Navigating Rocky Waters: Recovery Journeys in Mental Health

Most of us most of the time captain our own lives But sometimes, it’s difficult to cope A feeling of being overwhelmed is often what people report when they are referred to our services And their friends and families can be affected too As mental health practitioners their safety is our first priority Sometimes it may seem that they resist help A genuine effort to empathize goes a long way On the journey we decide together where the persons needs will be best met. Some will need support at home while others will need to be in hospital At this stage our role is to help people tap into their inner resources when hope may be dwindling As their health and wellbeing improves our role gradually changes For some the thought of moving on can cause intense anxiety And many dread taking the next steps towards independence Staff may also have concerns about letting go and it is a delicate balance We may still be needed but we must take care not to stay too long as this can foster dependence and impede people from flourishing Some patients worry their voice won’t be heard if they become unwell again And they often get frustrated trying to understand the system which is sometimes complicated beyond our control In services we can find ourselves defending borders and we lose sight of the patient Focusing on the person and their journey reminds us of our purpose and could be a step towards transcending these barriers For the individual self-awareness together with new strategies can be very helpful Connecting with friends and neighbours can help them to get their bearings People who have had similar experiences can demonstrate possibilities on the journey ahead For most people receiving the right support at the right time enables them to regain their independence Some will still have their struggles working with them to develop resilience will put them back at the helm ready for the challenges life may present And we will be there to journey beside them if we are needed

One thought on “Navigating Rocky Waters: Recovery Journeys in Mental Health

  1. As far as we can see this is the first film on Recovery journey in mental health. We are keen to translate the film into as many languages as possible. If you have any suggestions or are interested in helping us translate the film please do get in touch. We believe placing Recovery at the heart of what we do is going to be the most effective way to fight the darkness of stigma which envelopes the world of mental health.

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