Missouri University in Chaos as PC Police Crackdown!

stop just may be back with Jeff Jefferson yo give me a lot more the football team went on strike refusing to suit up and a grad student refused to eat until the university president quit they got what they wanted this week as President Tim Wolfe resigned for failing to respond adequately to complaints from black students about racial incidents at the University of Missouri's campus is this the birth of a student-led 21st century civil rights movement I'm PJ TVs Scott OTT joined now by Steven green and bill Whittle and men an emotional Tim Wolfe stepped down as president of the University of Missouri system this week lamenting the racial tensions on campus and welling up with tears saying he was acting out of love by quitting it's a victory for Jonathan Butler the hunger striking grad student and for at least 31 members of the mizzou tigers football squad who held the program hostage demanding Wolf's I'll stir in a week where they're slated to play a high-profile game at the forfeit would have reportedly cost Missouri a million dollars now it all started off campus September 11th when the student body president said some guys riding on the back of a pickup truck repeatedly shouted the n-word at him Payton head posted that to Facebook but it's not clear that he pursued a formal complaint local police did not get a call however some students were upset that the campus Chancellor bowen Loftin waited a week to publicly respond to the incident on October fifth a drunk guy hurled the same racial slur at a black student group in that case the perp was identified in the University kicked him off campus pending a conduct review the chancellor who happened to be in the UK at the time immediately posted a cell phone video to youtube condemning the incident and saying quote it's enough let's stop this let's end hatred and racism at Mizzou the university released a statement thanking the Legion of black collegians for helping police to find the offender calling racism heinous and insidious and committing to quote changing the culture at this university disturbed students were offered counseling at a 24-hour hotline links to the existing web pages for reporting bias and bad conduct incidents and offer the phone numbers of five officials in the administration as well as the campus police number three days later Chancellor Loftin announced mandatory diversity training for all faculty staff and students and created a new position vice-chancellor for inclusion diversity and equity but during the October 10th homecoming parade protesting students in matching t-shirts blockaded president Wolf's car shouting through bullhorns demanding to be heard by his own account wolf didn't handle it well failing to engage with them thus appearing apathetic one student even alleges he was nudged by the car's bumper two weeks later a swastika painted with human excrement on a communal bathroom wall in a dorm further inflamed protesters police immediately launched the investigation and asked for help to identify the perpetrator but a university spokeswoman came under fire for her initial statement referring to the incident merely as vandalism protesters pitched tents on campus and chanted for change president wolf went to visit the hunger striker launched a transparency website and said he was devoting many hours to planning further action but by then students didn't want to talk they wanted wolf out the door Stephen green college football players are often portrayed as academic lunkheads who care for nothing but personal aggrandizement isn't it good to see college athletes engaged in the struggle for equal rights and prevailing oh boy where to begin with all this progressive nonsense you know I came up with an idea earlier today and I love this we're gonna build a Logan's Run style dome over the University of Missouri and see how many of these kids actually even make it to 30 there's there's there's just a one-off another thing there's absolutely no physical evidence of this this feces swastika it sounds like the kind of edge of prop the the left is is so famous for and this this hotbed of racism the the University of Missouri at Columbia a mere seven percent of the student body is black so obviously racist right but you know what last I saw the student body president is also black and this story really gets me you know i attended Mizzou back in the day I started there in the fall of 87 and it was a very different body and not just smaller we had about 22,000 then I think they're about 35,000 or so they're attending out but the composition was much different I'm not just talking about the the racial composition that's it's probably about the same but in terms of College Republicans versus young democrats or commissars and training Stalin youth whatever the hell they call themselves the the conservatives on campus at least represented by those bodies outnumbered the Liberals by two to one can you imagine such a thing it was it was a last term of there is the last year of Reagan's second term it was it was morning in America again and college students to 21 by party organization identified themselves conservative to 21 / liberal or Democrat that's a remarkable thing I bet you couldn't I bet it's it's 3 to 14 to 15 to 1 the other way on that campus now and the results show the progressives the loony left have taken charge of a school I used to love and it makes me so it's just it's infuriating and look at what they've done you know the left likes to complain that oh it's it's such a shame that these institutions of Education have been taken over by the football programs well guess what they have just allowed the University of Missouri football program to take over a college campus the the head of the system is now held hostage by million-dollar contracts and who hasn't pissed off the football team that today congratulations loony loony left you finally got what you wanted well bill Whittle this high-profile case will doubtless embolden oppressed students at other schools don't these education customers have every right to demand a better product and to use their influence to secure the changes they want as it turns out my trifecta this week is about a similar situation of childishness at Yale I don't know where to begin with this I know that we have to some the in these days we have to state the obvious before we can state anything else obviously racism is repulsive and and and degrading and and and it and it has no place on the college campus and that's fine but I think that's kind of the point here right we're not talking about somebody from the University mazur of Missouri staff saying the n-word we're not we're talking about a guy driving a car down a street and yelling it out a window what do they expect the university to do about that honestly what do they actually genuinely expect the university to do about some yay who driving down the street drunk one night rolling out his window and uttering a racial slur what are they supposed to do about that let's start with that the second thing is all of these additional things are a little suspicious Scotty we're going to take them as red because if it turns out it's true it's one thing but you know this swastika and human excrement I haven't seen a picture of it maybe it's just that there aren't any cameras around these days maybe that's why there was no photo taken of it you know people take selfies of themselves in the bathroom 30 times a day and they don't have a picture of this swastika which is national news I find that a little unusual somebody pointed out that you wouldn't write a swastika in human excrement if you were a Nazi be like a Christian drawing a cross on a wall in human excrement if you're a Christian and besides I thought the Nazis were meant to intimidate the Jews and not the blacks look I'm not saying that this isn't a reprehensible situation if it turns out it's all true it is a reprehensible situation but now we get to the meat of the matter and that is what do you do about it if the University of Missouri football team has had the president fired because of their giant temper tantrum then what they are simply doing is once again reinforcing the idea that there is no rule of law in this country that president has rights too you know he has the right to an inquisition an inquisition I'm sorry I slipped excuse me he got his Inquisition I meant to say an inquiry gets right to an inquiry he has a right to it to a hearing he has a right to find out if any of this stuff actually did happen has a right to call witnesses he has a right to some sort of due process before he has to fall on his sword you know this old saw about hey you know one day we'd like to have a university that the football team can be proud of is getting a little bit out of hand and by the way college football players the most violent generally speaking the most violent abusive criminal players on the people on the entire university staff these big tough football players are going to have a strike because their feelings were hurt I'm sorry I just don't get any of this I don't get any of it right at all I I don't get it and I personally think that what's happening is once again we're negotiating with terrorists and if these people think that they can get away with this then what else are they going to get away with if I'd been the university president my response would be we are launching a full investigation into all of these allegations we're going to have students involved on the investigation panel we're going to make sure every voice is represented as far as the football team is concerned you will either be there for that game in uniform on Saturday and if you are not we will use whatever walk-ons and backups we can if you're not at the next practice you're all off the team every single one of you all of your all of your scholarships are cancelled all of your big dreams are playing for the pros or cancels all over we're not going to be dictated to by a mob if there's a legitimate problem here we're going to solve it legally and we're going to make sure you have a voice in the solving of it but we are not going to corrupt the rule of law for a bunch of hot-headed idiots who got lathered up over somebody rolling down a window and say in a bad name which by the way which by the way is on every single one of their iPods four thousand times well you know I neglected to mention earlier that the racial tensions on campus came to the fore after Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson Missouri weeks of protests in Ferguson were kept alive by activists from outside of Ferguson one of those outsiders drove 116 miles from columbia missouri to get there his name Jonathan Butler Jonathan Butler returned to campus with newfound zeal Jonathan Butler who says he's treated as subhuman at Mizzou got his undergrad degree there starting in two thousand eight and then applied to the same school for his graduate work must be a horrible racial atmosphere to keep him coming back like that racism is so bad at Mizzou that Peyton had a black man as Steve mentioned was elected president of the student body though only seven percent of the students are black the bigotry and hate is so endemic to the campus that Peyton had the black student body president who's also openly gay was also crowned as this year's homecoming king you know in the tactics chapter of Saul Alinsky's 1971 book rules for radicals he lists rule number 13 as this pick the target freeze it personalize it and polarize it he goes on to explain that there's no room for subtle tea or give and take the issue must be black and white the target portrayed is completely evil the demand not open to negotiation although former Mizzou President Tim Wolfe is not a racist did nothing to encourage racists and took actions within days to deal with the racial incidents the protesters needed a prominent target random drunken racist hillbillies in a pickup truck would not make a suitable target the question became simple would wolf quit or with Jonathan Butler die of starvation picked frozen personalized polarized you know universities have spent years fostering the grievance industry highlighting racial and sexual conflicts issuing trigger warnings and banning microaggressions and this is the thanks they get to paraphrase President Obama's pastor academia's chickens have come home to roost who's next for bill Whittle Steven green and the entire trifecta crew I'm Scott you

24 thoughts on “Missouri University in Chaos as PC Police Crackdown!

  1. Having gone to Mizzou last summer, I agree that the protests were totally out of hand. What I don't agree with is saying that football players are the most reprehensible, violent people on a university. That has to be the worst, most viciously stereotypical view of a large group of people that I've ever heard.

  2. Political correctness is a crutch and an excuse for failure and substandard performance; a way to deflect personal responsibility; a way to try to bring attention to one's self. Then there is the codependency, making others responsible for our feelings. It's a dysfunctional lifestyle, unhealthy thinking, and its epidemic in our society. Political correctness is nothing more than that. It's a symptom of poor choices. It is an evil that tries to destroy free thought and speech. It is the hallmark of dysfunction, and dysfunctional people trying desperately to drag us into their delusional world, their hell. PC is abuse, bullying, hate think and it varies with whatever irresponsible needy group you belong to. It's the pursuit of needy, mean, immature control freak fools. What we need is a database with the names of all of these insane control freaks, so we can be absolutely sure that they never get hired or elected. This lack of responsibility for one's feelings was not as epidemic before 2009. Now dysfunctional codependency is popular, but only with emotionally unhealthy people.

  3. I love that an overweight onepercenter not eating for a few hours makes national news as a hunger strike.

  4. Imagine what an opportunity it would be for a middle of the road university to stand up against the regressives and offer a real education. The wealth of the nation would flock to it.

  5. …if this were a proper university the students would be too busy to engage in this horseshit….there was a 70% washout rate in my course….this school seems to be a day care center for illiterate and psychotic homies

  6. I'm definitely a liberal and probably also "left winger" by American standards, but I fully agree with you on this issue.
    There is no support for racism on this university, they are protesting an imaginary enemy.

  7. What the hell is going on here? This sh*t is just insane. Well, the chickens have come home to roost. I'll admit I'm not crazy about these insensitive costumes. But thing is the very people that do keyboard activists who are a bunch of privileged white liberals are the first that do this crap and then expect those POCs (as they call them) to just except. Well, that's what you get. And they should fire that instructor for hiding behind blks inciting them to be violent.

  8. And now they are coming over to KU. I guess that the tragedy in Paris stole the thunder from Mizzou so they are hoping to be successful at KU.

  9. That university, and other universities, are generating the next government. And whose fault is for this misbehavior? WeThePeople, that's who, for pandering to these brats.

  10. There was no swastika, no racial epithet and no gang rape. There never is. There was only standard lying leftist logical fallacy projecting, mob-mentality progressive liberalism.

  11. Wow, that "n-word" must be the most powerful and dangerous thing in the world! Even more so than nuclear warheads and global jihad! Lucky they didn't allegedly say other big words like elephant, chocolate biscuit or Wankel crank shaft.

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