NauSYS – Charter company – Creating options and reservations

After you log in, please go to “Booking” and choose Booking list. Now you can see all of your yachts and also select start and end date of booking. Here you can find explanations for each colour on the booking list. If you click on the name of the yacht, you will find technical data and standard/extra equipment of your yacht. By clicking on the picture, you can look through all the pictures in the gallery. All the green fields mean that those periods on the booking list are available to make an option or reservation on them. If you want to make an option, just click on the button “Option”. Here you can check all the information of your option (Option valid till, period from/to, base from/to…) To add a client, please click on the yellow arrow in the square. Please first check if you can find wanted client in the “Search” field. If you can not find that client, you can click on “Add new” and enter information about your client. By clicking on “Agency” button with yellow arrow, you can choose agency for your option. On the right side of option, you will see a drop down menu with discounts. After you select discount, please click “Add” button and enter the amount of discount either in percentage or Euros. Below the discounts, you can check your option calculation. That means that you can see agency commission amount, client price and price of additional equipment and services. In the “Equipment and services” tab, you can change or add additional services and equipment. After you check everything, you are ready to make an option by only clicking on the button “Save” in the upper left corner. When you click the “Back” button, you will see a blue field on the booking list. If you click on the blue field, you will find button “Fetch”. By clicking on it, you will enter once again in your option. If you want to make a reservation now, please click on “Edit” in upper left corner. With simple click on “Make reservation” button, you will create a reservation. Please, don’t forget to click “Save”. To check out your booking confirmation/contract, please click on “Print booking confirmation”. You will open a PDF file with all the information about your booking. After you are finished, just click on the “Back” button and exit from your reservation. You can notice now that your blue field changed into red field, meaning that your option became a reservation. Thank you – NauSYS team

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