Most SATISFYING Factory Machines And Ingenious Tools ▶21

41 thoughts on “Most SATISFYING Factory Machines And Ingenious Tools ▶21

  1. I thought that they took too much material off the train wheels. If they took less then the wheels could be recut again, saving on a new axle set.

  2. 4:35 default. the black piece is hitting the metal to early before the golden piece could lock it. you can see after it is not straight.

  3. Interesting I worked at a company that rebuilt trains and they would burnish the wheels after turning them.

  4. Cool stuff, turn off the volumn, the music is the worst. Whenever these guys post a new video, I always have to decide how badly I want to be simultaneously fascinated, and driven to irritability. 🙂

  5. use to be paper now we can make them from hemp or other fast growing fiber. plastic is wrong we need to restrict plastic use.

  6. 9:21 I kept watching the straws being made to see if they got cleaned at some point. It's disturbing seeing them being dragged through a trough of dirty water before being cut to length. Having them handled with bare hands didn't help either. Even the worker's bending steel were wearing gloves.

    This video will have far more impact on me, in terms of discontinuing their use, than any other argument to date.

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  8. 3:19 this form folding is awesome, I worked a break press for years and tool changing wasted a lot of time plus it would be impossible to make some of these shapes…

  9. Just imagine these would have been made by hand before really enjoyed this video amazing wow and I loved this manufacturing is amazing

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