Matt Bomer Addresses Tom Brady Biopic Rumors

-Thank you so much
for coming on. -You bet. Thanks for having me.
-Did you see Strahan backstage? -I didn’t see him.
I just missed him. -Yeah, he told me — -He needs to be
in so many places right now. They probably just…
get him out of here. -He told me that you saw —
you’ve seen a lot of him. -I have. I’ve seen — I’ve seen about all there is
to see of Michael. -Yeah, ’cause you were —
was it “Magic Mike XXL”? -“Mike — XXL.”
-Yeah. -Yeah, he came in and did
a scene in Jada’s strip club. And the reaction
on all of our faces is the least acting
I’ve ever had to do. [ Laughter ] Because we know him from the,
you know, the morning shows and sports.
-Of course, yeah. -And then, all of a sudden,
you see him in a thong… -[ Laughs ] It changes —
-…oiling down a lady, and then…
-[ Laughs ] -…doing some special things
to her. -Yeah.
-And, you know, it’s just, bam. Jaw dropped.
-Yeah, wow. I saw — I saw — we talked
about Kobe a little bit with… -Yeah, yeah. -I saw you posted something
very nice on Instagram. -Yeah.
-I know you lived in L.A., so it must —
must be tough, man. -Yeah, I mean, obviously,
our hearts go out to all the families involved,
you know? But when I think about Kobe,
we have three sons. And whenever
we’re playing basketball and they’re taking a shot
that’s particularly challenging or defies the odds, they always go, “Kobe! Kobe!”
-Oh, really? -And I think it’s
such a testament to who he was and what he gave that game that kids all around the world, when they want to channel
greatness, they say his name. -Yeah. -And one of our kids last night
asked me — said, “Can I still say ‘Kobe’
when I do something great?” And I said,
“Now more than ever, buddy.” -Yeah, absolutely.
That’s right, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] How — How — How are the kids? How old are they now?
-14 and 11. -Are they really?
-The twins are 11, yeah. -Wow, 14.
-[ Chuckling ] Yeah. -Are they —
Are they playing any sports? -Yes, our oldest plays football. And the twins are playing
basketball right now, actually. -They are?
-Yeah. -Who’s he going for
for the Super Bowl? -Oh, my gosh.
He’s such a huge 49ers fan. -Really?
-It’s — He knows every player,
every statistic. He chose the team, I guess, about — gosh —
eight years ago. And we’ve been
going to games together almost every year since
in San Francisco. And he just — we went to a playoff game
against Minnesota this year. -Oh, my gosh.
-And, I mean, there were season ticket holders
behind him who didn’t know, like, who the players were. And he’s like,
“Oh, that’s Raheem Mostert. He has 26 carries
for 432 yards.” -[ Laughs ] Yeah.
-He knows everything. -He’s a great kid to sit with,
yeah, so he’s psyched. -And he’s also an LSU fan. So he’s just having
the best sports fan year he could possibly have.
-Oh, my gosh. -I was like, “Buddy, enjoy this, ’cause it does not come around
every year.” [ Laughter ] -No, trust me.
Yeah, I live in New York. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] You’re — But you have football
in the blood? -Yeah.
-Your dad — is it John Bomer? -Yeah, John. -John Bomer got drafted
to the Dallas Cowboys in 1971? -Sure.
-Is that — Yeah, something like that?
[ Laughter ] I — That’s the research I did.
But that’s amazing. -It is amazing, yeah. -And you played a little bit
in — in high school? -Yeah, I quickly realized that I was not gonna be drafted
by the Dallas Cowboys. -What position?
What position did you play? -I played receiver
and defensive back. And I was actually
an okay receiver. I didn’t really drop passes. But defensive back — you know,
I mean, I’m 6 feet tall. But it was Texas 5A,
“Friday Night Lights” ball. So, you know,
I was typically just like diving into people’s legs
and hoping they would go down. -Yeah, which is not legal. Yeah, no.
-No, no. -I don’t know if you saw this, but when the Patriots won
last year, there was talk — they said, “We should make
a movie about this season.” And all of a sudden, they said, “Matt Bomer
should play Tom Brady.” [ Laughter ]
And they — they posted this online. Not bad, dude. -Oh.
[ Laughter ] -I could —
I could see you doing that. Would you ever do it? -Well, first of all,
I wish I looked like Tom Brady. But, secondly,
I think there are more — there are more chapters
in the biopic of Tom Brady. You know, he still has —
I think, by the time they’re ready
to make a Tom Brady biopic, I’ll be way too long
in the tooth for that. [ Laughter ] -Oh, really?
You don’t think so? -But I’ll give it —
I’ll give it a shot, man. Let’s do it.
Let’s get started here. [ Laughter ]
-Let’s talk about “The Sinner.” I’m psyched about this. Do you want to explain the setup
to this series? Because it’s a — -Yeah, I mean,
what I love about this show — it’s a “why done it”
as opposed to a “whodunit.” I play a guy called Jamie Burns, who, on paper,
just has everything together. He’s got a great job,
great wife. They’re expecting a child.
-Yep. -They’ve just moved out
to the burbs. Everything is going right. But inside,
he’s really suffering from a profound sense of —
of loneliness and spiritual disconnection, both with the people in his life
and with society at large. And out of desperation, he reaches out to this
sort of toxic relationship he had from the past and brings his friend
back into his life, and that just makes everything
spiral out of control. -Do you — This is the
third season of “The Sinner.” -Yeah. -But every season’s
a new kind of story. -Yeah, I actually first learned
about the show on this show. ‘Cause I was here with Jessica when she was first promoting
the show, and I — -Oh, Jessica Biel.
-Jessica Biel. And I saw the clip. And I said, “I got to see that.”
-Yeah. -And I’ve been a fan ever since, which is one of the strange
things about, you know, anthology series now — you can be a fan,
and all of a sudden, you’re on the set, interacting with the characters
that you’re a fan of. -That’s so cool.
That’s great. And now she’s —
she’s producing it. -She’s producing it.
-She’s unbelievable. -She’s a great —
She’s a great producer. -And you shot in New York,
correct? -In New York City. -What’s it like shooting
in New York? -I mean, I love it, you know, especially as someone who came
here and struggled here and didn’t know how
I was gonna pay my rent here, to be able to —
you know better than I do — to be able to film here and —
and do what you love is a dream come true.
-It’s the greatest. -There are
some climate challenges from time to time.
-Yeah, sure, yeah, a little bit. Yeah, it gets a little cold.
-As you can imagine. -Sure. -There were some on
“The Sinner.” But I did a show here
with Viola Davis years ago. This is back
when we shot on film. I sound like…
[ Laughter ] “Back when we shot on film.”
-“Back when we shot on film.” Yeah.
-“Before the talkies.” [ Laughter ] -Yeah. Talkies.
-But they used to — I had to shoot on the top
of the Triborough Bridge at the end of February. And it wasn’t
supposed to be winter. So I had on a T-shirt
and a jean jacket. -Oh, I hate that. Oh, no.
-So my face is already frozen. And this is — they didn’t have
the same technology on film as they do on digital, so they didn’t want your breath
to fog up. So they would make you put
ice cubes in your mouth… -What?! -…so there wouldn’t be
a temperature differential to create the fog. That’s called science.
[ Laughter ] -Wow!
-And you’re welcome for that. -I’ve never heard of that.
-So they would — they’d put this ice
in your mouth and make you just sit there for,
like, 30 seconds awkwardly. And they’d be like,
“Is it cold enough?” You’re like, “Yeah,
I think it’s cold enough now.” [ Laughter ]
And then they — and I had to do this scene where
I was talking on the phone. It was a very serious,
gritty scene. And I had to say “Brooklyn Bridge
northwest abutment”… [ Laughter ]
…like a tough guy. -And so, after you have ice
in your mouth… -So I was like —
whhhh-whhh-whhh-whhh! [ Garbled ] “Brooklyn Bridge
northwest abutment.” [ Laughter ]
-Have subtitles on that scene. -Needless to say,
we rerecorded the entire thing, you know,
on a sound stage later. -Yes.
-But I love New York.

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