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guys welcome back to the channel today we're talking Marvel IPTV great service here great content over 7,200 channels to help you get better content and a better price let's take a look at Marvel to see what they've got to offer for you keep in mind it is educational purposes only guys please do further research check it out yourself you know give these guys a trial see if it's gonna be what's gonna work best for you before purchasing and as always makes your subscribe make sure you got that notification balance you can be the first ones to see the services how to get trials best pricing options out there please subscribe and preciate your support back so alright let's talk about Marvel they have tons of channel 7200 the definitely a worldwide service watch it as we go through these channels here you can see they've got some sports up top Albania Afghanistan Africa they've got some adult if you want that Austria Bangladesh Brazil I'm not reading all these just showing you guys there's China Estonia Finland Germany Greece Selenia India Israel Japan Kurdish tons of Latin America stuff you want 573 just in one section there they've got another Argentina 457 and 45 for Chile and anyway you get the point there's just a ton of good channels out here for you if you're looking for a worldwide service this one will definitely be one you want to consider looking at for this guy so so as you can see here the United States 394 now they throw everything in one big group okay same with the UK every country's got their own group so they don't separate out with news or entertainment or kids or or pay-per-view or anything like that it's all thrown together kind of like what your cable company does they just say hey here's 300 channels you go to remember channel 12 is whatever and channel 200 and whatever something else so you get the point here alright let's look at the let's go back one more section here just want to show movies they do have a little bit in their video on-demand section there so if you're looking for that you can come see here they've got some top 250 s they've got some adult there if you were looking for you nobody wanted man for that I guess you have some TV series as well so you can come check out those so a lot of good channels here for you to look at keep yourself entertained for a long time with that let's go back to live TV let's go to the US section real quick we'll open that up see what they've got in there for us for this so keep in mind we're not showing content here we're just showing channels that they have and what's available there you can see will click on a few of these can you replace cable or satellite absolutely they definitely have all the channels you're gonna need for that AMC Animal Planet Annie that's all in here you can see Bloomberg of boomerangs here be ET some CBS stuff CNN's some cinematics some CW stuff cartoon see here Comedy Central DIYs so a lot of good got a good channels here definitely can get rid of that type priced cable and move to IPTV definitely can do that some food networks and Fox stuff here Fox Sports anyway HBO's are there so your premium movies are gonna be in here HGTV hallmarks MTV's what else we go there's some music channels some NBA so NBC golf's NFL networks are here some NBC's outdoors pac-12 paramount with us we've got some Showtime SEC some stars so they're kind of all over the place they're not the greatest in alphabetical order you can hold those down when you find one you want to keep add it to your favorite go that route and then that way you've got all the channels you need for this and you can obviously go your your favorite section then after you're done this and we'll have a bunch of our favorites so we'll show you that here in a second all right more channels down here some sports net world there AFN some CBS some cinema one so your pay-per-view is anything it would normally cost you five bucks to ran from cable there's a bunch here now it doesn't say which channel is just have to click on it and see what's playing that day but it's better than have to go and spend the five bucks to get that right alright some more stuff down here again there's so many channels here you're just gonna have to look at it find the ones you want save those and spend a few minutes you're gonna take a few minutes to actually get in there find the channels you want and but once you've got them you'll be good you'll be able to go into your favorites section and you know find ones there there's your NBA pass it's out of season but it's still here good to see they've got the major sports in here for us so you should be able to find plenty of channels here is every channel here it's hard to say you guys have take that trial out see if it's got all the channels you're looking for either way you're still saving a ton of money by going with IPTV versus paid cable or satellite so let's go back here to our favorites these are all the channels I favorited you can see here these are all here listed for you now obviously you would save a hundred and some-odd of those or whatever it may be sports there see there's anything else I want to talk about Canada will sort of show some Canada stuff here this is gonna be a very similar as well to getting rid of cable or satellite they've got your TSN your CB sees some ABC stuff Animal Planet of BBC's some of your CDC's are there obviously I'm not in Canada but it can tell that there's a lot of these that people ask me about they're here and you can see that they give you quite a few of these to look at so you should be able to get rid of expensive cable by going with Marvel a lot of good stuff there so the best part about it is you get all access to all these channels when you purchase obviously you know care about Germany or Finland but you've still got all your major sports major movie networks that are here so you can watch those anything you have that huge pay-per-view or a huge video on-demand section there you can look at there so alright I think we've seen enough of the service itself here and what they have to offer let's go talk pricing and trials where to get this all right here's the website Marvell IPTV comm you can come check them out here if you're interested in becoming a reseller they do offer that so if you like to serve us so much you want to sell it to friends and family you can check that out to talk about catch up EPG which is TV Guide stable channels to connections come with your pricing here so that's nice video on demand we saw a little bit of that they have great offerings with that further down here the trial request so right there you can request that trial fill out your information you give them your name your email and they send you your your login and password you try it out and if it's if it works for you great you know if not you move on to the next one right so they do have a little chat here that's coming up I'm just going to dismiss that I won't worry about the message there scroll a little bit further down and check your inbox when you got it you pay through the dashboard and then you enjoy it okay bronze package 35 and that's euro it's gonna run you about thirty-nine US dollars that is three months they do not have a one-month plan so you know that's not it's still not a bad deal a little more than ten dollars a month you know 12 13 bucks a month I guess but in u.s. dollars for that again two connections for that if you're looking to go a little bit longer term for better savings 55 euro or 60 to 50 in u.s. and they do have a one-year package 90 euro or 102 u.s. so yeah no monthly offering there but they do have that free trial you can come take a look at it and again if you're willing to spend the 30 to well 40 bucks for the US and get three months with the service really test it out that time you know I think it'll be a good package for you to look at so please do your own research on it take out that trial see what it's gonna work for you so guys hopefully you like this one if it's the one for you great if not come back tomorrow we'll have a new video for you thanks guys have a good one

13 thoughts on “Marvel TV IPTV Review

  1. I tried this Iptv and it was totally waste of time , rude people , zero customers services and after 8 hour's they said your trial is down

  2. Hi, Thanks for the review , we have a great Dashboard and advanced support: "We are Online always, 24 / 7 / 365"

  3. It doesn't look horrible, but no service should only offer 3 month plans. That would be the huge downside to this service imo.

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