My Corona by Chris Mann

I need toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper I’m out of toilet paper, it’s My Corona I need toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper I’m out of toilet paper, it’s My Corona Got to make a grocery run, well that sounds fun! Why’m I out here risking my life, Corona? Where’s a god-dammed parking space? Shit, I touched my face! Wait, I think I finally caught My Corona! Stop it, don’t be manic, go inside, NO ORGANIC!?! Oh no, all GMO, Jesus Christ, now I panic! I’ll die-ie-ie-ie-ie WHOA! M-m-m-My Corona I’m out of toilet paper, it’s My Corona Don’t come any closer, huh, I’ll mess you up! I’m just coming in for some wipes, Corona Kroger’s full of empty shelves, oh what the hell Guess I’m stocking up on boxed wine, Corona Nothing’s making sense, no more friends, no more basketball Kids are home from school, it’s raining too, and I’m losing my Mi-ie-ie-ie-ind WHOA! M-m-m-my Corona! M-m-m-my Corona! (with impressive vocal flourishhh) I need toilet paper, toilet paper, toilet paper Purell and toilet paper Clorox, yeah! (oh damn, that’s high!) When you gonna get to me, g-g-g-get to me?! Is it just a matter of time, Corona?! Will I kill my family in quarantine??? (yep!) Or is it just a game in my mind, Corona? Then there’s Donald Trump WHAT THA FUCK??? Why you shakin’ hands and keep telling us nothing’s up That we’re gonna be fi-ie-ie-ie-ne? WHAT????! M-m-m-my Corona! My-ie-ie-ie-ie WHOA! I need toilet paper, M-m-m-My Corona I’m out of toilet paper, So sick of My Corona I need toilet paper, M-m-m-My Corona I’m out of toilet paper, it’s MY CORONA! BE SAFE OUT THERE, KIDS! PLEASE SEND TOILET PAPER!

100 thoughts on “My Corona by Chris Mann

  1. Hey, you are on the front page of CNN Entertainment! Congrats! Yeah, going to put the original parody song in my pc build video tonight. Probably get taken down LOL Good video, man! Check out Master Ken's video "Toilet Paper Tactics"

  2. Hey Chris! Fkn brilliant! ROFLMAO. One of the best Corona virus parody songs I've seen/heard; stuff like this makes life in self isolation a bit more bearable. Love your work!

  3. A pretty guy with a nice singing voice does win a ton of views and likes, even though it involves toilet paper lol

  4. OMG THIS IS AMAZING. I watched it like 6 times and can't get enough of it. Between this and the "Stockpile the Loo Roll" dude, you guys are keeping us sane through humor!! Love it!! πŸ‘

  5. Also, dude, you do a dead-on impression of Doug Fieger's voice, nuances, everything. It literally sounds like The Knack parodying their own song. Great job!!

  6. Love it. We are in lockdown for the next month starting now in New Zealand. We will be watching your videos heaps. Lots love and stay safe everyone xxxx😘😘

  7. This is hilarious! It definitely made my day. I sent it to my husband at work, and he loved it, along with Vogue.Thanks for posting the video. You are awesome!


  9. I even said to my husband two weeks ago, "when is someone going to do a parody of My Sharona???" Thankyou for making my wishes come true!!!! Hilarious!

  10. Congratulations, you turned what could have been semi-funny into an absolute disgrace.. could have made the song with out all the blasphemy and filthy cursing, especially cursing the one who made you. Shameful… and sad 😞

  11. I liked the song but for the unneeded, does NOT add anything, filthy language, can not share because it would be offensive to the people I associate with. So keep looking for lighthearted, CLEAN humor. NEXT…….

  12. This simple tool is provided as part of a screening so people can see if they need to be tested or not. It is updated to the best of our abilities to match the CDC. gov guidelines for COVID-19 screening:

  13. Who else came from Facebook It's not funny but this song itself IS . had me real life laughing out loud 🀣

  14. Love it. This doesn't make light of the disaster we all face, but it does put a smile on our dour faces. A very creative response to an awful situation (which is about to get much worse in the US and South America, sadly).

  15. Thank goodness!!!! My warped sense of humor,is still kicking in…..I love laughing out loud.Wish that would cure the corona virus.

  16. Chris this is one of the best Parodies I have heard in a long time, one thing I'm a school teacher and I would love to share it with all y teacher friends and students but I want to keep my job, is there any way can you make it Family-friendly for sharing. Just the expletives everybody got to hear this. anyway. Thanks for the laugh in a crazy time. I needed it. keep up the good work a new follower

  17. You know when you wake up in the morning to a song and you cannot help but sing it all day. This is one of those songs πŸ˜€

  18. I wanted to buy it on google music for my android tablet – but it is not uploaded there . πŸ™
    I love your song πŸ™‚

  19. lmfao i was waiting for someone to remix this song and make it about the corona virus. lmfao hahahhaaha great work.

  20. πŸ”₯

  21. Dam the TDS is real. Everything was going good until the orange man bad reference… the left has Trump living rent free in their heads lol…

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