MSR Snowshoes: HyperLink™ Binding Overview

For nearly two decades MSR has been at the
forefront of snowshoe design and innovation. Our new HyperLink™ Binding refines performance
once again. It’s MSR’s fastest, easiest and most comfortable binding to date.
The HyperLink Binding is featured on all MSR Lightning Explore and Revo Explore snowshoes.
Designed to deliver exceptional comfort and ease of use, the HyperLink binding features
minimal straps that eliminate pressure points, and a set-it-and-forget it simplicity that
saves times and energy. These features make it perfect for long days
exploring terrain far beyond the packed trails. The first time you use your HyperLink Bindings,
center the ball of your foot over the crampon hinge.
Pass the instep strap over your boot and into the opposite buckle, cinching it snug with
the silver ratchet. Then fasten the heel strap. You can readjust
the instep strap if needed. Once you’ve customized the bindings for
a set of boots, only the instep strap needs to be released or adjusted each time, offering
fast and easy on-and-off convenience. In the field, you can adjust the tension on
the straps for increased comfort by using the micro adjustability.
To loosen, push on the red release arms one at a time until the straps feel comfortable
again. The HyperLink binding offers incredible ease
of use, all-day comfort, and proven MSR reliability, so you can hike longer and venture farther
on your next trip into the mountains.

6 thoughts on “MSR Snowshoes: HyperLink™ Binding Overview

  1. why are these bindings only on the mid level snowshoes? Are they not as secure as the style that is on the ascent series?

  2. По такому снегу можно босиком ходить. Вы поробуйте в России в Сибири пройти!

  3. Why do I not see the axis adjustment on the MSR LIghtning Explore any longer? I have the axis adjustment but one snowshoe, the side slips out and doesn't hold the adjustment.

  4. "in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best snowshoes hope it helps you out too!"

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