Muneeb Butt | Gul e Rana | The Most Emotional FILM On Internet | Aey Zindagi | C1 Shorts

You Little boy! Come here Yes sir. Wow sir, you’re looking like a hero today. Wow sir wow
New perfume Okay enough
Bring a pack of cigarette and a chilled cold drink. Bringing it at once sir! And remember that the drink should be chilled. Or else don’t expect any money in return. Oh Sir! Okay, go now It’s so hot today! Where are you going sir? Take your things! Didn’t even give the money! Nor the tip Hello Brother Can you tell me this address? Asalam u Alikum mother! Who? Walaikum Assalam Who are you?
I didn’t recognize your voice! My name is Amjad! why have you left the door open like this? Son who will steal from this blind old lady. You tell me I don’t do any magical spells. Nor do I give out holy water. how did you come here? No, I’m not here for this.
I just had to return some belongings. What belongings? Yes Actually you lost Rs.50. I found them
Just came back to return those. Son I didn’t lose any money. Forget Rs.50 I don’t even have one rupee to lose. You’re the fiftieth person who’s come today to return me money that I never lost. You didn’t tell From where did you come? What happened son? Son! What does Rs.50 mean to you? One cigarette and one chilled bottle that you consume every day. Someone does not even have a one rupee coin That old lady surely knows the importance of Rs.50 Who was that god fearing man who pasted that note? Who? Who is it? Ali? Ali! No Ali dear. Don’t leave me alone like this. What will I do without you and without muna. I love him more than I love you. Where is he? Give him to me! Stop it! Have spent so many years here, can’t live here like this now. If you have to take care of your dead husband’s belongings then you can live here. Please take me with you. Ali take me with you! What will I do here alone? Ali Son My dad doesn’t live in a big bungalow He is only allowing his son in law and his daughter to live with him in his quarters. Take me with you!!! No please Don’t leave me! Come Ali! Come Munna! Don’t leave me! Come son Munna Ali give Munna to me! Ali don’t leave me No son

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