Svab of The
Epoch Times. So, what are your thoughts on how the Flynn
case is progressing? Be sure to leave them below. From all of us here, thank you for watching,
and we’ll see you very soon.

100 thoughts on “Major Update on Flynn Related Lobbying Case

  1. The special council was tasked with determining whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians; not to send anyone to prison during the investigation.

  2. The Flynn case is only progressing sufficiently if he is completely exonerated and restored…including financially. And I would think he was be a fantastic National Security Adviser in the Oval Office again when that happens. run the 8 years through with Trump (or less if he has fulfilled the help we need from him), and then retire except for highly paid speaking engagements. Anything less is a problem…with the understanding he may not want involved anymore upon exoneration.

    It would make sense for us that HE of all people should actually write a book for the exposure and proper history as well if he's up for it.

  3. I have some trouble understanding this… They were going to SECRETLY lobby, but lied on lobbying forms… They filled out forms in order to secretly lobby??

  4. Wow this has been brewing, and now heating up!! Wow great dig & G-Drop
    Finally the NEWS and with consistency!

    Love the hair and make up! Someone has been working out 💪🏼😌💕

  5. Omama destroys a great war General for what? Flynn called jihadis jihadis and islamophile Barry no like. Omama set him up just to get rid of him. The black messiah is demonic..

  6. I think Flynn is innocent of the charge. He is just one more example of attacking someone close to Trump. It does appear that he misstated some info, but we all do this at times. Flynn was set up then trapped. He refused to falsely testify against Trump so the Muller strike team took him down.

  7. Marxist Democrats will either beat you up or throw you in jail if you are a friend, supporter or business associate of Trump.
    Even the Democrat leader in Michigan said for us Trump supporters to watch out if they win in 2020. Scary we get persecuted & beat up for our political beliefs in America!

  8. He certainly was running a shady operation for profit. Rather or not justifiably is another point to consider and obvious the Justice Department doesn't think so.

  9. I hope Sydney Powell kicks their butt and gets Flynn a settlement to make up for Mueller bankrupting him.Mueller belongs in jail.

  10. This case against Flynn should be thrown out, and Mueller and his team should be sued by Flynn. I'd love to see Mueller go to jail for leaving his phone behind after his interview with Trump, considering later that day, it came out that Mueller was called by the DA to be special council. Sounds to me like he left it on purpose trying to illegally catch something? Anyway, time for these traitors, like Mueller, and Comey, to answer for their crimes.

  11. Classic Sayings ~ 'Your Eyes are bigger than your stomach'; 'Don't bite off more than you can chew';
    'That's a mouth full'; 'Don't speak with your mouth full'.
    Sydney Powell's statement carries, 'Be careful what you wish for'. Exactly what Mueller does Not want to happen.

  12. This ENTIRE "Flynn Project" reeks of "GET TRUMP by 'whatever means necessary'"! Muller, Andrew Weissmann , et al are nothing by high paid thugs, who have taken GREAT PLEASURE in destroying innocent folk & businesses…(Enron, Arthur Anderson, & now Flynn)… MULLER might be the leader {BUT! Weissmann is the TEAMS'S "PITT BULL"…&…"DESTROYER"!!! Weissmann is who Sydney Powell SERIOUSLY dislikes, &, that TEAM….because they're SSOOOoooo WILLINGLY EVIL!!!

  13. In Hitler's Germany his people just prosecuted their enemies/opposition. They turned their heads when it came to their own. Thus, the constant assault on Trump and his people and nothing on Hillary, Bill, Obama… Our alphabet organizations are strangely doing the same thing. 😕

  14. This wild cat election won’t be decided by mathematicians flaunting their odds and giving ridiculous pole estimations … It’s all guess work. NO One Knows. The 2020 election is a Trump Victory, but not an easy one. It will be a battle, but not over who is the right American for the job because he is already in office. Our battle is stopping the beast from taking away our country, and with it our freedom. This is a time of honor and courage .. be brave and stand tall against socialism / Communism ideas.

    The Democratic Party turned evil and will do what ever it takes, and sacrifice who ever they need to in order to steal the presidency. They will start WWIII and end America’s new growth if they ever get the keys to the Whitehouse. We must work together and Stop this evil Democratic Party. If not … polish up your muskets … America will be at war with America, and that will be the invitation other countries have waited for … they will invade if we are divided. To Vote Trump 2020 isn’t enough. We need to do more to help re-elect President Trump. Become a powerful voice in your community .. at home .. at work. It’s a sacrifice sometimes to say what we believe, and who we stand with. 🇺🇸 Trump 2020

  15. Flynn should've been pardoned yesterday! Sidney Powell is dynamite, i d gamble this case ends in her favor.

  16. When are these bastards going to be coming to court. And when is call me the guy who started this and destroyed this good man going to be put in jail I doubt any of this is going to happen these bureaucrats are taking their damn time Strokin us lying to us and then dropping the bomb on us telling us there's no evidence to go after Hillary and all her ilk we all know this is going to happen this country is hanging by a thread and you guys no it Trump sneezes wrong and they have outrage all over the place these people are corrupt and the media is absolutely no good too bad we had a great country once but that was a long time ago

  17. If the Logan's act was used to charge Gen. Flynn… it would be perfectly fit to charge Lt. Kerry! Now they're moving lobby charge so do to Kerry… just to be fair…!

    Just a thought…

  18. Trump's biggest mistake was firing General Flynn. This gave the Democrats what they needed, they knew they could then continue to target Trump and his team. Trump is always going on about 'loyalty', but he let Flynn down very badly.

  19. The flynn case is falling apart and I love it mueller is fucked and I hope flynn sues the fucking lot of those crooked bastards MAGA

  20. Mueller is a deep state nutjob just like Killary and the uneducated bigoted anti-American anti-semitic SQUAD 4 of the socialist party of AMERICA now!!!" They suck and they should be held in contempt and for treason against the American people, and what was once a dream that was heard around the world, as a calling card of how great and open and safe how neighborly how technological advances make our life easier over here….
    Thanks to the hate from the terrorist protection party aka. The Dums we would be a much better safer and more closed to illegals and the drugs they bring. Little girls wouldnt be raped on the journey up they wouldnt need American money to be sent to their homes south of Mexico to pay a rapist drug dealer to walk families in the desert..
    🔥🔥🤖 EUROPE👽🔥🔥

  21. Flynn was simply to lay a corrupt narrative pointing towards Trumps cabinet for impeachment plain and simple

  22. I think that Flynn needs to start making his "blood list", get a bunch of his mates from the military together, lock, load and permanently settle up the scores with the scum who set him up like men did back in the 1800s when they were wronged. Start with Comey….and work your way up to Obama.

  23. How could the Mueller prosecution call Flynn a liar? They provided no evidence and refused to let him testify when for months now they have been telling various judges that Flynn was a cooperating witness. This is just another ham sandwich prosecution that is hiding more than it claims to be revealing. All the crooks were in the court room; it was both the parties. Now the court gets to hide all the evidence.

  24. Hey Mueller where's all your Trump/Russia collusion convictions? Oh That's Right you didn't have ANY! 3 years of BS.

  25. Conspiracy charges are generally the last refuge of prosecutors who have no good case… it is categorically impossible to prove what people were thinking.
    So far.

  26. DpSte keeping "evidence"/"records" sealed for people that may or may not be involved in other shady or non-shady dealings/ #gates including #Spy!! #KAG

  27. General Flynn needs to file civil action against Mueller and the government for conspiracy to defraud the United States, lie and coercion, Mueller has an MO on targeting his victims and to use strong arm tactics to blackmail his victims into plea deals, that can clearly be proved by the Enron case – Mr Flynn needs to go head on with Mueller and his goons like Jerome Corsi is doing

  28. There is a lot of proof against the deep state in this trial so Barr has orchestrated this trial so then the judge can seal these documents away from Trump then use other evidence against him. This is BARR attacking Trump to defend all his mates, Comey, Brennan, Mueller, Obama, Hillary the whole shebang. It's all about billions in energy oil, gas, nuclear being stolen and sold then laundering the billions of profits among themselves. BARR IS DIRTY.

  29. Mueller makes up this stuff as he goes not legal at all the mans clearly not qualified to be a prosecutor

  30. General Flynn must be exonerated. Just had time to listen to a snippet of Mueller's testimony this morning as I leave home for appointments. We all know by now Mueller has been deeply compromised — likely deeply corrupt — but the surprise is that he comes across as a doddering, grandpa-voiced fool.

  31. Please wear your hair up ! Hair distracting and stringy ! Plus cheapens your look and makes you look less intelligent by being so unpractical ! Hair down in private , at night ! Hair up for working person ! Just sayin ! Thanx !

  32. They make up charges,reinvent new laws,change the game rules to suit them during the game,move the goal posts,retroactively change rules,laws and restrictions…..

  33. Just love you all's journalism, excellent jobs, well done!!! I think a judge should throw the plea deal out on Flynn and clear his name! It was extremely obvious the FBI went in knowing information from having listened to the recorded meeting and purposefully used their knowledge to walk him into a trap, by asking and or suggestively wording what they said and the format of the questioning to lead Flynn into perjuring himself!!

  34. Flint should be exonerated he did nothing wrong except have to talk to corrupt and lying and treasonous Robert Mueller and his corrupt that need to be in prison for treason

  35. Flynn was fired, threatened and surveiled by the Obama admin because he knew all about their ties to Fethullah Gülen and the muslim brotherhood.

  36. Gen Flynn was Sacrificed and I hope all involved have what’s coming to them. Flynn is a Man Of Honor despite what anyone thinks and I personally Respect him and I don’t have much respect for anyone these days especially coming from a Military upbringing and having painstakingly dissected de Classified Documents for 2 years and researching information to get a Truth.

  37. "Spyegate"
    (To cover / distract from the real criminals)
    One example, (of approximately 60 other) Destruction Of server, takin off fed tether , that was moved to unsecure locale & supbeona'd holding critical Intel. And evidence.
    (No crime there) 🤓👌

  38. Off subject,your hair is mesmerizing ,so glad I found your channel,a researcher for twenty five years,haven't heard you lie yet,I'm sure I never will

  39. My new reason for waking up. 😁 Otherwise, I truly believe General Flynn was used as a fall-guy by the deep-state.

  40. Oh look more evidence that our government is absolutely corrupt and working against the people of America. Wake up America it's time for a reset

  41. The only good thing here is it draws out globalists into the light for all to know who they are. Hopefully this will eventually help America. Only time will tell.

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