Mom Guesses Who’s Slept with Her Daughter | Lineup | Cut

– Yes, ma’am.
– What you do for a living? – I work in a deli, you know,
toss salads and whatnot. – You toss salads? (laughing) (group laughing) Do you, now? (“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg) This is my daughter,
Amira, I call her Mira. – [Host] What are we doing here today? – Something about who is
your daughter sleeping with? – [Host] Yeah, you’re gonna guess who your daughter has slept with. – Okay, okay. – [Host] Ask her how many
people she’s slept with. – Ooh, girl. – (laughs) Why’d you say it like that? Hold on. – Answer the question,
Mira, that’s why we here. How many people have you slept with? – Lucky number seven. – That’s it? (group laughing) I’m sorry. (laughing) – [Host] All right, let’s
bring out the line of people. – [Mother] Well, goddamn. (laughing) – [Host] Are you ready
to meet the first person? We’re gonna–
– Yes, sir. – [Host] have you step out. – I ain’t never seen her
with a black man before. I’m going to just be
completely, I’m sorry! I ain’t never seen it before. – I’m from Washington, B.
– I know. Listen, I’m a play it like you
don’t know where we at, bro. Come on over, girl. (Amira laughs) – Oh boy. – Yeah, hold his hand. Y’all look kind cute together, actually. – I know, right. – Don’t we?
– I know, right? – You do look kinda cute together. – Spin her around, let’s
see y’all dance together. Adjust, get it, get it, get it, get it. Yes, okay. – [Host] All right, your daughter is good to go back to the couch. – Okay. – [Host] Do you think she
slept with him, or not? – I don’t think that
she has slept with him, but I think that he’s a
possibility she might later. (group laughing) (group laughing) – Hey! – Hey, Cassie. – How you doin’? – [Host] Do you guys know each other? – This is my daughter’s roommate. What’s up with your body language? Why are you doing like that? That makes me feel like you’re
being standoffish right now. (group laughing) – No!
– And I thought we was cool. – Oh, okay. Would you be disappointed if
I slept with your daughter? – No, that’s none of my business. (group laughing) – Wait, you’d be okay
with me being with her? – If you wanted to, I mean,
what I gotta do with that? Even if you do get married
y’all could still have babies ’cause there’s plenty of options, so, I just care about grandkids,
I don’t care either way. I think you slept with my daughter. (group laughing) I think you did. I think you probably
did, just maybe one time, even if it wasn’t like a
consistent type of thing. Y’all both was just looking for
some closeness or something. You know what I’m saying? It might have just been … (Cassie giggles) – [Amira] Hey, Jay. – Hello.
– Hey, Boo! You remind me of the ’90s when I was into grunge
music, alternative thug. (group laughing) All right, so are you from here? You look like you high, are you high? I’m a little bit high.
– I’m not high right now. – I’m a little bit. – Usually, but not right now.
– Are you a stoner? – Oh yeah, for sure. – Yeah, me too, like, aah! All day, we already know. Do you think he’s attractive? – Hell yeah, he remind me of Jay. That shit–
– Who’s Jay? – From Jay and Silent Bob,
he was always bae to me. – Ooh, are you all slurring right now? ‘Cause I feel like a little bit of kinda like a little energy right now, so that feels to me like you
haven’t slept with him yet. I don’t think you slept with my daughter. – Hi, Momma Dukes. – Hey, how are you
doing, what’s your name? – Taylor. – Ow, Taylor B.
– Taylor gang. – Tell me about your background. Tell me where you come from. – Okay.
– Yes. – I’m a stripper, so– – I used to work in a strip
club, that’s what’s up. I used to do hair there,
I didn’t used to strip. (group laughing) But I’m trying to say
if I looked like that, I probably would be, look,
’cause they made way more money than us hairdressers
did at the strip club. I’m trying to tell you. And strippers are go-getters,
so y’all are hustlers. I love a hustler, I love somebody that go after their own shit. Girl, sit next to Amira, let
me see how y’all look together. – [Host] That was kind of a shocker. – Ow, I mean, like, it’s a nice little attractive looking little couple. (group laughing) Yeah? (Amira laughing) Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm. I think you have not
slept with my daughter. Maybe you’re just a little nervous, but it seems like you haven’t
really met her before today. Hey, how you doin’?
– I’m doing good. – [Host] Get a little bit
closer to her, please. (group laughing) – Why you looking all
deep in my eyes like that? (group catcalling) – I’m from Mississippi,
I gotta make eye contact. – Mm-mm, I don’t like
that, I don’t know you. – Why not? – I don’t know, I don’t know, ’cause you look like trouble, bruh. (group laughing) ‘Cause you could break my
heart right now at this point. (group laughing and catcalling) So look, you ain’t about to waste my daughter’s time in 2020. (group catcalling) Do you think he’s cute? – I don’t like his style. (laughs) Actually, I stopped by his house earlier, but like he dressed too
young for me right now. – You say he was at your house earlier? – [Host] Don’t give too much away. – She already said it, I think
you slept with my daughter. (group laughing) Too late. – It was nice to meet you. – (laughing) Nice to meet you, sir. You look like you work.
– Yes, ma’am. What you do for a living? – I work in a deli, you know,
toss salads and whatnot. – You toss salads? (laughing) (group laughing) Do you, now? – Yeah, it’s all about that rhythm. – [Mother] Do you think she’s pretty? – [Blue Coat] Yeah, she mad pretty. – Would you date her? – I mean, I don’t really date like that. But I’d rather, like, post
up at the crib watching– – Oh, so you want her
to Netflix and chill? – Yes, ma’am. I’m trying to get some pussy. He ain’t worth a goddamn, boy. Go sit next to her, let’s
see what you all doing. (group laughing) Let’s see, let’s– – What’s up, baby, what’s bae? I just started watching
you, you know that? – Yeah, what’s your name (murmurs)? – Look at him, he ain’t shit, look at him. (group laughing) He ain’t shit. That’s enough, okay,
c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon. (group laughing) C’mon! – All right, baby. – [Mother] Get away from
her, c’mon, back up here. – You know your lashes are pretty, right? – [Mother] Come on, that’s enough. – That’s it. (group laughing) – All right. – Now I’m kinda nervous–
– That’s it. – comin’ back over here. – So, I don’t think you
slept with my daughter. – [Host] All right.
– Are we done? – [Host] Go ahead and
get back in the line. Raise your hand if you’ve
slept with her daughter. – See, look, look, see. (group laughing) I knew it! I knew it. (group laughing) I knew it. (laughing) So, was it what I said it was, or was it something different? Was it you guys just wanted some, like, closeness and just some bonding? – Oh no, we fucked around for a while. – Yeah?
– Yeah. (group laughing) – When’s the last time
y’all slept together? – Over a year ago. – Over a year ago? Would you sleep with Cassie again? – She friendzoned me. For some bastard who live in
Oregon that you friendzoned me. – Oh–
– [Amira] Don’t look– – I can detect some animosity. (laughing loudly) – Like, you can be my friend
and all, but I know you. The way you played me
out, you can crawl back. But that’s what you’re
gonna do, keep crawling. – Oh, that sounds like beef, Cassie. – How are you guys best friends? (group laughing) – Hi, Momma Dukes. – Hey, beautiful. – Hi, I guess we should hug now, huh? (mother laughing) – So how did you guys meet? How long have you guys known each other? – It was back in February,
it was a Wiz Khalifa concert. Ended up at her place and … So then we actually
continued fucking around through, like, December. And, like, we just mutually,
like, broke it off together, just because it’s like
she’s very political, and then I’m a stripper. – She is, that’s what I’m saying. – So it’s like– – Like, she’s always trying
to correct me and shit, like always trying to tell me that I’m– – Yeah, and it’s like I’m a dominant– – Ain’t nobody got time for that. – She’s a dominant. (Amira laughing) – [Mother] Right. – You can’t really dominate each other. – Mm-hmm. Bye, y’all. – [Host] All right, how was that? – I think you did good. – You think I did good? – Yeah, I think you have
an interesting taste now I see what you’re like. – I think it, what you mean? – You a cougar. (laughing) – [Host] What did you
learn about your daughter? – Now that I know that she’s not as active as she portrays herself to be, basically, I found out
she just be talking shit. (Amira laughing) So this is what I want
for you in a partner. I want somebody that loves you, I want somebody that
you don’t have to fix, and I want somebody that
wants to have children. – Children? (laughs) You know you got another daughter, right? – So, what’s that got to do with anything? I mean, that I can have ’em from both. – Lookit, Mom, let’s go find a Nigerian. (mother laughing) (group clapping) – [Host] That’s a cut.

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  1. My mother would never agree to such a video, but if people find videos like this entertaining. You do you, that is all I can say I’ve learned this is not a normal world anymore.

  2. Video idea: This used to be a joke for a reality show, but you can make it a reallity: There are ten gay man and 1 straight man and they have to guess which one is the straight one. But the catch is that actually none are gay and everyone thinks they're the one straight man.

  3. “she friend zoned me for some bastard who lives in oregon”

    “I can detect some animosity”

  4. Ugh!!! Her mom has not grown up yet,she still act like she's a teenager.I think she's living vicariously through her daughter

  5. Yo dude said “I’m from Mississippi I gotta make I contact” as a Mississippian I never really heard another Mississippian say this tbh

  6. I decided to randomly click on this and then the mother was like this “is my daughter Amira” and i have was like hey that’s my name!! And my mom calls me Mira lol that’s cool

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