Mirror Your Entire Desktop with Chromecast for $35!

hey this is Nils today we're going to show you how to use chromecast to mirror whatever is on your laptop or your desktop right on to your TV so for about $35 the price of a chromecast you can actually project wirelessly whatever's on there over to your TV so let's see how it looks in your Chrome browser you'll need to install the chromecast extension if you've already got that installed then you'll see the chrome tab extension right up here a little shortcut icon so in order to mirror it's really quite simply just click on this and then up in the top right corner here you'll see just a little drop-down arrow so click that and then cast entire screen and then you'll just like you normally do select what device you want to send it to so we'll click on that gives you a little pop-up that says are you sure you want to cast that to the whole screen and then you'll see here once you hit yes you get a mirrored screen which is really handy so a couple things to note about this it does have its limitations for example I'm moving my mouse around on the laptop here but you cannot see that at all on the TV it does not cast your mouse or any movement that you're making there you can see as I scroll there's a half a second to a one-second lag that shows up it's pretty smooth once it catches up but it's like it's permanently half second behind or one second behind so that's something to be aware of there's also no audio in this so there's if you want to use this to do video then you're going to have to set up your audio as a separate output from your laptop or from your computer over to your audio output speakers or whatever you have set up so let's take a look at a couple things if I load a movie on this you can definitely see the difference in the timing let's skip ahead and see if you can see this a little bit better yeah if you're watching between the two either's the there's a clear difference but it actually plays pretty smoothly on the TV it's really not bad especially for for being a cast over Wi-Fi and then just one final test to do with this one of the reasons we're considering using one of these at work is for the Wi-Fi ability to use presentations on our overhead projector without hooking up to the computer itself and so if I go into presentation mode you can see on the TV that although there's a lag the fade isn't bad it actually does a nice little transition or animation in between videos so really not too shabby so all in all pretty good for $35 it does have a couple of setbacks and limitations it's experimental right now so those are those are possibly things that will be fixed in the future so really not a bad device for 35 bucks for mirroring your laptop weather or your desktop whether it be a Mac or a PC

29 thoughts on “Mirror Your Entire Desktop with Chromecast for $35!

  1. This will not work if the Desktop does not have a wifi transmitter. A laptop is being used. I want to see if anyone has used  a desktop with no wifi to run a chromecast dongle. Using a straight cable OR a USD wifi plugin on the desktop pc.

  2. Hi. What's the update now? Is the lag still existing in the newer chromecast? Can I play streaming football games using the "play this tab" on the TV (in full screen) and still work on some other thing on my laptop?

  3. Can anybody confirm that you can for example stream a TV show on Project Free TV and get the audo & video simultaneously?

  4. Will the audio play through my TV? I want to watch movies through VLC Player but how will it work with the slight delay?

  5. I know this video is old, but I wanted to add my two cents; I thought it might help those who stumble onto this video like me. First this video was helpful. Thank you Nils. I just bought a chrome cast to project my dell venue pro 8 tablet onto my samsung tv. Casting the web browser is really nice. Yes there is some lag with video streams, but I found that if I just zoom the screen instead of going full screen video the lag time decreases. And when casting the entire screen if you chose the option for "optimize for audio" it will cast the video and audio to my tv without duplicating the audio.   

  6. I have a couple of questions. I know this video is 1 year old. lets take into account I'm buying one next week with the latest updates and what not. Where will the sound come from if I'm playing a video embedded on a website like (dailymotion)?
     Is there any noticeable lag in the video SEEN only on the tv (I dt care about the 1 sec difference between laptop and tv I just want to know If there's any lag on the video played solely on the tv?)

  7. Stupid question: I am a little confused, can I cast my desktop screen? or does it have to be through Google Chrome? Like can I take a picture that is saved on my computer and open it up and cast it to my tv somehow without using an internet browser? Or cast a word document, paint, etc.  I hope my question makes sense

  8. BOGUS!!!!! You did not show mirroring your desktop, you only mirror what was in your chrome browser. Why did you not go to windows desktop and click on excel or something? I heard this will only mirror whatever is in the browser not on the desktop as your video title would suggest.

  9. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but will this mirror anything you do on your laptop, or does it have to be opened within Chrome? We have CAD software we want to mirror to a larger screen – would this be suitable?

  10. haha ,…thank u ..this is soooo awesome …n it gives audio too..!!  now i can use my xbmc and mirror it..!!   thanks man ..!! thanks a lot..!! 

  11. Great video man, I recently got my Chromecast. I hope with updates they'll be able to fix the delay problem and add audio as well. That would make this little USB amazing.

  12. Lol, so this is the experimental feature people are comparing to AirTame? Total joke! Doesn't even support audio and probably not going to be stable until Chrome cast 2…and to top it all off, the spyware is still in the middle.

  13. hi i know there is a lag on it but is it smooth when playing videos like does the video on the tv lag itself 

  14. What program were you using to cast the movie. Thought it only allows you to cast web browser and how can you cast videos from my c drive thanks

  15. This seems pointless…  No audio, if you turn your audio on then its a second behind.  Obviously projector presentation works.

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