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  1. Karley visits Sinthetics, one of the most acclaimed sex doll makers in the industry. Oh and they’re also known for their invention of “the vajankle,” a silicon foot with a vagina built into the ankle, which went viral for obvious reasons.

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  2. Notice how all of the male dolls have 7 inch (or more) penises.. The reason they do this is because 99.99% of all women can easily take a 7 inch penis, and almost every woman has slept with a guy who's about that size and bigger at least once, and they want that experience again after years of having to put up with four to six inch penises..

  3. It's like the customer calls you back, hey the Dick just fall down, I need a refund WFT !?
    If you work there, someone calls you, Hey let me call you back finishing those balls for client 😀

  4. How the hell did I end up here? I typed in new Critters movie where a Critter has sex with a human woman and I end up here. Thanks YouTube for sending me to the weird zone again.

  5. This is what is going to happen:

    Everyone will but multiple human robots, or least one. And they will help you in everything, from warming your bed, to warming your meals, they will help wiyh groceries, balancing your budget, finding the best deals and managing your home, weekend plans etc. They will be the next revolutionary tech item.

    You will wake up next to one, go to work, and come home with them ready to provide for your every need. But you will always know they aren't real, most of your time will be spent with them and it will make you happy, but we all want real. So when the work week is done, we will all leave them at home and go to find the real opposite sex, and connect

    People will still still marry, have babies. Have sex, just out work weeks won't be as lonely and painful as they are now

  6. I'm at least 105, 110 bloated and I can't be lugging around dead weight especially 105 pounds. And 13,500….I barely make that in a year, if not that at all. 🤦🏾😂
    And this Vajankle….what next, a foot with a dildo on the ankle? Dildanko? Lol

  7. C'est un fantasme, c'est ça qu'on nous a caché ? Du plastique qui ne te dit rien, c'est comme quand tu étais petite et que tu t'amusais avec la poupée Ken..Pas beau dans ta tête ma fille..Tu peux bien parler contre la procré ton père et ta mère n'avaient pas été de ce monde, tu ne serait pas là pour sire des conneries oui ..Ça c'est ce qui est malheureusement la réalité..Je ne voudrais pas être ta fille en tous les cas !

  8. Disgusting and decadent perversions like in the fall of Roman empire! Enjoy America!
    3 billion men, and you need a doll 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  9. I just think horror movie…how if the doll suddenly wake up and make love but after that "he" kill this woman. Scarry…😳😱

  10. Right okay but this is never going to happen because women are emotional creatures. But hey, let us just ignore biology. Women are going to become unfortunately rather useless in a future if they continue with this feminist narrative.

  11. 1 like = god will forgive us 🙏🙏
    Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja 😢🙏

  12. Dead husband replica for widow, kid replica for pedo,… sounds like human species is doom . At the end the girl seems possessed by a demon …
    she drink alone his glass of wine after fucking a doll soulless . what a world we live in

    Lust is one of the 7 deadly sins .

  13. Women afraid that men have surpassed them. It is true, from the very early days of recorded history men have proven more capable, it's just facts… But women we're dumb, some even today are simply because they retaliate. If they didn't make such a big deal about themselves in trying to prove the world that they are this "big thing" or "a huge deal", maybe, JUST, maybe, women wold be seen with diferent eyes by the masses.
    Instead we get this.
    You're still not understanding?
    If you don't know, there's this "gender war" that the world media and all them apples are trying to implement for quite some time. Some say that it's for them to generate views and achieve more cash in the process, others simply say that it's an "hidden" agenda. Some even go as far as banding both possibilities together. Whatever the case may be, the people and the specific group of women that are supporting these fiends are nothing more than insecure, low life females that couldn't handle certain societal standards, like if they didn't fit in it. So to prove their worth, they try and compete with men.
    Let me give you an advice: Men are not Women. Men have ALWAYS, for millions of years, dealt with extreme pressure be it in wars or in society problems, far more than Women did. If there's someone capable of getting their hands dirty and their boots ready for some wetwork, it's the Man.

    So why exactly are women trying to compete with men?
    The people who are following this "hidden" agenda have pulled some strings on weak men, men that are in the exact, if not worse position than those women who support the agenda we're. Shitty lives, not going as they planned, overall a really depressing life. So these women, to feed their low self esteemed ego, they become parasites of sorts and feed on the weak men's sadness and fears.
    It has worked to some extent, those weak men feel more and more oppressed. So much so that it changes them, they become diferent, rejected twice as much as they already we're by everything and everyone, sad and alone… But they are still men. While some lack the capabilities, some of those weak men have potential to better themselves… at all costs!
    So in turn they become what people call "incel". Confused and with nothing to lose, rage mixed with depression is not something you want to triffle with. They are forming psychopaths without they even knowing. Perhaps they do, but everyone is just going to deny it, probably even call me crazy for it. I couldn't care less.

    So, because men can't get enough sexual pleasure, and they see their female counterparts, who are in a similar position enjoying these "sexual toys" such as dildos and vibrators and what not, men, being contested by women, designed sexual dolls.
    These sexual dolls are believed to be so advanced in their performance that some men who are familiar with sexual intercourse say that it is far greater and better than regular sex with a normal, fit, women.

    Women seeing this, they decided to go through the same path, but because Human anathomy is complicated, and i honestly ain't even going to waste my time trying to explain to you (it's really complicated and long enough that it wold take me ages to explain to you, plus you probably woldn't understand at first glance, obligating you to read again, so i'll spare you the details), but long story short, the male dolls are going to have a simillar, if not WORSE performance than the female dolls.
    I don't need to try it to know it. (not that i even wanted it in the first place, in fact, i'd prefer that both didn't exist, perverted thoughts are just unecessary bumps in your objectives in life)

    Like i said, if Women wold ignore men instead of trying to directly (or in this case indirectly) compete with men, they wold be far more respected and well seen by everyone.
    Not refering to all women, just to those that are supporting media outlets and disgusting channels like VICE and others. I've had my fair share of them… some even surpass me to a certain extent it's true, i did got impressed, and that's something that i don't do alot, there are women better than men… but they are better because they don't get lost in unecessary bumps in the road.

    This video is nothing more than a distraction that does more harm than good (to women).

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