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  1. So after watching your inspiring videos (really, great job) and playing around with rainmeter/wallpaper engine and such, few insights and one big conclusion:
    1. Wallpaper engine is really putting the GPU to work and for a wallpaper – in my opinion, it's not worth it. Plus, it's a pain to get it to work without steam (possible but annoying).
    2. Rainmeter pluggins are not that diverse. I mean, there are alot but eventually, most of them are almost the same.
    3. And this is the biggest turn off factor – how much time does the user get to see the desktop?? I know I see it only when I restart my pc (before opening whatever)… When I think of it, all the effort is quite redundant and costs (at least something) in performance (boot times, background tasks). In my opinion, not worth it.
    *. Not related really to the rest of this comment but it's quite funny that you use a Mac to show windows… If you have a Mac you're already using the superior OS (expect for gaming) and it's far "prettier" all across, why bother with windows?

  2. I am Ur subscriber . I watched many of Ur video but don't understand what is concept . I want to transform my laptop but i face some problems
    1st—I don't understand what u do or what is concept
    2nd –my laptop is of only 3 gb ram .
    So make a video or like a tutorial in which u tell what is everything and how it works . What to do and how to do.

  3. Hi Urim, been watching your videos since a little while and i love 'em! but i have a problem with the layers …in several videos you use layers to make 3d effects and i been doing several desktop themes but when i download the layers they keep to superimpose, i think because you name them the same (layer1.ini). It would be helpful if youcan answer my doubt.

  4. i love you man even if i don't have the needed horse power to use these tips 24/7 it's still a great thing to look at them and feel at ease

  5. been watching you from about the start and you never make a bad video. Thanks for every single video, they’re such high quality!

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