– Hello everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin
Kitchen, I hope you are well. Today we are doing another mini food. This is part of a bigger playlist, so if you’ve missed any of
those, grab the popcorn, just like all over the place
and have a little look. There’s a link up here and down below and if you leave a little
request for a future one, maybe have a little look there and see if I’ve actually done
it already, before asking, which does happen quite a lot, but today we are attempting
to minuscule down the BLT, the old Barry Looks Tangy, or the Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato sandwich, absolute stonker, one of my favourites. I’ve actually done a genuine,
full-sized version of that, which was gorgeous, on the channel before, so you might wanna try that
out if you’re feeling inspired, but we’re gonna mini
it, so let’s crack on. Oh and for the purposes of the location, the pugs join this video. They are just lying down
and sunbathing, baby, nice. So, as always with the mini food, very kindly provided by one
of you guys, chopping board, and the Winnie the Pooh,
rip-off, naff plate thing, which many of you randomly actually have. The aim is to make the
BLT fit on that plate and normally it does, so
I’m very excited about this. We’ve got the little tools,
a little reminder again, that that is not secondhand (laughs), it hasn’t been used on
people’s feet and stuff and also our ever-growing hamper, actually I’ve been sent about 10 of these, by the way, so thanks for that. Rolling pin, most amazing sieve ever and some other bits and bobs, that I don’t really need
today, like jugs and stuff, if I ever need to do a coffee, but it’s all about the BLT today. So then, BLT, now the most
exciting thing for me today, obviously we need bacon, lettuce, tomato, which we’re gonna cook up. I bought this bread from the supermarket, but it’s actually sold crustless. Now, there’s that myth, isn’t there, that bread with crusts
on makes your hair curly. That doesn’t work, ’cause
I eat loads of crusts and I don’t look like
Annie, so there we go, this is gonna be the form of our sandwich, I’m just gonna cut it up
into two, even-sized squares, But I’ve just never seen
crustless bread before, it’s kind of like a new invention to me. Just getting a rough idea of
how big I can go, OK, cool. I wanna try and make it as big as I can, I know that sounds really
weird for mini food, but I do want it, you know,
I wanna make it worthwhile. I’ll just check that, ooh, that’s a little too big. How about that? Alright, that’s pretty good, it’s actually quite a spongy
bread as well, isn’t it. I just wanna make it a little bit flatter, there we go, loving that. Actually, hey hey (laughs),, I just wanna get it just a
teeny bit flatter, that’s all, yeah, that works. I wanna use a very British
phrase here to say, “Oh, crumbs, I’m getting
crumbs everywhere,” so there you go, folks, if
you’re not from England, you’ve learned a very
British phrase there. It’s kind of like a very
gentle, sort of like, “Oh, no!” “Crumbs!” OK. Use it,
especially if you’re gangsters, “Crumbs, man!” There we go, nice. So, let’s get the old rolling pin again. I wasn’t intending on using
you today, rolling pin, but you know, I think my kids
kind of want you back, but… Nice, nice, nice. Take a little bit off there. Brilliant, there we go. So for the lettuce bit,
over here in my fridge, we have got some leftover
lettuce, let me show you. We basically had a salad
last night, and I was like, “Ooh, I can use this,” so that’s where that’s gonna come from, I’m just gonna finely chop that. As for the tomato though, boom (laughs), I don’t have a tomato, I could
have got a cherry tomato, but again, we just happened
to have these in the fridge, so I don’t wanna waste buying
unnecessary tomato-idge, so I’m gonna take a little,
I’m actually gonna try and take just a wedge out
of the side of the tomato and leave the rest of it
intact, see what I mean? There we go, that is plenty, that’s all I need. I’m probably gonna put that
back into the fridge now and freak Mrs. Barry out, just wrap it in some tinfoil and yes, I’m just cutting it into
strips really, for the minute. It’s always difficult to judge how much I need for these things. Right, I’m gonna halve it a
little bit like that, see. That’s a bit more tomatoey, it’s definitely a tomato,
you guys have seen it, so I’ve put it on my
spare plate like that, tomato is done. Right, ooh, there we go, always tricky to balance that. We’re gonna do our bread first. That’s really hot, so I’m
just keeping my eye on it, I don’t think it’s gonna
take that long to catch, ahh, very hot as well, woo! The edges are just starting
to brown a little bit. Edging closer now, folks, you can see, it’s just starting to catch
on the sides, look at this, oh wow, check that out (laughs). Come on, baby, come on. Do you know what, I’m
actually happy with that, I’m taking it off the heat, ’cause it is really, really
hot today for some reason. Right, that’s one piece (laughs) and the other, yes. For the bacon, I’m not
gonna risk it too much, so I’m gonna cook a larger piece really. This is a quarter of a teaspoon of oil and I’m gonna chuck in my bacon and this is not taking long at all, but I really want it crispy, so I am gonna cook it for quite a bit (sizzling bacon) and all of a sudden, look, as if by magic, hello mate (laughs). Nice, come on, baby. Alright, I’m happy with that,
I don’t know if my pan is. (laughs) So just while that’s cooling a little bit, and I slice it up, I’ll
get me lettuce ready, nice, bacon, lettuce, tomato, awesome. That’s nice and easy
to handle now as well, so let’s use our tweezers to
try and hold this in place, (laughs) well actually,
that works, doesn’t it? I’m just gonna pull stuff
off, tear bacon, oh yeah, that’s my bacon rashers. I was gonna like cut it into chunks a little bit like that,
more strips stuff, but hey, this is gonna do, folks, this is gonna do. I ran out of plates, so I’m
just gonna put it on my sieve to hold it for now, but I
think we’re ready to build it. So, here comes our plate, cha-ching! First piece of bread down, mayonnaise on the bottom piece of bread. That’s quite a bit, so
I’m gonna scrape some off, just wanna, yeah. Lettuce, tomato, oh, this is really fiddly, tomato, bacon and I’ve taken it off
the plate for the minute, ’cause it was getting really curvy, I couldn’t really get to it. There we go, that’s better. Bacon, check that out. It’s really funny that I’m
using tweezers actually, because when they do
professional cookbooks, professional, things like food styling, a lot of it’s done with tweezers or they put cotton wool in
the microwave soaked in water, just to steam it and get it really hot and they’ll make a soup
photo look red hot, even though it’s cold, by putting
the cotton wool behind it. A bit more mayo on the
underside of our lid. Just a reminder, folks, if
you’re enjoying the video, don’t forget, I’m on all social media, Twitter, Facebook,
Insta-Snapchat, all that stuff @Myvirginkitchen So here we go, let’s place this down. The mayo’s gonna act as a bit of a glue and we have made (laughs) a little BLT. Right, let’s get it on the
plate, see if that works. Alright then, folks, let’s
see if we have done it. There is our Winnie the Pooh plate and in comes, oh yes, it’s fine, our BLT, check that out. I feel like I need to put
it on one of the flat plates actually, just because
of the curved edges, you can’t quite see it too well. This one’s a teeny bit flatter, so you can get a better
view of it, see that. (laughs) Love it! And as always, for scale purposes and to hopefully prove I’m not using a really highly magnified
lens, there is a tangerine (laughs) for scale. Mini BLT, all done. Alright, here we go, tasting time (laughs) I’m so excited for this, I love a BLT. Just like the real thing,
absolutely stonking! So that’s it, folks, so
remember to check out the rest of the mini food playlist and then let me know down below any other mini food
attempts you wanna see next. Don’t forget to subscribe for
regular recipes and food fun and I will see you again, next time.

100 thoughts on “MINI BLT

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