Mint Mobile review $20, 90 days of service Promo Code below

hello everyone this is Noah once again
and I wanted to mention something if you have been on the fence with regards to
Mint mobile here’s something that you should know and they are offering you
three months of cellular service until the end of 2018 that’s how long the
promo will run so they’ll give you three months of selling their service for 20
bucks not a bad deal and if you go here under view offer you can see the details
about it so three months five gigabytes of data 4G LTE SIM card which which gets
delivered to you you pay $20 online with a credit card
once you get the sim in the mail that day you put it in there you can port
your number over as long as you have your current carriers account number and
4-digit pin those two things are going to be very important and you will get
the sim kit in the mail and I’m just going over some of the pictures of the
sim card kit 20 bucks and again it’s not $20 a month it’s $20 for three months
and you can see that here it includes three months of unlimited nationwide
talk and text five gigabytes of 4G LTE data per month three in one sim can sim
card kits try to say that fast and that sim card kit the reason why it’s three
and one is if you have an older phone you can still use the sim card kit if
you have a new one then you just cut the exterior part and use a smaller card all
you have to hit is that Buy It Now once you click on the link that I will
provide on the description you have a seven day money back guarantee three
months of wireless five gigabytes 4G LTE data unlimited talk and text free
international calls to Mexico and Canada you can use your own phone I do highly
recommend you use a team mobile phone to get the optimum reception including
features such as Wi-Fi calling and of course mobile hotspot you could
turn your device into a Wi-Fi hotspot if your big data user then after the three
months go and jump on the 10 gigabyte data plan which is 25 bucks a month
that’s really cheap as well but you can also check your device to make sure it
works and for those who are wondering oh is this really legit I’m gonna show you
a screenshot here of my phone settings under mobile network I did this in
another video but you can see that right here carrier you can see that it is
t-mobile as the carrier and down at the bottom here you can see network is mint
and you can see that way down at the bottom of the screen and the last thing
at the bottom is the access point names or APN settings we’ll click on that and
show you that we are using t-mobile you can see that right here with the APN
settings it’s all tied in to t-mobile so folks once again you can you can go
under the settings and see that once you have it connected but it really is a
no-brainer and after your three month ends you can lock into a low offer of a
12 month plan or six month plan however you want to do it but you can see that
it is legit and it is working on t-mobile so I just wanted to show you
that because until the end of 2018 they’re basically giving you for $20 3
months of unlimited talk and text with 5 gigabytes of data you really can’t beat
that it’s actually less than $7 a month for that it’s insanely cheap so if you
have any questions go ahead and post it at the bottom after my description any
comments if you’ve tried it and you’re using it let me know let me know how
it’s working out for you if you have currently t-mobile service that means
this should work just fine for you as well
again this is Noah thank you for watching you

3 thoughts on “Mint Mobile review $20, 90 days of service Promo Code below

  1. The rep on the phone… Yes I called and a person answered said if it doesn't work in my phone I keep it and they refund my money.

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