Miss Americana | Official Trailer

Just gonna go have fun. No one out there
that I know of in the audience actively hates me. Not get dead faced. -Ready to do this?
-Ready… Totally ready.Throughout my whole career,label executives
would just say,“A nice girl doesn’t force
their opinions on people.A nice girl smiles and waves
and says thank you.”I became the person…everyone wanted me to be.I think that Taylor Swift,
she is annoying.All of her model friends–-…going through guys like–
-She’s too skinny.Nobody physically saw me
for a year. And that was
what I thought they wanted. I had to deconstruct
an entire belief system. Toss it out and reject it. It woke me up
from constantly feeling like I was fighting
for people’s respect. It was happiness… without anyone else’s input. I want to do this. I need to be
on the right side of history.Taylor Swift broke her silence
on politics…She’s using her voice
in a whole new way.And it feels fucking awesome. I feel really good
about not feeling… muzzled anymore, and it was my own doing. Nothing feels better
than this moment. What are you doing? I’m turning on my party shoes -for vocals.
-Good. We’ve never gotten
a really good take -without them, have we?

100 thoughts on “Miss Americana | Official Trailer

  1. Taylor Swift & Politics…sorry, doesn't work. She supported Hillary…see how that worked out? The country is ecstatic with the end result!

  2. Awww 🙁 The industry and fame really damages people. It's so sad. She used to be this excited, happy person until they brought her down and made her insecure. You can see how it's all affected her.

  3. I was a Taylor Swift fan growing up. I liked her songs right up until they started becoming overwhelmingly mainstream pop. Now I've lost respect for her because she joined the woke, SJW, celebrity mainstream.

  4. So…she was unique and special…and then…felt the need to break out of her shell…be a rebel…..and….become just like every other celebrity Pop Star 🌟

  5. My gosh, I couldn’t see through all the millions of dollars, fame, publicity, mansions, clothes, cars, and other incredible assortment of material things to realize Taylor Swift is really the victim…….. Really? Is anyone buying this garbage? Also, Taylor Swift says she kept quite on issues because her team told her to. Sorry, but that’s not an excuse for doing the right or wrong thing. All this trailer demonstrates is that she is a weak minded puppet who cracked under the pressure from the Woke police. Very sad. Also, the overwhelming majority of her statements about political matters thus far, have been garbage.

  6. https://youtu.be/pTVeaOvveew

    Someone of you might enjoy this, others not, and that’s okay. 👌🏻 I definitely enjoy her music and always have since she started and that’s what I want to hear, not her ideology.

  7. Not interested, she's rich, famous and everything else, this seems boring. Scooter still owns her, that's a documentary I would love to watch.🤣🤣🤣

  8. I’ve never stopped loving Taylor since I listened to her first Album when I was 6 years old❤️ I’m now 16❤️

  9. I don't know about you all but, as a person with a graduate degree and life experiences, I always look to the high school drop out celebrities for their opinions and advice!!

  10. Don’t get me wrong nothing against Taylor swift but things like this always rub me the wrong way no matter who it is. To me personally it tends to come across as “let me just enshroud myself in victim hood. It was the ticked labels this person that person never me I had no real part in this whatsoever 😂 “ Again it obviously it must be insane to be in the position that she is but I think celebrities tend to exaggerate idk some stuff or it comes across as somewhat machiavellian

  11. She's just a woman who sings. everything else is how she's reacted towards life. She chose this life. No one else forced her

  12. 100 bucks says she complains the whole damn movie. Why can’t she just be happy Jesus she makes millions of dollars

  13. Omg I can’t wait BTSxTaylor interaction during Grammys! Love her!💜What is this? New MV, new album??? Actually I saw yesterday Miss Americana trending on Twitter and didn’t open cause thought that it’s beauty competition or smth else 😂

  14. More like she kept her mouth shut till the record companies made her famous then realised she had the power once she was famous

  15. Goddess i feel goosebump .. and i m not even American she's so real And i can't .. i m breathing slowly as i see her talking ..

  16. Im proud of you. BE STRONG, ALWAYS. And my thoughts are with you and your family, it's terrible what is happening to your mom, sorry dear.

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