My Summer Car – Episode 62 – Caravan Smash

hi guys school here and welcome to my summer car it is Friday evening not short time exactly just gonna eat p.m. and we are hoping to get we're gonna go to sleep short because we're fatigued and we're hoping to get a phone call from the certain drunk guy remember we got this last time but we're gonna go and use that that's all ready to go because we're not installed the new fire will yet so let's make sure the phone is definitely plugged in which it appears to be and we'll use the torch like that to try and point it there you go I'll point it at the phone so that when we get walking up in the middle of night or rather if we get woken up in the middle night because it is completely random I wish you could shut your curtains in this game honestly I really wish you could have closed the curtains yes we got the phone call All Right game on let's go come on wake up can't see anything there with a little glimmer of lights ok was that like some weird prank call or was that from the guy that we sell killed you to saying that we sold him some Duff stuff from which case he's probably going to come in attackers at some point okay I did not expect that first phone call that was a bit weird because I thought we'd sold only prop like proper potent sugar wine to Mister kill you but then we got a phone call from mr. killer didn't we so what's going on I am really confused by the phone call let's get the choke on okay my light switch it's my light switch on now I can't see a thing joke don't think there's any houses don't work instantly enough right I can't fund the lights okay plant controls controls lights mode button two on bottom nine why my lights not working wait the lights were working I distinctly remember them being gone okay we're not gonna be able to do this without any lights hazards seek the rail for the choke work in now there's a light switch okay I don't Stan I do not understand let's get one quick that's Jesus we're gonna move on this girl's going to disappear I can't see a thing parking brake is down good start maybe I'm just a little coal it's a parking brake definitely down oh my god since when did this become so hard to drive no seriously it feels like the handbrake Don it's going on car controls brake it's definitely fine and brake is fine that's on that's off now I'm convinced that there's something wrong with the car I don't know war but there's something wrong with the car you know what let's just this and let's go in the other car because there's something there's something not right I don't know what there's something not right toolkit oh this is just like massively unexpected guys this is this is insane this is actually insane right now can't this crop that let's put that in the back of bar oh boy this is like the most stressful mister kill you pickup ever right lights are on handbrake is off you're still getting this so what we're all good let's make sure we miss that yeah that's like the most weight oh you so but white I was actually in the ground them this is going to take longer to pick up it's not as quick and it is super really bouncy so we're gonna have to go the road way and take our time and hopefully we can get there before I think we should be fine cool so yeah first of all we got that bizarre phone call from the guy saying you sell me some stuff and the only thing we've ever sold is kill you and all the kill you Luke soul has been the JIT and then immediately putting the phone down got another phone call saying pick me up so the guy that we sell to kill you two is the guy on the second call who once picking up so he was the first guy and what was he talking about was that just a game book because everything I've ever brewed has been the JIT I know that for a fact that if you fill up the bottles with water and sell them that stuff and he finds out what happens is he finds out later on and then followed you up and then I think you can't sell him like I don't know you can't sell and kill you or you can't take him on the mission anymore I'm not really sure he basically unfriend you on Facebook but we didn't do that like I've only ever sold improper kill you so I don't I've never tried to fill them with water so that was super bizarre phone call and then yeah and then the car which was working started to put smoke everywhere so something's broken on the cup just don't know what oh boy it's all go so how we going to get to the dance hall that's the question I guess we could go on the boat the problem was going on the boat is if we get knocked out I suppose we could go around the moped and then we can always pick it up in the car so maybe that's the way to go every we just drive over get drunk in a mall bed we'll see let's focus on this first this is so bouncy once we get on the main road it won't be so bad well go clockwise we'll turn right and go clockwise wait okay that's the tip entrance man this car is so slow I swore I would have been at the shops by now but it is starting to get lighter as you can see like normally when I want I do this run when the Sun gets to here we've basically gotten back at his house that's that's how much slower it is in this thing plus trying to get my car working which obviously lost a lot of time bike it usually stays that it's about I think 4 or 5 a.m. maybe oh come on car the advance of this car is like you're not bothered if you damage it and it doesn't break down put fuel in it have a screwdriver ready and you're good to go disadvantage it really is not quick it terrible suspension like completely broken shock absorbers easy to spin out and there's no seat belt so if you'd have an accident chances are you gonna die so yeah you gotta take your choice something you anyway we should polish there's no radio either so it's absolutely nothing to listen to hope he doesn't mind putting his knee in a wasp nest there is I'll kill you what woman dub dub did you have a good evening with war-whooping dub dub huh did you I bet she did looks like they t-boned each other yeah why isn't it show you something nobody knows that I'm a very rich man and millionaire okay every drunk person stays that you know though yeah she said it a millionaire can barely Heather the guy of the engine my wife didn't know she had a winning lottery ticket I took it and got the money myself five million marks wowzers that's a lot of money bro you know if you need somewhere safe to put it you know I can find a place I don't know what you're saying can you can you speak English okay so is a million got five million marks I have the money in a hidden suitcase but I can't use the money myself my wife would get suspicious she would leave me if she had that money that's a quandary dude just tell me you won a million give a half five and a thousand she'll be happy to leave you've got four and half million good times I need to act like I always do I am richest drunk bomb there is at least my wife stays with me not with some dorky Finn's sweet tomato former donkey Finn sweet tomato farmer I love it I mean I'll be honest mate I'll be honest if you're with your wife and she'd leave you if she found out you had the money that's not much of a relationship you probably had she'll have a different wife cuz that's not like it's one way isn't it you clearly love her but if she just leave with with some money that's not a good sign I don't think so I mean you know just tell me where the briefcase is I'll make it all go away yes No there's no seatbelts in this car by the way FYI tell me with some other cases please nope okay now if he does tell us where is and we went and fought one picked it up and stole it he will come after us with an axe I'm not joking he will try to kill us in our sleep with an axe and then if we survive that he'll hang himself off the bridge which is not great so if he does tell us where it is I'm not gonna Nick it I'm just gonna progress the storyline and at which point his wife will probably leave him anyway because it sounds like she's going to I'll be honest my man if you don't if you don't tell about the money and just carry on her out like this drunk bomb she's probably gonna leave you anyway cuz you're just constantly drunk aren't you you're broke and you're drunk at least if you tell about the money you're drunk but you can both be well off surely that's gonna make a stay she's not staying with you for the money issue I don't know it's a weird relationship this man's got I think he gets drunk so he does not to think about it don't put your hand on that nest because I'm not then there may be some alive I don't know the Queen might be in there for all we know there's a lot of traffic considering the time of day but on half a tank of fuel so a good for fuel alright was just good we've progressed the story anyway so I think this is the fifth trip with this guy which means we have one more to do maybe the six one is worries tells us where it is it's after the six one that's when his wife will leaving and we help him to move home which is a fun mission it's Saturday dude are you gonna go to the dance hall later I'll be at the dance hall I'm going tonight I'm gonna I'm gonna win a watch tonight in a fight so if you want a bit of you want to get drunk with me and help me to beat this guy up that'll be cool because you know we are mates aren't we I mean I have just picked you up in the dead of night so I consider us mates where's the briefcase I consider it to be mates watch the breaking so yeah why don't you come to dance hall and let's not talk about war of briefcases this is your I know it's your house bro I'll come here or law 50 mark you've enough I won't even pay for the pet shop oh my god fifty marks you probably spent that in like one beer you are such a joke oh my god fifty mark if you're that tight with your wife no wonder she's gonna leave alright well that was a train which means it's relatively safe to go down Wow we're probably just burnt like 200 marking fuel that's the lowest I've ever seen that guy pay it really is he normally pays a few oh my god no it pays a few hundred this car does not want to drive on here let's get lined up yeah if we hit the rails at speed this thing is gonna get destroyed Wow look at this stuff I've never seen it actually rise like that before that's quite funny right well that's good that's that job done we can get back I have a bite to eat have a drink eight cigarettes left and then we can basically prepare I wonder if we can do some kind of meaning out so we're not so fatigued I suppose we can make a coffee actually yeah let's make a coffee later that will reduce our fatigue bar and then we can get through the night without having to sleep oh my god Kimmel kill them ahem concern what's wrong with our car as well we need to try to figure that out when I look to the car from the from outside it looked like the tires were in the ground and it was behaving like one of the wheels was frozen unless the brakes are seized it did say check your brakes maybe the brakes are permanently pressed down hmm maybe there's no brake fluid because there was a fix that said removed a spurious bolts or unnecessary bolt or something from one of the brake lines check your brakes but I took that to me and make sure they work not make sure they're not permanently locked on I'm not sure there's definitely something wrong with the car though lucky we did get this thing otherwise we couldn't have done the Friday night mission and we're back cool this this problem I've seen other people with this problem like the racing muffler will not stay on the car even if you go it's like the edits are remain sure that it's fine they look at that that's so bizarre this is meant to look like that let me check the car up I'm curious if we jack the car up it's a bit of a long shot I'm just wondering if it's some kind of weird glitch come on come on oh my god let me pick it up seriously I'm thinking if we jack it up and let it back down let's see if the actual tires sit back on the ground just to see if it's something to do with that because it did feel like there was too much that rolling resistance and I am seeing a car that's clipped into the ground so let's find out what happens okay that's now above-ground and he just goes straight back in so I'm guessing it isn't that hmm all right let's try the brake fluid let's see if it stopped up on brake fluid this is a curious one engines fine but the brakes have suddenly seized or something may find the day just make sure you're not being complete idiot you put your foot on the brake which necessarily tell you you got any pressure in the line there's some fierce resistance going on the head look at this that is so bizarre it does feel like there's some brakes locked on that's that's what it feels like to me so a little think we have to do a thorough brake check and try and figure this one out let me have a drink and we'll see if we can sort this out then in the afternoon we'll have to try and have a coffee it's not desperate that would get the car working right now but I am kind of curious as to why it's not working okay it took me a little while but I figured it out at first I tried the brake fluids checked all the brake linings and they're all absolutely fine and you may notice now that the car is sitting nicely on the tires whereas it was submerged into the ground and what it is the tires were basically flat although you don't inflate ties in this game they do have tire wear now but you can't actually tell if the tires worn out but when he changed over and made it so that you had to if you start a new game now you have to find the actual steel rims which you can go and get and then you need to take them to Atari and have tires fitted and what he seems to have done is reset my tires when he did that so my tires were at zero condition so in the editor I set them to 99 which is the same as taking until Atari and get him fixed just to see if it works as you can see it actually did work so it's fine the car is now working we're going to change the wheels anyway we're going to spend some money in order some new ones but let's just double-check that this is now drivable cuz that was a real that was a real surprise this the problem is like when you try and keep a continuous saved game going through a game which is still being developed in early access like this he brings in these changes and some of them are obvious like when he first brought wiring in like you had to go and get it you had to go and do it you had to get the wiring mess out and fix it same when you did the battery you did the electrics like the battery just disappeared from your car some things are less obvious like that tire wha that was something that just completely caught me out so if we put that down now we should be able to stick in reverse yeah there you go look the difference is that he's just completely night and day however we do need to put the exhaust back on because it is running horrendously and that is not something that we can easily fix I think that's just gonna be down to the fact that the savegame it's unfixable even if I set the exhaust back on the car with the editor as soon as you start a new game it's on the floor again and I've seen other people post about the same thing like they literally can't fix the problem so we're gonna have to live with the fact that this is never actually going to pop back on even if I do with the editor and just say if the bolt is fine it's all on you just probably just falls off so it's it's never gonna work I don't think so then we get our set I think it's the 7 mil beaultiful remember it's quite a small bolt what I guess that's how many times I've done this so that's back on yeah ok so we've got a bit of time to kill we could have a look in the catalog and see what kind of wheels we fancy all of these are pretty nice so anything that we don't have a part from we could put the yellow lights on though could do that he's a guy on nitrous working as well pretty much got everything in the catalog 1950 like them 1975 these look pretty good as well they're classic or a classic look they looked cheap and nasty that's so we're gonna go with these probably go with them but if we if we take the old Rob now I suppose we could take the order now I don't need to see what state the serious jobs are in maybe we should drive up that because I know we've got a job to do for gran and the wood needs to be sorted out as well let's pull out there a sec so yeah there's actually two sewage jobs down here then he do but the sewage truck is all the way up here and then we have to haul it all the way down there there were food items – grandma hmm what food items did grandma want that's the question I think it was milk sugar and sausage maybe I honestly can't remember I'm just gonna top this up because we're gonna go opposition no we're not gonna top it with diesel that would be really bad let's put on the back my wife actually did that once well the other way around we had a diesel car and she put petrol in it and drove off the forecourt got about 100 meters down the road what do you know the car was a dead and I had to pay to have it sold away to the Volkswagen gouge and they had to drain the tank and fill it up diesel now although it was working again it was never I felt that the engine was never quite right after that it was always a bit it just wasn't as smooth as it was before so I think it did some damage I'm not sure what though [Applause] keep that top top right so I think it's much worse if you put diesel in a petrol car petrol injection car I think that does more damage so what we'll do is because we've got time to kill time tzitzit only it's only like 9:30 or something well drive up to the post office grab some stuff grab some food that we think nan wants what I can vaguely remember hostess letter off so we get some wheels ordered and then when they do come we'll need to go down sifrit re and get some rally tires fitted and then we can push on to the afternoon have some coffee and then go on we're going to go out to the pub or the nightclub well the dance hall or whatever it's called starts at 8:00 p.m. closes at 2:00 a.m. so we need to get round there let's see if we can have a fight and winner want a wash I might remap my key for punching to make a bit easier it's kind of hard to reach over to the punch game oh boy oh boy it's beeping I was going fast it's beeping let me just take it off okay I have no idea what that just went Wow seriously was that gone he's got a gun a radar gun that was amazing the notice we got from that was insane it's got a stop sign I'm more bothered about where my radar detectors gone there is it's all good yeah cuz if you leave that thing on and he sees it he'll find you for it hey alcohol test you make me laugh I'm T total I'm T total me yeah yeah what do you think about that huh punk huh you got nothing to say but you thought I was one of those people who gets drunk and uses a radar detector didn't you sucker why are you not stopping the bus eh he's dodgy my mate he's well doji that guy okay okay game I see how that works see I even I even use my seatbelt that radar detector that works an absolute treat that lid wherever it went don't no hombre okay we'll put all-nighter yeah that that was amazing how that was like I was hundreds of meters away before when that was beeping he just got remember – hello there's a van Wow how fast are you going dude how do you make a tile to highest do like 150 KS and the wrong I'm just thinking he's gonna hit something shortly I don't want to get caught by it but I actually want to see it dude this is gonna be carnage oh my god this is going to be oh boy you just went to the moon there is there he is I was more scared about being hit by that collision he hit the car with the caravan and it acted like a ramp that guy's not dead Oh be him what that is the most amazing van it can do a hundred and forty it can hit a caravan go to the moon and back and then just carry on I want that event I just don't don't believe why just witnessed now you're not going quite as quick now and you've got pieces missing out of the van I love the way it says like what 8c on the back I know for a fact I clocked him 140 and that was right after a speed radar police section like if he had cops chasing after him yeah he's looking at his car his van is like destroyed see you sucker how it was amazing we just witnessed it like an amazing road traffic accident man this is so much quicker than that other car oh my god almost doing twice the speed that thing was robbed it's the ski run for a long time I wonder if there's anything new up there this thing absolutely flies it's walking wall by post later at some pop on the gas and stuff and drawing buy some stuff for Grandma think it's all myself oh my god the sulfurs moved again I give up put that back on became Alexi let me beautiful bake it beautiful he's long gasoline right let's get that letter posted before I actually forget oh my god please some of the game's not almost clipped through the car I hate it when that happens okay I think that's been posted right I'll get this lot refueled yo yo yo my man um I don't suppose you know what grandma wants to I've got a feeling I don't know how much to get it either let's go with five bags of sugar five sausages and five milk well I really can't remember I think she said sausages milk and sugar nice pure memory car battery since I was broke as well what's that ain't no you want tall Ripple thank you dude I'm gonna stay okay right we need to get all this stuff over to Grandma back at the car I think she's just down the road and then we need to get back home and have a coffee and get ready times ticking it's midday groans me there till 4:00 p.m. get ready for the eight o'clock dance because we needs a lot of time to get over there as well punch it Chewie oh look here it is which begs the question huh how did he get lost oh Jenny just noticed I've got no offside mirror I remember the days when these cars you got a driver's side mirror and the off side mirror was an optional purchase and then they made it more I think I get had to have both mirrors well yeah how did that guy manage to do a full lap in the time it took me to fill up with fuel I didn't make any sense at all in this car Gran's house is not far the main thing to washer is the top of this crest as an absolute nightmare if you forget about it has to really slow down that thing will actually kill you I'll look it's like we're in the rally but we didn't answer I think what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the stuff little boy I'm gonna take the stuff out the bag put it on the tray and see what happens I can't remember I just don't know how much she's gonna buy of it I bought five of each if you put things on the tray that she doesn't want will she automatically take it anyway and lock it so you can't take it back I just don't know so we'll just put all five things on there and hope don't funds are doing this run anymore it's so tricky Wow the radar detector can pick up the police on the main road either that or somebody here's got one radar detector for the valley things beeping like we're getting nearer I shouldn't still be going now okay okay there's some weird seaworthy if you dip the clutch down and break it stalls the engine it's quite bizarre it did it in the other car that buffoon was getting annoyed not gonna lie I see grunts got coffee hey grant I got your shopping you don't say anything grand you can have some coffee do you mind if ever oh I'm so thirsty okay let's see what we got here we've got some milk okay I can't pick that up anymore sausage so she's talking to me oops sorry about that grin okay one two three four five I'm just gonna go ahead and put your stuff here groan okay I'm kind of hoping that you want it I'm just having a quick coffee much moment suppressed okay that's probably way more than she ever wants it it's like she doesn't eat very much and I'm then going here you have all this stuff there you go man I'm so kind to you you know that is nice coffee though I can feel my fatigue bar falling breath the senses burrowing coffees is actually quite I don't think she wants that particular milk okay I can't pick anything else up so I think we're good okay great this is where we sit here and press the K key forever right I'm gonna spam through this and we'll we'll pick this up afterwards finally oh my god so I got the fatigue bar right down there how much four or five five oh it's not it's not bad it's probably a slight profit on the amount of stuff that we bought but we've got a lot of free coffee which is pretty cool and we've progressed Nan's mission which is nice which means it resets means the next one could be for the fish that's not gonna listen to that beeping all day long down ain't happening bro I reckon there's a bug in that I think once you go through the trap area it keeps beeping until effectively you reset it or turn it off Osmond it's another grant amazing that you carry 455 mark around in your pocket all right making good time it is quarter past 2:00 in the afternoon which gives us time to get home have a shower eat and then make our way to the dance hall which I'm still undecided whether to take the boat or whether to motorbike it I might just take the boat because if we get knocked out we'll wake up somewhere random and then we will have to go and get the boat back which is a bit of a pain if we don't get you know and using the more way to do it is the way to go but you can use them all / to get the boat the boat takes actually the probably take about the same amount time we'll see we'll see what mood I'm in if you don't get knocked out it's easy you can just drive back the next day and the boat is I'll give you a lot easier than morbid straight across the lake it's things quick consider it's like a 1995 detsen 100 a tune novice level it's still pretty quick get some Riley practicin it's so easy though to just destroy your car doing this got quite you can get down the stone all right saturday and soul day if you want your window down you can lean out with that it's makes life so much easier when you're reversing you really can't see anything out of the back of this thing look at it right up okay um unfortunate we're gonna have to leave it there we've run out of time so in the next video we will be going to the dance hall and we're gonna try and win that watch we're gonna have a big scrap but the car is working again which is great we've done granny's mission which is great we've mail order for some brand new wheels which will then need to take to Fleet re but we can only view that Monday anyway so I'm reckoning maybe the post order will arrive on Monday and then we can take it straight to eat and get some new nice rally tires on it or something and and then the car will look pretty good I'm considering again it resprayed I'm not sure would be interested to hear your thoughts on whether we should change color and if so what do you think we should do with it Denver hangman I bet that's where London on the roof when I tried to get in yeah let me know what you think I mean I quite like you probably look nice the wheels on ball mm maybe we should change I don't know anyway please give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video that was a pretty fun one until next time take care and don't die and lice in the car

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  1. with the mod link in the description, is it only euro truck sim or is there more and i'm being blind? (edit: I'm blind i didn't notice the different games at the bottom. Also is my summer car down there as well?)

  2. This was awesome as usual! I hope we don't have to wait too long to see the fight!! This really is the absolute best MSC playthrough anywhere on the web. Thanks for making it!!

  3. It is actually worse if you put Gasoline in a Diesel. Since the Diesel is a Lupricant as well for the High preassure Pump for example. if this thing beaks …. well rip your Cash. IF you fill Diesel on a Gasoline Car you just Drain the Tank new Gas Filter turn the Key and you are done.

  4. I actually put diesel in my bike once….. the one in the picture… I was a bit distracted, and some joker had switched the pistols.. so at some point I look down.. why do I have the black pistol in my hand… *looks at slot*.. yeah it came from the petrol slot… damn… closed my fuel off, so it never got to the engine… took it out with a bit of hose… sucked a bit to hard.. swallowed diesel… had an awesome week after that…but my engine was fine…
    In the Netherlands too.. up untill 1983 or so production cars just needed inside mirror and driver mirror.. passenger side mirror was optional… If you own a car from before that you still don't need the passenger side mirror I think… After that cars had to be sold with both… about the same time 3 point harnas became a thing..

  5. The car roof got dented when squirrel took off the radar detector from the dashboard as to avoid being caught by the police at 29:49

  6. I think your car doesn't work is because that guy who called you probably sabotaged the car (looks like flat tires to me)

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