Marvel Fantastic Four Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie you
probably saw the news this morning about John Krasinski making that big Fantastic
Four announcement he had a big interview so we’ll break it all down it’s not even
the first time Marvel has gone after him for a big MCU character or his wife
Emily Blunt who was also just having a meeting with Marvel about playing a big
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Marvel movie so we’ll break everything down top-5 style there been a couple big
Fantastic Four Easter eggs and set up in recent Marvel movies they’ll also be
laying track work and all the upcoming series and movies – like Doctor Strange
2 multiverse of madness the Loki series the Eternals movie that’s happening
later this year so starting with number 5 if you didn’t see the news John
Krasinski did a huge Fantastic Four interview recently talking about
Marvel’s new reboot of the characters now he wanted to be the new Reed
Richards really badly there been some news outlets saying that he was
campaigning to be Reed Richards a long time ago I don’t remember that I only
remember the John Krasinski Reed Richards Fantastic Four hype starting
about a year ago when everyone was getting ramped up for Avengers endgame
but this is some of the stuff he said during his interview so I’m just quoting
him he’s speaking to the interviewer here saying you’re like do you have any
interest in not shattering people’s dreams lapping I would love to be in the
Marvel Universe I love those movies because they’re fun but I also think
they’re really well done and certainly a lot of my friends were in those movies
he’s actually friends with a lot of the real-life MCU actors I have no idea what
Marvel is thinking but if they’re considering me for mr. fantastic
continued to consider me because I would love it so it just him professing his
love for the Marvel movies in his desire to actually be Reed Richards making all
the dreams of these fan artists that keep drawing these John Krasinski Reed
Richards mr. fantastic pictures seriously can you picture anyone else’s
the character after seeing all this really amazing art of him as mr.
fantastic but not only is he a fan right now in present day he also has a lot of
history with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige as does his wife Emily Blunt who
you probably heard was also meeting with Marv
separately a little while ago about playing a big character in an upcoming
movie but I actually think the character Emily Blunt was meeting Marvel 4 was
actually for someone like Clea in Doctor Strange 2 so I don’t think that she’s
going to wind up playing the new Sue Storm but she might wind up being in an
upcoming Marvel movie but Marvel went after both of them separately years ago
for different big Avengers characters so number 4 the history this is actually
really cool deep cut Easter Egg if you don’t remember way back in the
late 2000s when Marvel phase 1 was just getting started
Kevin Feige went after John Krasinski for Steve Rogers Captain America in
Captain America First Avenger this was early office era Jim Halpert John
Krasinski we all know that didn’t wind up working out and Chris Evans went on
to become an amazing Captain America so good now you can’t picture anyone else
playing that character after avengers endgame but John Krasinski is friends
with Chris Evans in real life and obviously there’s no hard feelings or
anything like that he was joking about it recently on a talk show here’s the
clip of that. You screen tested for Captain America that’s a true. In my head
I got the part yeah. what was that was that process like because that’s a real
question you when you’re trying to think like am I am I one of those superhero
guys or not you know what I want to do that could I do that. So when you had
that test what was it like. It was a big deal for me because I mean first of all
I love those Marvel movies. I love super heroes, I love imagination. So when
they asked me to test, they actually allowed me to put on the suit. I was on a
set it was all very interesting. I feel like as I’m talking about this, someone
from Marvel’s gonna be like yeah but I remember the the only bummer
of it was. I was putting on the suit just watching. I was like this is so amazing
and I got about right to my waist. I was still shirtless, feeling pretty good
about myself. Wasn’t 13 hours yet but I felt pretty good. And all of a sudden
Chris Hemsworth walked by as Thor and he’s like hey mate. And I went I’m good
this is stupid… As you can see he also clearly thinks
Marvel made the right call and casting Chris Evans but that was early in his
career he’s been killing it is a very action hero version of Jack Ryan lately
but number three the story on emily Blunt’s history with Marvel also dates
to around the same era of Marvel phase 1 when they were getting ready to make
Iron Man 2 Emily Blunt was the first person they went after for their Black
Widow I know everyone thinks that they wanted her as Captain Marvel but she
claims that that was never a thing sick of these kind of rumors are you
happy about these rumors about Captain Marvel people keep mentioning. Oh god it’s crazy
I have not had a phone call about it seriously you’ve not talked to Marvel. Not
yet, look me in the eye. Not one whisper of Captain Marvel has come my way. Okay,
promise promise promise. Have you done some like Wikipedia’ing just in case the call
comes. Like oh, would actually be interested in this? No, I don’t even know who Captain Marvel is… The Black Widow story is true though the
reason why Emily Blunt is in our black widow dying on war Mir here is because
she had a scheduling conflict with Iron Man 2 and couldn’t do it
that’s how Scarlett Johansson wound up becoming the black widow of the MCU in
the rest was history but since they both almost became Marvel
characters they’ve only become bigger and bigger stars so of course Marvel
still wants them in the MCU regardless of what the characters might wind up
being they’ve already started setting up the Fantastic Four characters with
Easter eggs in spider-man far from home and in the post-credits scene so number
two the first big Fantastic Four Easter Egg is actually the New Avengers Tower
remember that a mystery buyer got it from Iron Man
during spider-man homecoming in the new construction on it was still underway
during spider-man far from home in that ending scene when spider-man
swings down to land in front of it on the street you can see a New York City
Construction sign in front of the building that says we are so excited to
show you what comes next with the numbers 1 2 3 in a blank we’re the
number 4 should be not only is that a Marvel phase 4 Easter Egg like Marvel
can’t wait to show us the new movies that are coming next in Marvel phase 4
but it’s also a fantastic for Easter Egg the different colors of the numbers
correspond to each of the Fantastic Four’s powers and people ask about the
Invisible Woman what about her the joke being that the missing number 4 is a
reference to her invisibility powers also the street corner that spider-man
and MJ are standing on here at East 41st and library way is just a block or two
away from where the Baxter building is in Marvel Comics I also kind of think
it’s more realistic to think that the Avengers Tower would become the new
Baxter building because the only other big option would be like Oscorp for
sinister six spider-man purposes and even though Marvel just resigned their
sharing deal with spider-man they aren’t always guaranteed to have spider-man in
future movies so they probably don’t want to risk giving Sony the Avengers
tower and causing some story issues down the road they own the Fantastic Four
characters one hundred percent in turning it into the Baxter building
would just make it easier for them story wise down the road this spider-man far
from home scene was also finished after the Disney Fox buyout deal was completed
so legally they were allowed to reference Fantastic Four stuff Kevin
Feige said that they had plans for a new movie but as of them releasing this
scene they hadn’t cast any actors yet and probably didn’t have a finished
script but that was a year ago this is now in John Krasinski is really excited
to be in that Fantastic Four movie so number one the other big easter egg is
the nick fury spider-man far from home post credits scene on the now confirm
sword Space Station from the comics thank you very much Wandavision for
that we’ll get our first look at that during the Wandavision episodes but the
reason why they’re doing the space station and sword from the comics is
because of the Infinity Saga phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 were all about ground
level threats on earth shield was mostly just concerned with stuff on planet
earth the whole idea of sword in the comics is about dealing with cosmic
threats from space and beyond in the multiverse it seems right now like
that’s where a lot of future movie villains are going to come from like Doctor
Strange 2 multiverse of madness will have a multiverse villain I just
mentioned Wandavision setting up the sword Space Station while Monica Rambeau
is actually going to be an agent of sword during the Wandavision episodes
all the Disney Plus series are going to crossover with the movies so obviously
Monica Rambeau big Captain Marvel comic book character is plugging a show up in
the next Captain Marvel movie which will probably have something to do with
addressing a threat through the sword Space Station we all know the Fantastic
Four famously got their powers when they were caught in a cosmic storm in Earth’s
orbit it would be the easiest thing in the world to say that there are normal
scientists in the MCU working on the sword Space Station
maybe there’s a disaster the space station gets hit by cosmic rays that
would be a really easy way to give them their powers that make sense
so you can see that they’re laying the groundwork to introduce those characters
I know everyone is looking at the fan art of Andrew Garfield as Johnny Storm
asking about that but I don’t think that he would come into the MCU doing a role
like that they’d probably go for someone a little bit younger but I am hoping at
some point that he comes back for some live-action spider-man into the
spider-verse because there’s been all this Tobey Maguire Easter egg talk
because now Sam Raimi is going to be directing Doctor Strange 2 so if you
hear any news about Andrew Garfield coming back for anything like spider-man
into the spider burst or something like that then I will totally do a video
about it but post all your theories in the comments below do you think the
Fantastic Four characters will appear in other people’s movies first like
spider-man Civil War style or do you think we’ll see them for the first time
when they do the new Marvel Fantastic Four reboot movie I’m working on a new
venom – spider-man video that I’ll post this weekend leave all your video
requests and big questions in the comments below any other Fantastic Four
or marble phase four related stuff everyone click here for my new Loki
trailer video in Easter eggs and click here for my new Doctor Strange 2 Sam
Raimi video thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome it’s
Pizza time!

100 thoughts on “Marvel Fantastic Four Announcement Breakdown – Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

  1. Here's my new Marvel Fantastic Four video and Easter Eggs. Post all your theories in the comments. I'll do more Fantastic Four videos when they release more details! Here's my new Doctor Strange 2 video too!

  2. John would be fantastic pun intended as Mr Fantastic the guy can be funny and serous with proven track record if you watched him in the office and Jack Ryan. he is a perfect fit for the MCU

  3. They should have give thought to Emily as Captain Marvel. Having said that. They could have thought of anyone that is not Brie. Brie Sucks.

  4. How about instead of yet another origin story movie we get a movie with the fully established Fantastic Four? Maybe with their kids, Franklin and Valeria?

  5. I imagine, now that Endgame has opened up the mutliverse (kind of), they will be able to introduce the Fantastic Four (& Mutants) along one of those timelines. They were always on one of the other Earths (or got lost in the quantum realm) and the split in the timestream (when the Avengers traveled back/sideways/forwards/under in time – whatever it is! 🙂 ) is the easiest way to introduce them! However, they may just want to start from the beginning with them and build the team from now going forward. I imagine they will pop up in Doctor Strange 2 in some fashion or form. Cheers for content.

  6. If the plot has the F4 getting their powers while on the Skrull/SWORD ship its a given that Doc Doom would be there but with the Skrull on site this could be the new origin of the first movie villain the Super Skrull. Leaving Doom for a team-up movie later.

  7. I grew up on marvel..but i relize its too much white Supremecy in these comics i know why know the writer were all white for thr most part..but they use names and history that is not European example Dc comics and The House of truth the House of El is the Moorish Lineage in real life not Superman..but we live in a fake world
    …where actors act good but are really messed up in real life

  8. Fantastic Four should set up with an end credits scene in Thor 4 cosmic explosion that give the F4 their super powers is witnessed from afar and Thor ending the scene with, "What the hell was that?" #MarvelStudios

  9. ive always thought that Emily Blunt as Black Widow would be much worse than Johanson. not saying she is a bad actress or unattractive by conventional standards, but she really can't carry a movie as the sexy character. (yes, screw it, its shallow but when a chick who i don't find attractive plays a character that other characters clearly treat as very attractive, it ruins the vibe of the movie)

  10. I have always loved the FF and like many am disappointed by the previous Sony renditions. Marvel are the masters of all thing superhero, so expectations of what they put out are high..that said I think individual appearances by FF members in other movies is the way to go..its a way of generating excitement about the characters before the FF movie..though that one will most likely be a FF origin movie..appearances by let's say The Thing or Mr Fantastic can be explained by the whole time travel time line multiverse stuff that Marvel has embraced..such appearances are true to the comics as well . There was a marvel team up series of comics that always featured The Thing with another doubt there is a team up comic of The Thing with almost every member of the Avengers as we know them from the Infinity movies..

  11. A big part of John and Emily's appeal to studios, is the box office success of A Quiet Place, so having them play a family again for F4 makes financial sense. And of course John wont confirm it, even if he is signed, until it suits marvel to announce it. F4 will appear in the next antman, i bet

  12. Hopefully this is fake news. These two are much too expensive for Marvel to cast anyway. Go unknown Feige. Otherwise you’ll be paying these two back-end points up the ass.

  13. I want an MCU movie that introduces the FF as a 1960s superhero team who were thrown 60 years into the future during a battle with Kang. Kang may or may not be the big bad of the story, but I 100% do NOT want to see Dr. Doom yet. I refuse to believe a Fantastic Four film has to have Doctor Doom in it to be good. Hint at Victor, mention Victor, show pieces of his armor in the Baxter Building, whatever… just don't make him the main villain YET!

  14. I could see Emily Blunt being a good captain Marvel replacement. Although it would be cool to see real life couple Krasinski and Blunt play Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic.

  15. I don’t think it should be the focus, but I really think they should introduce Kane as the new Thanos. Instead of going after infinity stones, the new shared “McGuffin” could easily be the many many different versions of Kane across his different timelines. It creates an interesting dynamic that yes, we’d see a lot of the same villain, but very different versions of him, at many different ages. All culminating in fighting his prime version everyone knows at the end of his saga, and I don’t think it should be set up anywhere else than Fantastic Four. I’d also rather they stay away from Doom, while i love the character, we have seen 2 live action versions. Bad or not I’d like some other rogues to get a shot.

  16. Personally I think for the new fantastic 4 they should treat it the same as they did with spiderman. Have them all ready have their powers. We've all ready had 2 movies with their origin and the last one was kind of a bust.

  17. I really hope that they will focus on the family part of the Fantastic Four instead of mindless action. The best stories are the ones that actually focus on the relationships.

  18. I want them to appear in other movies toooo! Big thing, I dont want them to mess up silver surfer like they did before!

  19. After 2005's F.F., I had a notion of writing the 2nd movie's premise – for the Fantastic Four to unintentionally inspire AND tackle the FRIGHTFUL FOUR: circus sideshow performers who grew spiteful of the F.F. for taking away their "freak" status and making the cosmic version more popular. As The Wizard tinkers with a new devise to gain cosmic powers, he unintentionally creates a portal to the moon's surface, catching some of the Terragen Mist from the city of the Eternals and meeting Medusa afterwards as she guides them to understanding their new powers, with her endgame to take the cosmic radiation from the F.F. to restore the balance on Black Bolt's order. Alas, as everyone knows with the Silver Surfer, 'twas not to be.

  20. Reed Richards and Scott Summers are leaders. They need someone people would follow into hell.
    Krasinski has no backbone.

  21. I hope in the fantastic 4 movie they kind of have teed Richard replace tony stark in a sense by purchasing avengers tower and leading another super hero team

  22. I am way less excited for the 4 than I am of DOOM! I would love to see yes, the FF4, but an arc for Dr.Doom where he starts as a villain and ends up redeeming himself.

  23. The Fantastic Four was originally a group of explorers based on DC's 'The Challengers of the Unknown'. I would like to see Marvel take their next movie back to this premise. Yes, they are heroes, but first they are explorers who happen to save the world, or at least Manhattan. Kudos to whoever picked the suggested cast for this movie.

  24. For Fantastic Four movie, I would like to see the silver surfer saga but not in the first FF movie. I would like the galactus coming to eat the world sotry be a bookend like ENDGAME was, so I hope the save the silver surfer comes to earth story near the end of the 2nd saga. I would be happy to see silver surfer introduced in GOTG 3 or Blood and THunder first and built up to a fantastic four 2 or 3 movie.

  25. Honestly we need Franklin and Valeria too. Go read Jonathan Hickman's run on the FF. One of the best run ever bon any medium.

  26. Oh no 🤦🏾‍♂️, not again!!! Why can’t they go to a different well bc this isn’t going to end well. They are incapable of making a good fantastic four movie bc it’s just too sci-fi and not enough hero and the versions are never new and the storyline is just so dead on arrival and too predictable

  27. If SWORD has been around since the 80s, the Fantastic 4 group could be an expedition team to survey space as part of the early years of SWORD, then the cosmic storm accident can have them somehow sent to the quantum realm and they could be behind the lost city there.

    Then they can have them brought out by Ant-Man or Doctor Strange, maybe have an interaction between Hank Pym and Reed Richards as scientific rivals or colleagues from the previous century.

    This way they can still be the “Original Family” while having an explanation as to why they’ve never been mentioned, maybe SWORD’s been trying to keep the accident a secret.

  28. I would love to see them introduce the FF in the wake of Tony Stark’s snap. I would retro-write them into continuity; they come back from the negative zone, and it calms the world. This would start with Mole Man as a sub villain…leading to Doom.

  29. I'm so excited about all of the Marvel movies in the works. I know that I will be ready to purchase tickets early. Yay.

  30. I wonder if Tom Holland will ever cameo as peter Parker or Spider-Man or tom hardy as eddy brock or venom in any of the Disney+ shows

  31. I want to see them continue with the next phase, building upon what we've already seen. The Avengers have gone through many teammembers historically, so I'd like to see them do solo origin stories, then bring the new team together like they did with Phase 1. No recasting. Just introduce new heroes. As long as they honor the source material and the previous installments in the MCU, I'll be happy.

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  33. Is that the carnage music at the end of this video from like… super Nintendo game? Anyways…. been following for awhile. Love the content the best on YouTube for easter eggs and breakdowns. #nerdpower

  34. Im such a nerd. I always wanted to see Marvel Movies when I was a Kid. I remember these awful early 80's made for TV movies live action captain America and spiderman and was like, " one day special effects will be good enough to make these Movies good" I had no idea it would take over Hollywood

  35. Be great if some how they tied the fantastic four in with the xmen. Or vice versa. They could be the final back up if things get really hairy.?

  36. I would love him and his wife to be Reed Richards and Sue storm. They have great chemistry together.
    But mostly I just want a good Doom story.

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