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hi folks I'm saying I am welcome to the show so I get bombarded throughout the week with people telling me oh you got to go check out this project or that project and the last few weeks it's been quaint and there are over Leger and people are telling me oh they're gonna they're gonna be triple and they're it's way better and listen you need to you need to look into this project it's gonna be the winner so I did as you can tell from my tone and my expression I don't agree I I found this interview it's an hour and a half long or hour and 15 minutes long with the quaint CEO and it's done by blockchain Brad I'll put a link to this so those of you that want to go watch the whole thing in its entirety can do so I'm gonna play a couple of quick excerpts from it for you to look at and listen to and then we'll talk about it in detail yeah let's just start there that's how exciting Australia that's a big difference to a few tell us just means in the context of SIA I'm gonna let you take it away but there's quite a lot involved yeah I've always called AJ the products you set up the announcements from Italy what's it all about and how can you know that affect the overall business of of quant yeah so what we're doing with CI is is unique and this is really what ripple of even trying to do trying to talk to each bank you know signed them on one by one IBM with stellar so like right off right out of the gate I mean this is the person who sent me this video said start at 4:20 and watch and this is 5:20 so right out of the gate he's saying ripple strategy is to go sign up banks one at a time and I'm like ok to see not know that si a is a ripple net customer has he heard of Temenos they have like 2,000 banks and they've integrated ripple net as he heard of the task group they've integrated ripple net has he heard of a little company called si P they've integrated ripple net so you know suggesting that while they're going after one bank at a time it's the wrong approach and they're not gonna be successful because we're getting 500 mmm whatever it is we're gonna hear it five more times but I you know they landed this big partnership congratulations good job guys but that's a they're miles away from doing anything that really competes with ripple in my mind and we're gonna get into that but I just want to kind of point that out that like is ripple going and signing up one bank at a time yes that's the long game that's the Swift replacement game that's get everybody on to ripple net it gets the network effect going and we can bring up bigger and bigger rails payment channels on so on and so forth I've heard that hasn't been too well lately as well so we're looking into it stellar they're they're trying to sign on banks one by one and that's gonna take a long time to do it we've gone and connected to a network we're over legend is going to sit and it's connected to five hundred seven banks today so automatically all of these institutions financial services banking all the ones that are in the network they will have access to over ledger and the applications that are on low village' throughout that whole network so this is this is huge because what it allows all of these clients to do is having trouble building at scale in one go and so what that means for each bank you know they all have so the way SIA works and I come from payments backgrounds running it for the Bank of England's here's the way G who else when have you heard me talk about the Bank of England oh yeah the the guy running the thing is a huge ripple proponent and has made some very public comments about how ripples going to change the game for the Bank of England okay so basically for those of you that don't know what / ledger is it's it's a software that allows interoperability between different blockchains if that if you're thinking hmm that sounds familiar yes you are correct they've basically recreated ILP the inner ledger protocol which does exactly the same thing except their version is permission and it's proprietary and it's closed source so I don't know you know maybe the banks are gonna jump on board and you know 570 banks are just gonna turn this thing up and start using these blockchains aetherium is one that he mentions what happens during the next bull run when those assets start taking hours or days to settle and the fees Eclipse the fees that the banks are currently being charged by Swift the whole thing falls apart of course ripple is one of the assets that they one of the black chains that they interface with so hey you know like worst case is it ends up putting more traffic through XRP and just take some away from ripple net although I really don't see that happening he also talks about you know late later in this video and I'll actually let me play another section here it's really long there's a lot to it but you know having watched through this thing I'm just I'm not sold as you guys can't you know we're we're allowing what we call business interoperability allowing trade corridors between companies and countries cross-border that just are not there today and and if you think about what's happening with digital assets and people are making their own tokens and coins and and trying to move them so check with more okay and you know that's that's a great example I don't see I don't see why that why every other Bank is not gonna have their own token in the new future so there could be you know HSBC own whatever Center everyone's gonna have their own banking internal token which is absolutely great and that's used for internal accounting purposes moving assets and you know value in between in between those own costs them but what if they need to move that to another Bank how do they interoperate hmm so we're like maybe a global like xrp just saying alright so a few things here he's of course talking about moving value between silos between CBD sees between bank issued stable coins between various block chains and so forth and the way that's going to happen is with ILP with a global bridge asset like x RP or you know something better if it comes along today there's nothing out there that's even close and you know for those of you that are worried to me it's a positive sign that ripple is on to something and they're on to something big you don't get copycats I mean look at Swift GPI is a copy of X current they're trying to imitate instead of innovate they don't even have all the features that X current has right out of the box why because they're trying to adapt legacy instead of innovating fresh you know to solve the business problem so they're still working they're still hampered by their current architecture they haven't been brave enough to move forward and actually change and do away with correspondent banking or at least migrate away from it create a path forward that leaves it behind there they're holding on to that and you know these guys they're doing the same thing they're they're trying to create over ledger which is a private again private proprietary permissioned blockchain ILP system that they control that that they charge you for whereas ripple has gone done everything with open standards if you remember that book that I read you that talked about kind of their strategy which is to give to farm out enough of the value so that other players get involved and you become the global standard you try to capture it all for yourself you will fail as a global standard that's what these guys are doing you know will they get a piece of the pie maybe I hope so it's plenty big I don't want to see Ripple have a monopoly but they're talking about you know like in listening to other portions of this interview I hear I'm talking about they're coming to the US and they're gonna write code specific for the US market and I don't hear that out of ripple why because they're going to become the global standard and you don't do that by coding in corner cases and trapping yourself in you know there's what ends up being really complex logic trying to move value around the world when you've written in all these market specific things that's what I so two zero zero two two is all about they talk about for fraud and their approach and it was again I'm I don't remember the specifics but I'm listen to it thinking wow these guys are are like trying to do too much or as ripple their approaches here's the feed there's all the data here's the feed plug it into your fraud system and have your you know have a go at it do whatever you want to but you know we're not going to integrate try and integrate some kind of fraud detection into our X rapid platform which i think is very smart because that's something that changes all the time and I don't I see these guys making poor decisions along these same lines over and over again the qnt token from what I could tell it's used for gas basically to process transactions to do escrows to do smart contracts that sort of thing I don't think it's used as any kind of global bridge asset if if so he didn't talk about it in this interview I think the primary reason people are so excited about this is because two months ago a lot of them bought this token for under two bucks it's just peaked at like 12 so they've 5 X their money they're all excited this project is the future y'all and sorry I just don't see it that way I'm saying I am if you like my work you want to support it I have a patreon patreon calm slash to the lifeboats you can do so starting at just three bucks a month I hope you enjoyed this and learn something we'll catch a next video

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  1. Hey mate! Interesting video.

    I think you are getting a little too defensive. Overledger sits on top of existing DLT stacks, creating the oppurtunity for them to co-exist in a symbiotic relationship.

    They aren't trying to take anything away from Ripple, instead it's the opposite. If Ripple protocol is needed for settlement etc. Overledger allows Enterprise to utilise this network while staying flexible, the Mapps they develop can run on Corda and Ethereum at the same time or swap back to Fabric for example. Overledger is designed to remove single vendor lock in and increase the overall inter-connectivity of DLT. It isn't trying to be some global settlement layer. Sure, it has the ability to swap value across DLT, but its scope is much larger.

    For example, ILP is limited to asset transfer (Atomic Swaps). Nothing wrong with that at all, in fact it works quite well for that market niche. But Overledger is able to do cross-chain smart contracts, including contracts on DLT that don't have a native ability (Bitcoin etc) as well.

    Furthermore, Overledger can connect existing networks, even those non-DLT related.

    I understand where you are coming from, but Gilbert is focused on driving Enterprise adoption of DLT, not replacing Ripple. They have connected Ripple for a reason, the more access their clients have to various DLT the better. It's about collaboration. Again, symbiotic relationships…

    With regards to the token, it is a mandatory license for the infrastructure, the benefits of a token for licensing/consumption costs are: they are fully auditable via a blockchain and immutable, It has the security of private / public keys so nobody can just copy a product key etc, it is programmable so you can automate events to happen once comes out of compliance.

    In addition to that, QNT is used to validate with the option to encrypt and sign every transaction that flows through Overledger with the private key associated with the token. This provides Identification, non-repudiation, privacy etc whilst being immutable on the blockchain.

    The benefit of this model, is they have removed the token velocity problem, with licenses being locked in a smart contract for the period, reducing circulating supply.

    Have a good one mate.

  2. Like Gibert said enterprises dont have time neither watch YouTubers that dont know what they are talking about, rather follow industry standards like Gartner. You have many flaws ceebs correcting one by one, with a rise of a project comes many envy eyes and try to bash it down without spending time to understand it fully. Talk to seq in the main quant channel if your having trouble understanding Quant

  3. I still think XRP will come out on top in the end, but seriously considering buying some Quant. This coin has gone bananas in just a couple of months, while we've been waiting on XRP to moon for about a year and a half. It's legal to hold both, so why not just hodl Quant and short it when the alts take off?

  4. Sam Can you do a video on the likely hood of a gold backed (state run) (Russia/China/USA etc…) and how that would relate to #XRP as the BRIDGE!! YooHah!

  5. You can tell by looking at Quant's website that it's just a knock off, for suckers.

  6. i always get a good laugh when any group in this space tries to compare themselves to ripple's team, technology, partnerships, major connections, and history of proven success/progress … xrp, w3, & interledger is the future… the rest is hot air

  7. SamIAm, thanks for clearing this, if one wants to copy, they would have to copy well, to win a fair share one has to excel! .

  8. People are waiting for Quant to make its next correction to a lower price and just wait until QNT flows through more corridors and exchanges you'll wish you jumped in. Of course $2 for QNT would have been amazing but many did not know of it and many still don't yet. They will. May as well load the boat like hell at this price. Seeing as staking or locking up the token is required for the QNT token if you intend to develop, publish, or interact with ecosystem means this token is poised to become very significant gains.

  9. Firts i got into BTC, LTC and dash. I knew about xrp when it was 20c in 2017. The narative was the same then as it is now….xrp shitcoin banckercoin….did some research all the while missing the xrp bullrun of late 2017 early 2018. Since then i moved every thing in xrp becouse i did my research aided in no small part by People like Sam, what i found out blew my mind. People love to hate on xrp and qnt right now is just the latest on a long line. I will part with my money or xrp only if qnt proves it self over the years even if that means missing a bullrun. For now qnt is unproven and no more than pure hype. Sow far all xrp "killers" shared the same fate. qnt needs to prove it self then we will talk. Even xrp's twin faild, others simply stand no chance…..remember we the army dont belive in xrp per say we belive in the team behind it….and the team is world class all stars.

  10. Might be worth getting some anyway.
    Total supply is 14 million and the price is 12.95. 24hr Volume is under 12 million. It's only available like 8 exchanges, mostly small ones, so If it ever hits binance or coinbase it will probably go up quite a bit.
    Still, in my honest opinion, if you are selling your XRP at this point you are not too bright.

  11. before starting to tell people crap unbased theories i'd kindly suggest you read the Quant Overledger Whitepaper first:
    summary if you don't understand it: Quant is not a ILP/XRP competitor, it's rather an enhancement of the ecosystem. So basically you are correct, but with wrong reasoning

  12. First of all, enterprises don't listen to some YouTubers, they tend to look at industry standards such as Gartner and others, and make their informed decisions there. To that end, Quant was named by Gartner as the 2019 Cool Vendor.

    Two, DYOR research first or your really come across as ignorant and dumb. I'd start here:

  13. Closed source code in the blockchain space, good luck with that. 😂. Every mission critical software platform is open source, even Microsoft is realizing how important it is for security to see every line of code. Azures foundation is Linux now. Long live GNU

  14. There’s no I in Quant, you don’t pronounce quantity quain-tity. That alone already lets me know right out of the gate you don’t know shit. Thumbs down.

  15. Hilarious how many deluded, salty folks in the comments. No need to take it out on others because you're busy bagholding some shitcoin that's going to 0.

  16. Haha EVEN if it isn't a threat to ripple, just compare the two market caps and see the investment opportunity.

  17. Little do these ignorants know that Colin Paterson, co-founder of Quant, was elected as chair of Hyperledger Quilt to help create an interoperability stack. They are rebooting Quilt
    "We’re integrating Overledger’s API and SDK into Quilt to support multi-chain interoperability use cases"
    The multi billion dollar market cap was written along with the ISO 307 Gilbert Verdian created years ago. They will run the show eventually.

  18. Has he heard of The IMF? The guy in the video looks like one of the UFUN scam players ???? I am going to do more research on him

  19. XRP can loose this battle if they do not start an aggressive PR campagne showing exactly what they do and how it can change the world…

  20. Glad you brought this to peoples attention. Quant is a wannabe ILP. Overhyped garbage. ILP moves value and is global standard. But there are other interoperability protocols needed to connect blockchains besides just ILP. For example smart contracts and asset states between blockchains Cosmos has IBC to communicate between blockchains and has also integrated ILP into Cosmos. Agoric is funded by both Ripple and Cosmos(Interchain Foundation) to allow for smart contracts to move between blockchains(public and private) and asset states.
    ILP is the standard for moving value but it’s not the end all for connecting blockchains. It doesn’t allow communication between blockchains, only value.

  21. “They’ve recreated ILP” 😂😂😂😂😂
    ILP is dying, read the Hyperledger emails, it’s all public! ILP is also only focusing on on atomic swaps between certain chains. Overledger is taking over Quilt soon. DYOR.

  22. Say what ya like, I flipped 25% of my XRP into QNT at 9 bucks and it's now 14.64 at the time of writing, got fed up of watching my zerps gathering moss! I will flip back out shortly with a tidy profit and will have met my target for Zerps without needing to spend a small fortune. I was due a bit of luck in this space!!

  23. People live in fantasy world. Literally the only project I’m even remotely sure of is XRP/Ripple. I dabble in other projects with healthy doubt. 🤷‍♂️

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