Modern Educational Trends 2020

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Education trends are constantly evolving. As technology advances, so does the learning system. If we don’t keep up, it becomes impossible to provide students with learning opportunities that will prepare them for their future careers.  The need for traditional classroom studies is long gone. Now, it’s all about engaging students […]

Education trends are constantly evolving. As technology advances, so does the learning system. If we don’t keep up, it becomes impossible to provide students with learning opportunities that will prepare them for their future careers. 

The need for traditional classroom studies is long gone. Now, it’s all about engaging students with chances that can help them grow. The ongoing pandemic has speeded things up a bit. Now professors have to familiarize themselves with the latest developments.

Here is a list of the most popular trends in education for 2020. 



Without a doubt, incorporating both visual, audio, and video lectures in the classroom can take education to a whole new level. 

“Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants.” – Eve Maygar, an educational specialist from the PapersOwl company. 

Many schools, like St. John’s School Boston in Massachusetts is using virtual reality to help students immerse themselves in their studies. Particularly when studying biology, evolution, and ecology. 

Students can see the anatomy of the eye, study animals, all without having to touch anything in the real world. They will test their boundaries and try to come up with numerous solutions that will solve their obstacles. 

AR tools give them that flexibility. It makes them feel in control. It’s a technology that alters the perception of reality and displays visuals that students can’t get through a typical lecture. But, most importantly, it allows students to create their own unique material. 

They can express their imagination and creativity. This can help them relax and take a calmer approach to deal with stress in school. 


  • Bite-Sized Learning for Reduced Attention Span


Studies show that student’s ability to stay focused in class has changed over the years. The more technology became widely available, the bigger the problem grew. 

Experts believe that a typical attention span is around 10-15 min. Many blame technology. It gives students stimulation and a way to pass the time. That’s exactly why educators must come up with new ways to engage their pupils. 

If they want to keep up with the latest trends, then they must provide students with a fun storyline, perfect visuals, and impeccable dialogue. Some teachers rely on bite-sized learning. This is a short-term strategy that is incredibly interactive.

It makes the material appear less intense and easier to learn. The idea is to divide the lecture into smaller components. With a properly designed course, it’s much easier to keep all the attention at bay. These kinds of lesson plans can help students prepare for higher education.



Many schools have moved their tests online. This created a massive surge in demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) – monitored management. This digital trend can have a huge role in changing the way exams are managed. It removes any barriers and allows students to take a test no matter where they are. 

Modern Educational Trends 2020

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The idea is to track any signs of cheating and monitor the tests fairly. With this type of technology everywhere, the education sector can go a long way. Not only is it necessary for a student’s progress, but it also provides the teacher with peace of mind. 


  • Soft Skills Learning Have Become the Main Focus


For employers, problem-solving, creative thinking, innovation, and people skills are a necessity in the workplace. Since old-school lectures didn’t provide students with this kind of knowledge, teachers had to implement them as soon as possible.

Of course, adapting to the latest trend has made the change a little bit difficult to achieve. They had to incorporate new strategies that will give learners the opportunity to cope with a highly competitive environment. 

Higher education is now mainly focused on preparing students for their future careers, encouraging them to develop these skills. With a strategically planned class and plenty of new content, educators finally managed to help their class build soft skills. With options such as these, it’s much easier for graduates to get employed. 



Students can use the internet to get access to high-quality educational tools. They can also get feedback from teachers online. Distance learning became such a popular solution that over 6 million students enrolled in distance courses, published the National Center for Education Statistics. While this option doesn’t help students practice soft skills, it encourages them to research, participate in group projects, and gain constant access to online lectures.

Modern Educational Trends 2020

They can use platforms to view recorded material and study at home. Educators can also rely on artificial intelligence if they want to personalize their teaching outcomes. They can use it to organize their work and develop better learning analytics. 

Simply put, technology gives students flexibility and can accommodate unique styles of learning. It doesn’t interrupt the class and can help track coaching if needed.   

Because of the pandemic, this has been the best possible short-term solution to keep everyone healthy.


  • Inspiring Empathy and Acceptance


In the past, empathy and acceptance weren’t that big of a focus. But now, teachers are bent on helping each student learn about different cultures, ethnicities, and people from all around the world. This is not just a 2020 trend, but this year, it has managed to grow exponentially. Students have become more open and willing to interact with others. Since the sole purpose is to improve empathy and acceptance, so far, we are on the right path. 


Every modern age should bring something new to the table. It should change society for the better. Right now, it’s all about implementing technology that can help students grow. Its role is to provide people with a better chance at a successful future. But, technology is not the only thing that matters. Teaching social acceptance and empathy in the classroom has become another growing trend. All of these changes can help the education sector move forward. 

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This article was brought to you by Eve Maygar, an experienced content writer for PapersOwl. As an active blogger and content creator, his sole purpose is to provide trustworthy and relatable content people will love. He has published his works in initial journals that will resonate with readers.

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